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Forum: 3D Applications
 Topic: Can't undo in netfabb ?
Can't undo in netfabb ? [message #14652] Mon, 12 July 2010 09:14 UTC
avatar Kevin K  is currently offline Kevin K
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I downloaded the basic version of netfabb,4.5.

The program look nice and clean, and i was verry happy with it untill i realised i can't undo my steps in the repair proces.
But i cant undo, let's say i'm in rapair mode, and delate a triangle.
If i then undo, it undos the rapair mode, and my part is gone.
Can't redo ither.

Runing the program under vista 32 bit.
 Topic: Win a free SketchUp eBook
Win a free SketchUp eBook [message #13777] Thu, 17 June 2010 22:51 UTC
avatar bitstoatoms  is currently offline bitstoatoms
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I work here
If you are interested in learning SketchUp we have a couple of eBooks to give away, full details on the Shapeways blog at http://www.shapeways.com/blog/archives/480-Book-Review-Sketc hUp-7.1-for-Architectural-Visualization.html

But basically If you are interested use twitter to tweet a link to one of your Shapeways models and include @shapeways.




Duann Scott

 Topic: Need help re wall thickness in Rhino
Need help re wall thickness in Rhino [message #12713] Tue, 11 May 2010 17:11 UTC
avatar lensman  is currently offline lensman
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Shapie Expert
I'm relatively new to Rhino so excuse me if I get some terminology wrong....
A friend of mine showed me some models created using Curves and/or Nurbs. As he created them I could see the surface looked nice and smooth but the wall thickness was almost nothing.

My question is would a model created like this run into problems when it came time to printing it (it would upload okay, though?) because of the thinness of the wall?

Secondly, how does one get around that? By turning the model into a mesh object?

Is there a way of "thickening" the wall of a model created with Curves, Nurbs and whatever else in Rhino?

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 Topic: This is how I used sketch-up to successfully print my 3D models.
This is how I used sketch-up to successfully print my 3D models. [message #12683] Mon, 10 May 2010 20:53 UTC
avatar liquid98  is currently offline liquid98
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When I first discovered Shapeways.com, I was excited! So simple
and transparent!

The only thing is, I'm not a die-hard 3D modeler.
I only use sketch-up for 3D modeling.

So. Naive as i was, I uploaded my first model. Than I got all kinds of errors, like non manifold erros etc. etc.

But After some learning, I found a pretty sure way for getting Sketch-up models printable:

This is how I did the job:


Google Sketchup 7:
and Cadspan Plugin.



Step 1
Create model in sketchup (work in mm) and use CADspan plugin to generate stl file.
(Follow instructions on CADspan website)
(Settings: Highest Gap fill & resolution).

Check stl file in miniMagics. This software is also used by shapeways (I think). On the right pane it says "how to fix my part"
If your model is ok than a green sign is showed.

Final step
Scale the model in accutrans and export as Collada
To do so select "Save with options":
-file type Collada
-uncheck quads
-next to "OSF set to" type 0.0254
-press "OSF set to" button to scale the model

Than check your dimensions! (Accutrans uses meters)

and press save to save in collada format.

That's it!

Edit: In the mean time I found out about the STL4SU plugin. I prefer that. It works a lot easier than the cad-span plugin!)

[Updated on: Fri, 06 August 2010 21:49 UTC]

 Topic: Scaling if you're using Wings3D
Scaling if you're using Wings3D [message #11056] Tue, 23 March 2010 22:13 UTC
avatar lensman  is currently offline lensman
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Shapie Expert
If you use Wings3D (and I haven't seen many people mention it here) then you are likely aware of how difficult it is to scale to an exact size. I have uploaded a model to test this and have found that one square on the Wings3D grid equals 2.5cm.

When uploading to Shapeways you must check off the scaling size as inches, NOT millimetres.

You can see the test model here.


Glenn ------ My Website Third Dimension Jewellery
 Topic: microstation v8xm
microstation v8xm [message #10581] Tue, 09 March 2010 16:29 UTC
avatar jackcanjels  is currently offline jackcanjels
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I use bentley's microstation v8xm at work. would likr to print some 3d models. I can export to STL.
Anybody who some experience with MS.


[Updated on: Tue, 09 March 2010 16:29 UTC]

 Topic: Digital Sculpting
Digital Sculpting [message #7332] Sun, 18 October 2009 21:31 UTC
avatar Dotsan  is currently offline Dotsan
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Which 3D sculpting software should I get:

which one is best for shelling?


 Topic: Went Sideways from 3DS Max 2010 -> Silo
Went Sideways from 3DS Max 2010 -> Silo [message #7311] Fri, 16 October 2009 19:06 UTC
avatar randomblink  is currently offline randomblink
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Well, I've been checking around, trying to move my computing from my desktop PC to my new laptop Mac. I'm trying to convert my desktop to a Linux Homeserver, which means losing my 3D software... ugh! I have played with Blender, not that thrilled, and I've checked into a few others.

I ended up going with Silo!
It's from Nevercenter, affordable, has strict polygonal / CAD styled modeling and zbrush-ish style modeling. I've already began taking the tutorials... Yippeee! I hope to start modeling soon and get back on track.

I also start my iPhone dev class last night. Last semester was Objective C classes, now it's iPhone! (so I need a homeserver for my apps to talk with, hence the conversion process)

Anyway, just sharing... peace!

Welcome to Costco, I love you.
 Topic: smoothing a cylindrical surface in wings
smoothing a cylindrical surface in wings [message #6124] Fri, 28 August 2009 19:59 UTC
avatar raalst  is currently offline raalst
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Junior Member
Hi all,

does anybody know how to smooth a cylindrical surface in Wings.
It was a coarse collection of straight faces, and I succesfully subdvided
these surfaces. but averaging them out proves too much for my skills in
Wings. doing it by hand is not an option.

Thanks in advance !

my object : http://www.shapeways.com/model/48413/step_sail_1_144.html

Ronald van Aalst

[Updated on: Fri, 28 August 2009 20:00 UTC]

 Topic: Fix Found for Export Bugs in XSI 7.0+
Fix Found for Export Bugs in XSI 7.0+ [message #4184] Wed, 29 April 2009 22:06 UTC
avatar whosdadog  is currently offline whosdadog
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When exporting any model with 3D text in it from XSI 7.0 You will get an inverted normals error from shapeways. After hours of maddening troubleshooting, I decided to try exporting from a previous version (5.11) Surprisingly, this worked. There is some glitch or bug in XSI 7.0 that creates problems when exporting a model containing 3D text. Normally, previous versions of XSI wont allow you to open scenes from current versions, however I have found a workaround.

1. Open the scene in the current version of XSI
2. Use crosswalk to export as collada 1.4.1
3. Open the exported file in a previous version of XSI.
4. Export as collada 1.4.0 from the previous version
This file should be accepted by shapeways. (If you still have a problem, it is most likely not related to the text.)

You will most likely get an error that the model is too large. Drastically scale it to a very small on screen size and re-export from soft image. Do this until you have the size you want.

As a final note, I am not sure whether the problem is with XSI 7.0 or Collada 1.4.1. It could be a combination of both.

 Topic: sketchup
sketchup [message #1247] Mon, 08 September 2008 11:18 UTC
avatar naspc  is currently offline naspc
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Junior Member
Hi everyone. I use sketchup for my designs I know it's not as robust as other apps like blender or max. Now is there anything I should keep on mind when designing with sketchup before I atempt to upload and printed by shspeways?
I uploaded a few already but they got rejected, I didn't really get a reason y they got rejected.
I followed the directions on how to get the dae files.
 Topic: Trouble exporting a 3d solid from AutoCAD 2007
Trouble exporting a 3d solid from AutoCAD 2007 [message #677] Wed, 06 August 2008 20:35 UTC
avatar phreack  is currently offline phreack
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I've got a very simple 3d model in AutoCAD 2007. Just a closed polyline extruded straight up. I've tried several times to upload it, and keep getting the same error message:

Here's the error message; it may help you determine what went wrong: The fileformat of your object cannot be processed by our software. Please investigate the problem and try again.

I've gotten one file to be accepted by your system (3rd attempt), but it was too large and out of my budget to print. I scaled it down to a more affordable size, but have been unable to get your system to accept it in its scaled down form. I've tried simply scaling down the model that I was able to successfully upload, I've tried scaling down the original polyline and re-extruding, and I've tried re-drawing the entire thing at the smaller scale and extruding that, all with the same error message.

I know you're willing to convert for me, but I'd really like to master doing it myself so I don't have to bother you with it. Has anybody else experienced problems exporting .stl files from AutoCAD 2007? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

edit: I think I may have discovered the problem...I've got filleted corners on my object, and I think AutoCAD is screwing up the exact location of the intersection between the arc and the line. If I explode my 3d solid into lines and try to re-covert to a polyline, it breaks at the transition from stright line to arc in the filleted corners. I'll keep playing with it and see if I can figure out how to make it stop doing that.

[Updated on: Wed, 06 August 2008 20:47 UTC]

Forum: General Discussion
 Topic: USPS to Canada
USPS to Canada [message #105522] Thu, 18 December 2014 07:58 UTC
avatar mbrail  is currently offline mbrail
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Tracking my USPS shipment today coming to British Columbia Canada . Package made it to Vancouver BC on the 15th of December but is now in Tokyo Japan. Anybody else having such good luck with USPS. My last shipment with USPS tracking was not available to Canadian customers. You still cannot contact USPS without an american ZIP, good system for them LOL.
 Topic: Amazing
Amazing [message #104514] Mon, 08 December 2014 11:00 UTC
avatar Michael_Teiniker  is currently offline Michael_Teiniker
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Thanks shapeways. I traced my wife's tattoo and made earrings. I plan to press these into dental ceramic.. Or cast them into gold. This was my first project and I am stoked.. Fantastic :)

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 Topic: Is there a problem
Is there a problem [message #104452] Sat, 06 December 2014 04:28 UTC
avatar FGY75  is currently offline FGY75
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Junior Member
Hi everybody,

I have send 3 mails dince 2 weeks to Shapeways for a compliant.

But, I have no respons.

Is there anybody who have the same problem.

Usually, they are very swift for respons.

 Topic: UPS screwup :)
UPS screwup :) [message #103972] Sat, 29 November 2014 20:37 UTC
avatar ZombieFX  is currently offline ZombieFX
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I ordered a sweet MLP figure... first time... 80€ out of the window^^

The figure got send and got closer.......... closer...... clooooooser.... 110km < could had picked it up by this point XD
and then........ as i thought "its there tomorrow!!!"................ checking a last time!

Netherlands 11/26/2014 9:36 A.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS
11/27/2014 9:24 A.M. Arrival Scan
Eindhoven, Netherlands 11/26/2014 11:45 P.M. Departure Scan
11/27/2014 5:59 P.M. Arrival Scan
Herne-Boernig, Germany 11/27/2014 10:52 A.M. Departure Scan
Nurnberg, Germany 11/27/2014 8:55 P.M. Departure Scan
11/26/2014 8:26 P.M. Origin Scan
Vienna,Austria 11/28/2014 8:26 A.M. We've incorrectly sorted the package at our facility. This may cause at least one business day delay.
11/28/2014 5:00 A.M. Arrival Scan

600+ km to me......... LOL ............ how the......... buck XD
Haha...... hope it still arrives. Lucky i had a reallllly goood day, or i would take this with a little less humor :}

hope you guys got a little more luck then me <3


[Updated on: Sat, 29 November 2014 20:42 UTC]

 Topic: Win a 3D Scanned Bust of yourself
Win a 3D Scanned Bust of yourself [message #103606] Mon, 24 November 2014 16:09 UTC
avatar BenMakerClub  is currently offline BenMakerClub
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Junior Member
To celebrate being 80% funded on our IndieGoGo campaign with 2 weeks left, we are launching a referral competition!

In partnership with Autodesk's 123D Catch app, we'll be giving away a personalised 3D scanned trophy of the winners head to the person who shares our campaign the most.

We are also giving away a FREE MakerShot - the 3D printed, phone-controlled catapult, to anyone who's referrals lead to £200+ contributions.

All you need to do is log into IndieGoGo and use their share tools to promote our campaign.


You can find our campaign here: bit.ly/makerindiegogo
Thanks guys, and good luck!
MC x
 Topic: GIVEAWAY!!
GIVEAWAY!! [message #103495] Sun, 23 November 2014 03:28 UTC
avatar Zillijia  is currently offline Zillijia
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Junior Member
Go to #Zillijia and find the latest status update that reads: GIVEAWAY!!

Follow incredibly simple instructions there to win 1 of 4 pieces by Zillijia!

Thank you!

Happy Holidays

Also linked here: https://www.facebook.com/Zillijia?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
 Topic: FREE LESSON on Design. Print. Sell - 3D Printing For Artists!
FREE LESSON on Design. Print. Sell - 3D Printing For Artists! [message #103404] Fri, 21 November 2014 21:32 UTC
avatar Uartsy  is currently offline Uartsy
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Hey Guys
Joseph Drust and Tomas Wittelsbach have joined forces to bring you an incredible, fully loaded 3D printing program with UArtsy. We just wrapped up an awesome webinar with Joseph Drust & Thomas Wittelsbach on how artists today are using 3D printing Technology.
Get the FREE Webinar and Lessons here.

This 3D Printing bundle combines Joseph's 3D Printing For Artists course with Tomas' Jewelry Design In ZBrush course to give you...
• 10 weeks of training on creating your own line of custom-made jewelry using ZBrush and 3D printing
• 10 weeks of training on advanced digital sculpting and 3D printing processes
• Weekly live critiques with BOTH Tomas Wittelsbach and Joseph Drust themselves!

In his 10-week intensive course, Joseph Drust will show you everything you need to know to create your own collectibles, freelance for the toy industry & get started with your own Makerbot or Shapeways.

Jewelry design is a fine art that has exploded thanks to the advent of digital sculpting and 3D printing. In his 10-week intensive course, Tomas Wittelsbach, will teach you his complete production workflow, giving you all the techniques you'll need to create your very own reproducible high-end jewelry or assets.

See more Information on classes HERE

Hope you guys can join US :-)

 Topic: Average material stock and order size
Average material stock and order size [message #102226] Mon, 03 November 2014 09:55 UTC
avatar martins_kruklis  is currently offline martins_kruklis
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Dear users,
I am a student from Latvia and I am carrying out research about 3D printing habits. Would you help me and say for how long you buy your 3D printing materials stock and what is the average order size? Thank you for your input.
 Topic: Two Blog Posts for Blender->Shapeways Newbies
Two Blog Posts for Blender->Shapeways Newbies [message #101238] Tue, 14 October 2014 17:03 UTC
avatar TGAW  is currently offline TGAW
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Greetings All,

My name is Vicky. I just started dabbling in modeling and 3D printing this year. I still have an awful lot to learn, but I'm totally in love. The electric excitement that accompanies waiting for your models to arrive in the mail is the adult equivalent of Christmases and birthdays. LOVE it.

Anyway, as I've been working, I've been keeping notes, screenshots, and links to related tutorials of my process in Blender. I've gotten two projects up as blog posts. You seasoned modelers out there are definitely not going to be razzled and dazzled by my ability to extrude Bezier curves and use the Boolean Modifier. : ) BUT-- if there is anyone out there just getting started, perhaps this can help demystify the process a little bit or help you take your first leap into 3D printing.

Creating a Breastfeeding Origami Owl Charm with Blender and Shapeways

Making a School Bus Wine Stopper with Blender, Shapeways, and Niles Bottle Stoppers

Thanks everyone. Have a great day!
 Topic: functioning models
functioning models [message #100960] Fri, 10 October 2014 08:43 UTC
avatar gagandeep  is currently offline gagandeep
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Don't you think shapeways should have a category where functioning models could be placed like Theo jansen with his strandbeest https://www.shapeways.com/shops/theojansen.

If it did happen, i would have a place to put most of my models.

So far there has only been the beta category and that hasn't got many functioning models.
And i would really appreciate if shapeways was able to make such a category.

[Updated on: Fri, 10 October 2014 17:46 UTC]

 Topic: Pricing Wizard for Macs?
Pricing Wizard for Macs? [message #100768] Tue, 07 October 2014 23:18 UTC
avatar DanielGSw  is currently offline DanielGSw
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I've tried downloading the pricing wizard, but get an .exe file, which is useless for me, a Mac user. I can take off the .exe extension and open the .csv file, but how do I "save changes" as mentioned on the site?

Daniel Swanson dan@viewpointsofdimension.com Viewpoints of Dimension Unique 3D creations both physical and virtual
 Topic: design dishware
design dishware [message #100395] Sun, 05 October 2014 15:15 UTC
avatar avalorraine  is currently offline avalorraine
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i need a dishware designer, NY or northeast
 Topic: Xbox Kinect + Skanect 3D scan rig
Xbox Kinect + Skanect 3D scan rig [message #99521] Tue, 30 September 2014 17:46 UTC
avatar Doyz  is currently offline Doyz
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Hi there.
Just sharing my new design of rig on rail for scannig with a Kinect Xbox 360 and Skenect. I'm planning to make it cut in MDF 1/2" on a CNC. I figured out that the best way to scan with Skanect is to begin with the top of the model. So I came with a C shape design. It is not complete since I will have to rotate auround the model but I will figure how to do it when I'll have the rig physically completed. It's optimized to scan a 0.4mX0.4mC0.4m size box in Skanect but I'm sure I'll be able to scan bigger and maybe smaller bounding box. The ''head'' will be mounted on 4 bearigns.

- 3D print your life -
 Topic: full color sandstone improvement
full color sandstone improvement [message #99347] Sat, 27 September 2014 11:31 UTC
avatar ponson  is currently offline ponson
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Junior Member
i wanted to show how they improve the looks of sandstone. the oldman and lady were some of first prints. look how grainy it looks and then second picture shows how smooth and lively colors look now.

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 Topic: full color plastic prints
full color plastic prints [message #99231] Thu, 25 September 2014 15:57 UTC
avatar ponson  is currently offline ponson
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just wanted to say a couple of things on the subject. love to be able to do more extreme models that would not hold together in full color sandstone. i live on disability so i can't keep experimenting so i could be building a stock of printable model. i've got'n building sandstone modeling down good so i'm building a stock for my shop. because in full color plastic there are some adjustments that need to be made, like if you see the ear on the bunny it limp back during the printing, these are things that i'd like to learn about building in full color plastic. in the second picture you can see how much weight i put on out reaching arm, you would not be able to do that with sandstone, sorry for the bad pictures, still work on getting a camera, hope all who get in the full color plastic pilot program get to have fun seeing how extreme you can go. thanks for your time.

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 Topic: RGB-values used in Strong Flexible Plastic colours?
RGB-values used in Strong Flexible Plastic colours? [message #98138] Mon, 08 September 2014 07:49 UTC
avatar FrodeFrank  is currently offline FrodeFrank
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Hi. I'm about to make some boardgame pieces using the new Full Color Plastic material. And I need parts of this print to
resemble the colours that are already used in the Strong Flexible Plastic-materials. Does anyone have a rough idea
of what RBG-values to use on the texture to get the same colours using the Full Color Plastic material?


[Updated on: Mon, 08 September 2014 12:46 UTC]

 Topic: Express delivery option?
Express delivery option? [message #98125] Mon, 08 September 2014 02:57 UTC
avatar trilobite  is currently offline trilobite
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Junior Member
Delivery might be quicker for the States and Europe but here in Australia I have to regularily wait up to three weeks for a model (Order to Delivery).

Currently waiting on a new USPS delivery that was flagged as leaving Shapeways on the 29th August. Still hasn't arrived and I have no idea where it is in transit.

Overall I don't have a problem with the delay as it's understandable at the cost and for general orders a week or so doesn't matter too much to clients. (as long as they've been advised first)

However, for general R&D and meeting/presentation deadlines (one of which I'm about to crash and burn on) the turnaround is way too slow.

So I'm writing to suggest that an express delivery option be added to the order checkout. I know that for the more important stuff I'd be happy to pay an additional cost.
 Topic: Thank You. Re: Replies to Forum Posts
Thank You. Re: Replies to Forum Posts [message #97751] Wed, 03 September 2014 20:02 UTC
avatar JeremyMallin  is currently offline JeremyMallin
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I don't always respond to replies to the forum posts I start, but I do read them and very much appreciate all the replies and ideas everyone has. Just wanted to say thank you, in case it seemed like I wasn't paying attention. I just often don't have anything constructive or original to add to the high quality of replies that come in. But definitely, thank you.
 Topic: Gyroid for Labor Day
Gyroid for Labor Day [message #97506] Sun, 31 August 2014 18:29 UTC
avatar RobTorres  is currently offline RobTorres
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I set my Gyroid model for download today and tomorrow in celebration of Labor Day. Download, print and post a picture in my model's comment section. Cheers Shapies!



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[Updated on: Sun, 31 August 2014 18:32 UTC]

 Topic: 3D printing at NASA
3D printing at NASA [message #97394] Fri, 29 August 2014 19:03 UTC
avatar ShelM is currently online ShelM
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http://www.nasa.gov/press/2014/august/sparks-fly-as-nasa-pus hes-the-limits-of-3-d-printing-technology/

...Shel M.
 Topic: Rejections from the USA production
Rejections from the USA production [message #97361] Fri, 29 August 2014 08:48 UTC
avatar HOLDEN8702  is currently offline HOLDEN8702
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Senior Member

Does anybody have more rejections from the U.S.A. than from Eindhoven too?

I think this isn't casual.

Something is working "rare" here with the production, and the rejection informs are more generics and helpless.

[Updated on: Fri, 29 August 2014 10:07 UTC]

 Topic: New 3Dprintwise Article - May the Force Be With You
New 3Dprintwise Article - May the Force Be With You [message #97289] Thu, 28 August 2014 15:34 UTC
avatar sedstiskyfaller  is currently offline sedstiskyfaller
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Junior Member
Hello everyone!

I'm excited to share with you a new article that has been posted about my shop on 3Dprintwise.

Here is the link: http://www.3dprintwise.com/3d-prints-star-wars/


Big thank you to David for posting this!

 Topic: Procedural modeling usage
Procedural modeling usage [message #97116] Tue, 26 August 2014 23:27 UTC
avatar dritchie  is currently offline dritchie
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Hi all,

I'm a Computer Science Ph.D student at Stanford University, and I'm getting interested in doing research on procedural modeling tools for 3D printing. To that end, I'm curious to know how people are currently using procedural modeling when they make models for printing. I'm sure that the answer is very application-dependent, but for now it'd be great to get a high-level understanding of what sort of work is going on out there. By "procedural modeling," I mean the process of writing some kind of code to create geometry, rather than using a direct-manipulation interface such as Sketchup or Blender. If you do this on the way to your prints, I'd love to hear your answers to any or all of the following questions:

  1. What tools do you use? These could be anything from a programmable CAD system such as OpenSCAD, scripting a general 3D modeling environment such as Blender, or writing your own code in a general-purpose programming language such as Python or C++.
  2. What types of geometric manipulations do you work with? These could be Boolean CSG, Voronoi tesselations, L-systems, etc.
  3. What kinds of objects do you make? For instance, are you making abstract art pieces? Stylizing functional objects?
  4. Does the fact that the object will be printed change your procedural workflow from what you would do if you were building a 'purely virtual' 3D model? If so, how?
  5. Are there any features/capabilities you wish you had for fabrication-oriented procedural modeling but that your current tools don't provide?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!
 Topic: What are you making with Full Color Plastic?
What are you making with Full Color Plastic? [message #96178] Thu, 14 August 2014 12:00 UTC
avatar UniverseBecoming  is currently offline UniverseBecoming
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Shapie Expert
So, what are you guys going to be making with Full Color Plastic?

I have an elk that I designed long ago for Full color Sandstone, but then I realized that the antlers would be too fragile for it and then shelfed the design. I think I'll dig that back up from some old hard drive somewhere and get it printed in FCP.

Note, if you haven't read the announcements, at the time of this writing you will need special clearance to order in FCP, you can get clearance here. More information can be found on the blog, in the official announcements, and here is is a general discussion about the printer used.

Maker of precision scrap! :p
 Topic: Anybody from Shapeways gonna be at the 3d printingsummit?
Anybody from Shapeways gonna be at the 3d printingsummit? [message #95959] Tue, 12 August 2014 23:44 UTC
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Shapeways Crew
There's 3d printing and additive manufacturing summit this September in Pittsburgh and I'm curious if anyone from Shapeways is going to be in attendance. It's a bit expensive for me to attend but it would be neat for the Pittsburgh area Shapeways crew people to meet with anyone from the mother ship who might be in attendance.

 Topic: A stunning evolution in 3D metal printing.
A stunning evolution in 3D metal printing. [message #95399] Tue, 05 August 2014 20:28 UTC
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Yeah, married metals on the go!

"Now, researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, are implementing a printing process that transitions from one metal or alloy to another in a single object."

More doors open for creativity in the 3D printing process. How cool is that?

Source: http://www.nasa.gov/jpl/news/3d-printing-20140728/#.U9iw8lZG iDX

For custom creation, re-sizing or any other question please don't hesitate to contact.
 Topic: Giveaway: UtorCase for Xbox One controller and Galaxy S5
Giveaway: UtorCase for Xbox One controller and Galaxy S5 [message #95290] Mon, 04 August 2014 22:19 UTC
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Dear SW members,

I wanted to let you know that I am giving away a UtorCase for the Xbox One controller and the Galaxy S5. The giveaway is running on the XDA Android forum at http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s5/accessories/giveaw ay-utorcase-galaxy-s5-xbox-one-t2838244 as that is the most targeted audience for this promo, but I wanted to let you guys know that you can participate there.

Background story
Just today an Amazon customer cancelled his order, but the item is already in production with Shapeways, so I cannot cancel it myself, but can change the shipping address to the lucky winner :)
I wanted to do a giveaway for a while now and test its effectiveness, and I realized I can turn this unfortunate order cancellation to a great marketing event . :)

[Updated on: Mon, 04 August 2014 22:21 UTC]

 Topic: Join the conversation in the Shapeways Interest Groups forums
Join the conversation in the Shapeways Interest Groups forums [message #95261] Mon, 04 August 2014 17:36 UTC
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Hi, Shapeways Community Members!

To paraphrase what I've written elsewhere, one of my favorite things about Shapeways is that 3D printing can be used to make just about anything you can imagine. You are all amazing jewelry designers, animators, model and miniature enthusiasts, product designers, drone part makers, gamers who love Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program, dice makers and table top gamers, and so much more. I love that Shapeways enables you to make new products and parts that enable you to further your interest, hobby, or passion, and also turn it into a business!

Today I started the "Interest Group" forum thread under the "Community" section that is dedicated to building connections between others who share your specific interest. Whether you are a resident expert, or just getting started, use this forum to share ideas, ask questions and get inspiration from others who are engaged in your professional field, hobby, or passion project. Join one of the conversations, or start one for your field here.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to share!

Eleanor, Shapeways Community Outreach Coordinator
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