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Forum: Bug Reporting
 Topic: Forum comment error?
Forum comment error? [message #46569] Fri, 06 April 2012 02:21 UTC
avatar Apocraphilia  is currently offline Apocraphilia
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Hi guys, just a heads up - the comment option in link that you email out?

(Like this: 574acbbf1f0e2a5f472e ) a 500 error.
 Topic: gluing together and priming Frosted Ultra Detail parts
gluing together and priming Frosted Ultra Detail parts [message #46429] Wed, 04 April 2012 03:51 UTC
avatar PopeDesign  is currently offline PopeDesign
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Hi Everybody,

Quick question, besides using crazy glue or epoxy, are there any other good options for gluing together Frosted Ultra Detail parts? What about model cement from Testers (for styrene and ABS plastic kit models)? Or how about "welding" liquid styrene glues that can be applied with a syringe that basically melt parts together?

Also, has anyone had any luck with using primers on Frosted Ultra Detail parts? If so, what has worked without melting the material?



-Jon Pope

 Topic: Model view distorted
Model view distorted [message #39720] Fri, 02 December 2011 07:58 UTC
avatar Salorian  is currently offline Salorian
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on the model page there are those "steering buttons" which are RIGHT in the middle of the box, thus in the middle of the model.
I understand the "intuitive" concept, but nevertheless, those buttons should not cover 50% of your model view ... Rolling Eyes
My idea is, put those buttons elsewhere - a user who is doing 3D should be able to handle the model rotation from outside the box as well.
If not, well, those ones will never be 3D customers anyway ^^
Here an example, of what I mean: Nice steering bar , hehe ..^^

Leave your EGO behind and the universe will open up ....
 Topic: Add Pewter as a Material
Add Pewter as a Material [message #38703] Wed, 16 November 2011 21:13 UTC
avatar Psyckosama  is currently offline Psyckosama
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According to to your Silver page the process uses Lost Wax casting to make the item. I'd like to suggest that you add English Pewter to your list of options.
 Topic: Blender
Blender [message #38185] Tue, 08 November 2011 19:51 UTC
avatar CyberGolem  is currently offline CyberGolem
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I apologize if this issue has already been addressed, but I was wondering why Blender isn't offered as a link on the Creator page along with Sketchup, Wings, etc., ? It is a feature-rich opensource program that is offered for free download and seems to be ripe for a site like this... at least with my noobie-shallow understanding of it anyway Very Happy
 Topic: Shop inventory managment (old)
Shop inventory managment (old) [message #37301] Tue, 25 October 2011 10:38 UTC
avatar stop4stuff  is currently offline stop4stuff
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When using the old shop invetory manager to move models about, clicking on a different page results in the 'My Shop' main page being reloaded, it is then necessary to click on the 'Shop Inventory' tab again to get to the inventory manager... too much clicking.

 Topic: Sizing options and shop entities
Sizing options and shop entities [message #37268] Mon, 24 October 2011 19:05 UTC
avatar HenryAlfredo  is currently offline HenryAlfredo
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Hi, maybe its been requested before but here are some possible suggestions for improvement

when model upload set default model size to for example iches or millimeters which can be set in the user account. i know its just 1 click but i like automation

linking several models in your shop to a parent entity so that multipart designs in different materials can also be bought as 1 product in the shop, this way multipart or set products can be offered at a set price

autorendering a 30 frame animated gif of a rotating uploaded model. put it on a nice platter so ppl can easily put their designs in the spotlight by pushing to social media. make it reflect the material chosen.

the java plugin still causes hickups for me here and there. sometimes the plugin just needs a page refresh. sometimes the controls center on the plugin window. i fear not many shop visitors have the plugin, and call me lazy but i try to concentrate on the design not on the renders. in the end photos are much better though.

i used a firefox plugin a while back which lets you slide between photos on flickr, i think a similar environment to explore designs on keywords for shapeways would be nice. a virtual 3d shapeways gallery would be brilliant.

also consider people ordering a nice silver pendant, it would be nice to offer the customer a nice selection of cords. or say the designer orders 20 silver chains for a pendant, delivers them to their shapeways ´postbox´ and links them to a certain product in the shop. users could be charged per volume used for storage.

or, facilitate or support community bulk buys of such products. this will result in lower purchasing costs. this idea can apply to other categories like robotics where people design the chassis and parts, and the required components eg arduinos for a working design are delivered by shapeways. i know you could just link to an external site for these items to be ordered, but on the extra postage the buyer saves, shapeways maybe could make money, especially on bulk prices. and, most importantly, the designer can offer a more complete product for a better price.
 Topic: video
video [message #35861] Tue, 04 October 2011 15:10 UTC
avatar jeff  is currently offline jeff
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just wanted to say I'd prefer vimeo for embedding the videos on the product pages. no ads is the main reason, but it's also a cleaner & smoother player in my opinion.

Jeff Bare
Industrial Designer
 Topic: New theme!
icon10.gif  New theme! [message #30758] Tue, 12 July 2011 23:48 UTC
avatar Lozzie  is currently offline Lozzie
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I was thinking, a new theme is required for the outdoor environment. There could be some beautiful designs for pot plant pots, water features, pond bases, outdoor sculptures, a bird bath, feeders etc... the possibilities are endless! Please post with your ideas! Also, pet accessories might be another avenue of creative exploration. Smile
 Topic: Communication options
Communication options [message #28932] Sun, 12 June 2011 17:20 UTC
avatar dynath  is currently offline dynath
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I've only been on Shapeways a couple of months but I already have run into things like the Wall Thickness Lottery. I know that Shapeways contacts the buyer and cancels the order but it would be really nice if there was a way of the creator being able to contact the customer to tell them when the model has been fixed and such. Its very easy to lose an impulse purchase through not being able to tell people what's going on with your models. For that matter some form of limited shop blog would be awesome. Someplace you could post updates on what is being worked on or maybe polls for requests. It doesn't even have to be shapeways run, something like a webpage embedded in the store's face site that links to a Blog Spot blog or some such.

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 Topic: Polygon limit
Polygon limit [message #28623] Sun, 05 June 2011 14:35 UTC
avatar TomZ  is currently offline TomZ
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First off, thank you for implementing the 1M polygon limit. It's been great and has allowed me to fit many of my puzzles in to a single file for printing.
However, it's still not enough. Many puzzles I'd like to print have just over 1 million polygons, usually 1.2 to 1.5M polygons. This forces me to split the puzzle in two files, which is undesirable since it's confusing for my customers and it kills off the density discount. I usually stack my parts fairly efficiently and splitting them up does not increase the efficiency of my stacking, which is bad for you.

Can you perhaps consider adding some more server capacity? Or, as a different approach, what about having an option that very large models are added to the site without being checked (showing an appropriate disclaimer)? For me, it's a very rare occurrence that models are rejected or fixed during the initial checking. Furthermore, malformed models could still be spotted by the printer operators.
 Topic: Textures with blender
Textures with blender [message #23761] Sat, 12 February 2011 21:18 UTC
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You should indicate to the users of Blender 2.49 who prepare an WRL export with textures to mark well " TexFace " into the F5 pannel, otherwise the texture will not be recognized!
They will be grateful to you for it!

  • Attachment: texface.JPG
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 Topic: Model orientation in picture/3D display and bounding box
Model orientation in picture/3D display and bounding box [message #20546] Mon, 15 November 2010 22:24 UTC
avatar Dexter  is currently offline Dexter
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I just noticed that models have a different orientation in the default picture and the 3D applet. The applet apparently uses a rendering orientation with the z-axis pointing away from the screen. So a model that is positioned correctly in the default image and the thumbnails, will lay flat on it's back in the 3D viewer which makes my models look rather silly in 3D.
The same happens with the bounding box. A model that is 10 cm high and 1 cm wide is displayed as 1 cm high and with a depth of 10 cm. I think this could be confusing for customers. It would be great if this could be fixed.

 Topic: Materials - once more
Materials - once more [message #18363] Sun, 26 September 2010 11:50 UTC
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Would you please take a look on the material adding/removing selector.

Can you please sort the materials according to wall size and material.
(that should be a 5 minutes programing task)

You will certainly remark how straightforward the process of selecting the materials will be.


i.e. (not checked)
Not available in:
White Strong & Flexible delete
Summer Magenta Strong and Flexible delete
Summer Green, Strong & Flexible delete
Summer Blue, Strong & Flexible delete
Black Strong & Flexible delete

Transparent Detail delete
White Detail delete
Black Detail delete

Grey Robust delete
Alumide delete

Stainless Steel delete
Antique Bronze Matt delete
Antique Bronze Glossy delete
Gold Plated Glossy
Gold Plated Matt delete

Full Color Sandstone delete
Sandstone delete

Milky White Matte Glass delete
High Gloss White Glass delete
High Gloss Black Glass delete

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 Topic: IE 7 fails to go to Paypal for purchase
IE 7 fails to go to Paypal for purchase [message #18169] Wed, 22 September 2010 18:49 UTC
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Added 22 items I uploaded from my private gallery to my cart. After I select Paypal US funds it goes to the next page and says my cart is empty. Using IE 7. Sounds like a redirection problem. Had a friend test it using Firefox, it worked for him just fine and took him to the Paypal Website. Will have till wait till I get home to make order. Just letting you know so you can look into it for compatibility/fix.

Quick Update:
Downloaded Firefox, gave it a spin, same issue. In this case it may be work place related like a firewall issue although I have payed with Paypal and credit card at many websites from work with no issues. Sorry for the confusion. Will try again when I get home.

Another Update:
Did a small test with only 3 items in cart, and it directed me to Paypal. However when I have all 22 items in my cart, I get the error when I click Order In US Funds, Paypal, it brings me back to a empty invoice page that says nothing is in my cart. So I guess I will have to order them in a couple orders rather than one.

Last Update:
Finally got it to work. Had to order it in two orders, 12 items in one, 10 items in the other. Went through just fine. Second order had to spend an extra $2.60 to meet the minimum but its cool, ordered a double to send to the caster as well as one for me.

Still not sure what the issue is/was.

Can't wait to get em!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Updated on: Wed, 22 September 2010 22:20 UTC]

 Topic: Image upload tutorial and recommended sizes
Image upload tutorial and recommended sizes [message #15338] Tue, 27 July 2010 19:45 UTC
avatar stannum is currently online stannum
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The image upload tutorial seems to be only accessible by searching, maybe it got lost while moving things around. If the content isn't valid anymore, it should be removed, or updated and linked. Thanks.
 Topic: Material research request - PET
Material research request - PET [message #14262] Fri, 02 July 2010 11:07 UTC
avatar Tommy_2Tall  is currently offline Tommy_2Tall
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I just wanted to add this to the materials wishlist..
Perhaps someone has already requested it?

Would it be possible to use SLS / Objet ( / some form of binder-printing followed by furnace treatment) to do 3D-printing in PET plastic?

It would probably not be glass-clear but it would still be cool to have a diffused/matte look.
It could also help as a "recycling"-target for PET product;
just turn it into dust and use it in a 3D printer Very Happy

It's clearly possible to colour PET plastic so that would be a nice feature too.. translucent colored objects of your own design Very Happy

It seems to have a pretty high meltingpoint (around 250 degrees Celcius) but maaaybe.. just maaaybe it's possible to get it heated up just enought to squeeze it out of a printer nozzle into a cooling bed of supportmaterial?

*holding thumbs and hoping for the best* Very Happy

[Updated on: Fri, 02 July 2010 11:15 UTC]

 Topic: Date Column on Orders List
Date Column on Orders List [message #14087] Tue, 29 June 2010 15:54 UTC
avatar designerica  is currently offline designerica
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this just occurred to me as i clicked through the many orders on my list and continually became more confused. It would be REALLY helpful if there was a date column on the list of orders on my page so that i could figure out which invoice i needed to look at.

another similar addition would be if the part page told me when the part was last ordered and possibly how many times it has been made.
MATERIALS BUG [message #13741] Wed, 16 June 2010 14:28 UTC
avatar lensman  is currently offline lensman
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I uploaded a new model yesterday and in looking at it today I see that there is a problem with the materials it is availalable in. I left all at the default and yet it is only available in the three DETAIL materials. It is also, co-incidentally, NOT available in these three materials!

I would suggest all to take a look at recently added models.

I have notified Shapeways.

My model here: __5cm_.html

** EDITED -- This was due to my error. The thickness of the pendant was 2mm and I had to increase to 3mm to make printing in all materials availalable **

[Updated on: Thu, 17 June 2010 03:00 UTC]

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 Topic: Excessive volume warning
Excessive volume warning [message #13611] Fri, 11 June 2010 18:08 UTC
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Sometimes I find in the Gallery some models with excessive volume (no walls) or with overlapping figures, well I think that after seeing they cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. I suppose they are wrong models that shouldn't be exposed/sold, but maybe the author doesn't know his fault. Those models could give the wrong idea to future creators/buyers that 3D printing is very very expensive. Also, they are expending Shapeways' web resources (disk, database).

So my suggestion is the creation of some volume tests after the model is uploaded (and the resulting price is high):

1. Overlapping
If the sum of the volumes of all the "solids" in the STL file is greater than the volume of the bounding box of the total figure, then they are overlapping in a high degree (this method doesn't detect small overlappings). The creator should get a warning message about this and link(s) to tutorials/posts about using boolean union to get a unique solid. Also a suggestion about deleting his model or reuploading a fixed version.

2. Not hollowed
If the ratio between figure volume and bounding box volume is high, then the figure is not hollow, it lacks walls. Again a warning to the creator with info links.

I think that both detection methods are easy to code and doesn't need a lot of cpu time. However, the detection of small overlappings is another problem and the only quick-but-not-precise solution that I can suggest is to check if the bounding boxes of the solids overlap. This will show the warning in some valid models with multiple parts (boat in the bottle, bird in cage), but the text in the warning should be clear about these cases.

Every creator should check his models before uploading, but we are lazy, we don't read the instructions or forget them, so those checks after uploading could be great.
 Topic: Small problems
Small problems [message #13227] Thu, 27 May 2010 17:05 UTC
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I work here
Don't know if this was from this update or a previous, but I sent a PM with images, and when the page refreshed with a preview, the page went out of the borders, but i didn't have a slide thing at the bottom of the page to scroll over to the submit button. All I had to do was click in some text and hit the right arrow till it scrolled over there. May be a firefox issue? Also sometimes have the problem of when I post something I'll get sent to a blank screen, almost always happens with PMs.

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 Topic: rating system - stars
rating system - stars [message #13019] Wed, 19 May 2010 19:34 UTC
avatar jeff  is currently offline jeff
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so i know there's been a lot of discussion of the rating system here. I was wondering if there are any plans of updating the system or changing it anytime soon?

I'd like to see it setup so only those who have purchased the items are able to rate them. This would show at least how many people have bought the item and what they thought of it (of those that rate it). there could be an automated email prompt to rate the model to help increase the number of ratings. And they could be dependent on the revision of the product, so when the designer updates the model and maybe fixes things people had issues with they'll get new ratings. i really think apple's rating system for apps is a great example to look toward.

my issue w/ the current system is that the stars could mean any of the following:
"wow i bought this and it works awesome" 5 star
"wow this looks cool in that rendering" 5 star
"oh this competes with my product" 1 star

or you can vote for your own by setting up multiple accounts.

I started this conversation over in another forum. Lensman commented on it there
Yes, it is a nice design. And since it's been mentioned, I too, would like to know what are the most popular items being purchased. I also agree about not being able to rate unless you've purchased the item; that, however, could bring up problems. Suppose someone buys something but is not a "regular" visitor here. They like what they bought. Will they return to rate it? Unlikely. Now, if they DON'T like it, will they return to rate it? - More likely. This ultimately could mean more negative rates than positive...

Jeff Bare
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 Topic: Image resizing
Image resizing [message #12090] Sun, 25 April 2010 12:04 UTC
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I believe that Shapeways partially leaves photo resizing to the browser. This mostly works fine, but for my most recent model the picture is not treated nicely by IE (see attachment).
I just noticed it happens on most of my other photo's as well. They all look fine in Chrome but look mangled in IE.

I don't want to scare away people by showing them a mangled photo of my product so I fixed it by uploading a picture that was exactly the right size. Consequently, the zoom functionality is lost.

I would prefer to upload slightly oversize pictures and have Shapeways do the work. So, Shapeways, please resize our pictures properly!

 Topic: Customer Service Team
Customer Service Team [message #11525] Wed, 07 April 2010 19:20 UTC
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I just felt the need for a shoutout to the Customer Service Team at Shapeways, especially to Tyce van Alphen. She has been extremely helpful with my most recent order which was cancelled countless times due to reasons that no one could figure out until recently. It was a mess...But Tyce was very helpful and we finally figured out what was going wrong and I should be ordering again today.

Very Happy

Thanks Shapeways!

Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam
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 Topic: 3D printing virus for STL file type
3D printing virus for STL file type [message #11313] Thu, 01 April 2010 11:13 UTC
avatar Schorhr  is currently offline Schorhr
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Too bad this "article" has no comments allowed.
Interesting idea.
Immagine a virus for food printer files: You wait for a nice, juicy burger, and recieve overcooked broccoly.
Very Happy
 Topic: Feedback~ :D
Feedback~ :D [message #11268] Wed, 31 March 2010 02:25 UTC
avatar akeno  is currently offline akeno
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Here's some feedback that I wanted to give since being invited into the program (almost a year woot) that I think could make Shapeways better, I listed my stuff in order of somewhat importance but not necessity Razz

-Get Rid of the Voucher System Entirely
.I suggest nerfing the voucher system. It seems to be a headache and is easier just to give partial or full refunds back into customer's Paypal /or bank account if theres a problem. It becomes a hassle to follow with multiple partial refunds on some orders with vouchers even though there are records, its just easier to deposit and respend on the website then remembering voucher information.

.However, if the voucher system is insisted (I still am pretty firm on just a full refund), make the coupon section of the checkout be able to stack vouchers and discount % coupons that are sent with orders on business cards.. you can only do one or the other right now.

-Wall Thickness Script Update
.Two of my orders (just as an example) in the past have been cancelled by a overlooking mistake in the past when meeting the minimum wall thickness, both solid and hollow items, for just WSF, so I'm not exactly sure how this is calculated when the checker checks out the wall thickness in the upload script. Is there a way for the wall thickness checker from Shapeways to post the wall thickness it currently reads underneath the LxWxH dimensions in the model area? There could be Highest Thickness: and Smallest thickness: found areas. I'm still not clear how this works and if it works the way I think it does my models shouldn't have been second guessed since they were 1mm thick.

-Dedicated Wall Thickness / Problem Forsee'er For Ordered Models
.When a model is ordered sometimes the order gets cancelled on the 9th day out of the 10 day window that is given and is painful to wait 9 days just to find out that a thickness is not correct or hear feedback on a model that might give problems with fragile items such as sandstone when the production office finally gets to the model.

.Maybe a model checker for only models that have been ordered (and not just uploaded) with a check box on the item page that requires double checking for said material that could get a quick response. This would be more or so only for Sandstone and Color Sandstone because of the severe fragility.

-Live Chat "Agent" Feature via website or Skype
.More convenient then sending emails, sometimes its easier to actually talk live to someone either in typing or via voice instead of ping ponging emails back and forth. Communication can sometimes get jumbled in emails. It also is way more professional looking instead of just waiting on emails.

-Communication Improvement
.I know being from the US an average wait time response is around one day (for our hours) for service emails, and you're not guaranteed an average time frame response since it feels like all the departments contact each other through email (I've got alot of email responses with Fwd: etc, so just assuming here). There's a six hour gap between the east coast states and SW and assuming a 9-5 hour job.. so under that condition Shapeways closes at 11am EST/8am PST and opens at 3am for the States etc. It's hard getting the time frame right for email communication with work in the morning and having to wait till the next day because of the time difference. Chatting with a representative for 5-10 minutes before work seems easier.

-Forum Member Reputation
Some traditional forums have a "+Rep" feature where if a member gets enough +Reputation from the community itself, the moderators of the board usually reward them somehow. They are usually showing the helpfulness of the person or thread, and a number that says "Repped X amount of times" to show reliability etc. Maybe a 10% discount from Shapeways at a certain Rep once a month?

-Production Photography
.Someone mentioned this before, I really like this idea. It could also build a really great portfolio for your business and website Very Happy

-Be able to download your uploaded .zip file with VRML or .STL files with included texture maps.. etc.
This could be put on the actual model page under my designs with a link to redownload your mesh that you uploaded and that is stored on the Shapeways server. Computers die, so do electronics... and hard drives, so if any modifications needed to be made you have you fixed copy ready at hand for modification and ready to re upload. Also good if you work on multiple machines.

-Shapeways Live Member Chat Box
.Could be available to anyone over 10 forum posts (to prevent spam etc. Can easily be implemented with php and MySQL or javascript while linking forum member posts to it's availability Very Happy It'd be cool just to have a free for all discussion for those of us who live on these forums and might be able to help out easily live instead of bouncing through PM's.

-Home Page During Maintenance Time
.Should say " We'll be right back! " and not broken english, haha Laughing

-Invent a WSF 1000million dpi Color Printer, the CSF!
. I could keep dreaming, but hey. Very Happy

Oh PS - For any customers reading, Shapeways has an amazing customer service. Between Ms. Mar, Mr. Ralph, and Ms. Ty at the CS desk they go out of their way to go beyond your expectations and everything is amazing. Don't be afraid to ask them questions or have something changed via inquiry, it might take a while for a response due to where you are located but it's always a pleasure doing business with Shapeways and their team.

[Updated on: Wed, 31 March 2010 17:01 UTC]

 Topic: A bug in item view.
A bug in item view. [message #11106] Thu, 25 March 2010 17:20 UTC
avatar Youknowwho4eva  is currently offline Youknowwho4eva
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I work here
I was looking at a model today, and I noticed a link I hadn't seen before on the top right of the page. It said <<previous. Seeing the page I was on before was the home page of shapeways I was curious as to what this link would take me too. I clicked it, and it went to the first model I put up on shapeways. I hit it again, and it went to my second model I uploaded and a next>> button appeared. So I'm guessing the intended operation is to scroll through your items without having to hit back on the browser all the time. But I don't think it should have sent me to my models from someone elses.

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 Topic: Usability Suggestion
icon3.gif  Usability Suggestion [message #10830] Tue, 16 March 2010 18:10 UTC
avatar MechanicalSmile  is currently offline MechanicalSmile
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If you go to "YourscreennameAtTheTop" and then click one of your orders you get a full list of what you ordered, but the Items that were ordered have to be searched by hand if you want to look at them again.

So, please make products in "Orders" linking to their corresponding sites.


Edit: Btw, I didn't found any option to make the "Real Name:" row in the profile (if you click on a members nickname) disappear.

[Updated on: Tue, 16 March 2010 18:13 UTC]

 Topic: Model fragility (or lack thereof)
Model fragility (or lack thereof) [message #10711] Fri, 12 March 2010 22:27 UTC
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Most of the models I order are not fragile and are very tough. It used to be that my orders were shipped in small boxes which filled most of the box. This was fine and none of them ever broke.

My last few orders have come in much larger boxes, accompanied by an avalanche of styro peanuts. There is no need for this for my models, but I can see that for others it is necessary.

So perhaps a field could be added to each model about how fragile it is? If the entire order is "not fragile" a smaller box and fewer peanuts could be used?

Just trying to save a few peanuts.
 Topic: Latest Update
Latest Update [message #10643] Thu, 11 March 2010 18:40 UTC
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I work here
The latest update has my account bouncing off and on again. Every time I go to my designs or the home page, I'm logged off, go to forum and I'm on again. When I click on my designs it welcomes me back but I can't see my stuff.

Was thinking about this today as the update interrupted my catching up on forum happenings as I've been on vacation, but it would be nice to know when an update is going to happen so you're not half way through putting together an order and lose it because of an update.

I learned a long time ago the wisest thing I can do is be on my own side, be an advocate for myself and others like me. -Maya Angelou Community Advocate
 Topic: New notification
New notification [message #8525] Wed, 23 December 2009 21:53 UTC
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I just received an email notification that one of my designs had gone to production; I'm very impressed. It's such an improvement over the old system. The email and the PDF invoice is so much more professional and makes it easier to keep track. Good job
 Topic: repeated photos on homepage
repeated photos on homepage [message #8221] Thu, 10 December 2009 18:52 UTC
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Often, but not always, I see repeated photos in the Featured Shop Models section of the homepage. It's happened over months, with many different models. Feels like a cache problem (but it recurs) or a slight hiccup with the server.


Thought I'd point it out in case it's a SW-side bug.

Elytra on Shapeways:
 Topic: Site Translation
Site Translation [message #7782] Tue, 17 November 2009 11:23 UTC
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Hi all,

I know there was a topic where Joris asked what improvement we'd like for Shapeways but I couldn't find it back so I post a new one !

I'm frenchies and some of my customers asked for a french version of the site !

... ok french are not really good at foreign languages...

Anyway, what about having Shapeways in different languages ?

If needed, I'd be happy for french translation.

 Topic: Design Printability Validation Service
Design Printability Validation Service [message #7724] Wed, 11 November 2009 15:29 UTC
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Quite a few models I produce I want myself so I am happy to buy the initial test print, however some I don't want and I end up printing a test model that I don't really want just to make sure the customer won't get the "Model too thin to print" error etc. Normally it's an error I can correct in a couple of mins.

What I'd like is a service which costs maybe $10-15 where your model is sent to the operators and they check to see if it will print and then send you a confirmation telling you the model will print without any problems or if problems are found how to rectify them followed by a re-check.

Kindest Regards, Jack

 Topic: Problem with your View in 3D button on your website
Problem with your View in 3D button on your website [message #7675] Sun, 08 November 2009 22:43 UTC
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I have a problem with your View in 3D button on your website.

I’m running Windows and using Firefox.

When I was looking at peoples models and I click on the View in 3D button it use to work for me (in Firefox) but I got this window which pop up and recommended that it disabled something in Java to make it work better. It said:

For best robustness of OpenGL applets on Windows, we recommend disabling Java2D’s use of DirectDraw. This setting will affect all applets, but is unlikely to slow other applets down significantly. May we update you to turn off DirectDraw for applets? You can change this back later if necessary using the Java Control Panel, Java tab, under Java Applet Runtime Settings.

I agreed and it crashed my computer. Shocked

When it started up again I went to your website and tried to View in 3D button but all I got was just the original photo of the object (no spinning view of the model). Also it has disabled the ad blocking plugin in Firefox.

I tried using the View in 3D button in Explorer and it works fine. I get the same window poping up and asking me to disable stuff but I’m not going to agree to that.

I reinstalled Java, no luck.

I reinstalled Firefox and it works again now. Surprised
Problem the ad blocking is still broken.

Suggestions: If you come across this window do not agree to it.

Question: Why are you guys asking to disable something in Java? Are you aware of this problem?
 Topic: False shop 404 bug
False shop 404 bug [message #7242] Mon, 12 October 2009 17:16 UTC
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I just noticed that the shop URL's do not work of they end with a forward slash. works

but doesn't.

I rest my case.
 Topic: Double markup
Double markup [message #7094] Tue, 06 October 2009 07:26 UTC
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Hi all,

Here is another crazy suggestion of mine (I apologize in advance Very Happy ).
There are some cases where you need collaboration between 2 modelers (you know, the guys/girls creating the models): some are better into inventing structures or mechanisms, other are better into adding details or decorations.
For instance Mamélie needs Youknowwho4eva to make a blank dice and would like to add the dots by himself, or Randomblink would like a Photoshaper model from Shapeways to modify it.
Another example would be me asking for someone else to make decorations on the double-marble-pendant.
The problem is: how do you share revenues on this new object that is the result of the work of two modelers?
My suggestion would be to have the option to put 2 markups on one object.
In this way, each one of the modelers would get its own markup each time such an object is sold.
Of course, it is not so easy, since at least one of the guy has to share its model (its IP) with another so there is always a matter of trust. And there are also the technical issues.
But if it works, I think that the added value could be interesting.
Is it something feasable, and would it help the community?

 Topic: JING for Support Issues
JING for Support Issues [message #6925] Wed, 30 September 2009 14:59 UTC
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I've seen ALOT of issues mentioned by other users, some issues I've run across myself. I've also watched people try to 'explain' a bug or irritation, and others try to 'walk someone through' how to resolve an issue. I believe I have found an easier way of taking care of these.

JING Project

This is a FREEWARE software app that allows you to EASILY take a screenshot, add annotations to it, and upload, email or IM an URL to it for sharing with others. It also has a video option for capturing up to 5 minutes of screen activity alongside voice-overs.

If Shapeways encouraged users to use it to snapshot their issues or video-shot them and post on the messageboard, it MIGHT make resolving some issues easier. The Shapeways team could even post their own snapshots and video walk throughs for explanations in their replies and their FAQs.

Just a thought...

[Updated on: Wed, 30 September 2009 15:00 UTC]

Welcome to Costco, I love you.
 Topic: White Glaze Feedback
White Glaze Feedback [message #6621] Thu, 17 September 2009 08:20 UTC
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This is THE place to tell us what you think of White Glaze. shoot...
 Topic: problem under "my designs"
problem under "my designs" [message #6179] Sun, 30 August 2009 21:51 UTC
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Hi all,

I deleted a model of mine like I have done before, but now it stays
saying "preview unavailable" and when clicking on it it says : invalid model ID

can the webmaster have a quick look ?

<edit> next time I logged on the offending model was removed and the new model uploaded. so, no problem after all.

[Updated on: Sun, 30 August 2009 22:08 UTC]

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