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Forum: 3D Design
 Topic: loft spline created from poly?
icon5.gif  loft spline created from poly? [message #6541] Tue, 15 September 2009 04:22 UTC
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I made an object from an editable poly. I then selected all of the edges and created a spline from them. The problem is, I can't loft with this spline. I've tried with other splines created the same way, to no avail. Is there a way to get loft working with these types of splines, or another way to add real thickness? (as opposed to thickness only in the viewport/render - these objects are designed to be printed, so just adding viewport thickness doesnt work right?)

I'm using 3ds max 2010

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 Topic: Tap and Drill guide
Tap and Drill guide [message #5848] Thu, 13 August 2009 17:24 UTC
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Ever been making a model and needed to make a hole for a screw to fit into? Wondering just how big that hole is supposed to be? Well the attached document should answer that for you!!

Document is in PDF format and is printable.

Find the screw that you want to use in the left column and then find the proper hole size in decimal inches and millimeters in the last two columns. The guide also lists the exact drill to use as well.

Hope this helps!!


 Topic: Request/Suggestions : "3D-parts database"
Request/Suggestions : "3D-parts database" [message #5628] Sun, 02 August 2009 09:55 UTC
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I wish there was templates for Blender for bottle-corks that fits PET-bottles.
Someone said that there are templates for that sort of stuff within the plastics industry (but probably for autoCAD)

I have some neat ideas for a couple of gadgets that i would like to be able to incorporate with the function of closing a PET-soda-bottle:
Tripod for a small digital camera
( uct/bottle-cap-tripod-1/?tstmp=1249206688 )

Pick-Nick-Tray, that can be used to carry your lunch on top of the bottle (or a low & small side-table for 3-4 PET-bottles)

Holder for straw, that can be cool if combined with a figurine á la Manneken Pis ( )


What other everyday objects could be put in the 3D-parts database to make cool things out of???
 Topic: strange manifold prob
strange manifold prob [message #4979] Sun, 21 June 2009 15:57 UTC
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Hi all,,

i making a model, and just to test before i continue working on it, i checked if it was upload able.

both Accutrans (watertight) and Meshlab (remove manifold thing) said that it was watertight and that there is nothing to remove (no manifolds error)

but still i get a manifold error on shapeways,

could some1 do a quick check?

i think i found the problem, the object was just to small (scaled it to much Very Happy

[Updated on: Sun, 21 June 2009 16:07 UTC]

 Topic: Inverted Normals Problems
Inverted Normals Problems [message #4104] Mon, 27 April 2009 23:25 UTC
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No matter what I do, I can't fix the normals in my project. I have a very limited idea of what they are. I've inverted the polygons from text that I Boolean differenced, and inverted the polygons from the hollow middle. I have no Idea what to do next.

 Topic: Solidworks overloaded
Solidworks overloaded [message #1589] Thu, 16 October 2008 21:02 UTC
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I'm trying to export a level-4 Menger Sponge I've created in solidworks, but when I try and un-suppress more than one extruded-cut at once, the whole program grinds to a halt as it tries to render the preview. Is there a way to disable the view entirely, in order for me to un-suppress all the cuts at once and thus export the STL?
 Topic: Exporting directly
Exporting directly [message #1581] Thu, 16 October 2008 11:37 UTC
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is it possible to Export my model from 3Ds max with out using accu trans as final export program. i've checked my model in Accu trans for any mesh holes

[Updated on: Thu, 16 October 2008 17:25 UTC]

 Topic: Model Converter
Model Converter [message #1342] Wed, 17 September 2008 00:44 UTC
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I was finnaly able to find a converter that i used a long time ago, it can do i believe over 150 formats, with at least 50-100 in the evaluation version.
 Topic: Part 3: Configurations & Modular Design
icon1.gif  Part 3: Configurations & Modular Design [message #862] Wed, 13 August 2008 00:43 UTC
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(For those interested,
Parts 1 & 2 of this tutorial
can be found on my blog
CAD Craft.)

In Part 2, I walked us thru the steps of creating configurations in SolidWorks, and some keys regarding how dimensions in a sketch, features in a part and even parts in an assembly can be managed & coordinated in the creation and articulation of configurations. I have attached an STEP AP214 version of the Gear Drive Assembly in a Zipfile for those who would like to interrogate the model. (Unfortunately, while STEP captures the parts in the assembly, it does not reflect the configuration options within a SolidWorks model when you open it in SolidWorks. I also uploaded an STL of the assembly to the gallery for the community to peruse.)

To conserve space, see Part 1
for a discussion of the definition, advantages and implementations of configurations
in design & manufacturing.

At this stage, we're ready to engage the concepts & principles of modular design -- its advantages, and how it helps to more effectively leverage one's resources.

Modular design can be very empowering as an approach, on a lot of levels. When you're doing designs in CAD or Second Life, the capacity to organize your parts and components such that they can be re-used in many different arrangements & assemblies keeps costs -- materials, inventory, time/energy/effort -- as minimal as possible. This comes into play in at least a few areas:

• Scale -- A part or component may be proportionally the same in the design of its features, such as a hexagonal plate. If you realize that you can use this same detailed design in an assembly as a piece of jewelry, as a piece of furniture and a building as well, then you recognize that the similarity of the parts is fundamental, whereas the difference is a function of scale. Yantras are a cultural example of this which addresses design in a transcendent context. Yantras can be flat, like a drawing, or 3D -- like the 12th image -- in many sizes or scales, such as a building, furniture or a piece of jewelry you could wear around your neck. It's also worth mentioning that this consideration -- in tandem with pattern propogation -- flirts with the fringes of the idea and implementation of fractals in design.

• Size/dimension -- A bolt or screw is a good example here. These items have a series of common parameters: diameter, length, pitch or density(threads @ inch), material, etc. So, for a bolt of the same diameter, say 1/4 inch, the same pitch, say 20 threads @ inch, the thing which sets each apart bolt from the others is the length of the screw, and/or the length of the threaded portion of the bolt.

• Features -- The bolt or screw may be the same diameter, the same length, the same density, even the same threaded length. However, they may differ by the type of head they have -- hex head, phillips, slot, socket, etc. They are the same screws or bolts, except for this difference.

Configurations engage this aspect by allowing you to take a single model, say of a bolt, and make many iterations or versions of it within the same file. This way you can have one file which represents a single bolt or screw in 20 different sizes &/or configurations. When you pull that part into an assembly, you can bring up a dialog which allows you to specify the configuration for that particular iteration in the assembly. You may use the same model file many many times, yet most can be different based on the configuration used. This allows for a much more compact file library, and is the basis of the Toolbox feature in SolidWorks.

Similarly, modular design empowers you to create designs which may be largely similar in overall envelope(dimensions), yet have some features which are distinct. By varying the combination of components which go into a given assembly, you end up with many different versions of essentially the same thing.

Consider, for instance, that when you go to buy a car, you want one with your preference of features, chosen from a broad list of possibilities. However, the chassis, majority of body panels, steering wheel, perhaps even seats are identical to every other copy of that model, yet yours feels unique to you because of your combination of options.

To take this a step further, some of you know, for instance, that the chassis, and in some cases even the engine, drive train and other primary components of the Chevy Camaro and the Pontiac Trans Am were the same. Yet, 'Chevy guys' and 'Pontiac guys' would argue and race like they were totally different. This is modular design in practice, and you can see how it saved a great deal of money for General Motors while generating definitive branding, brand loyalty and prestige, not to mention significant profits, simply because most folks did not look any deeper than the skin -- the molded sheet metal -- to make their judgments, and we know how foolish this can be.

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 Topic: Blender tutorial
Blender tutorial [message #615] Tue, 05 August 2008 13:13 UTC
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 Topic: 3ds max 2009 tutorial
3ds max 2009 tutorial [message #608] Tue, 05 August 2008 10:55 UTC
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<a href=" eling" target="_blank">3ds max tutorial 2009</a>

ipaper online readable


[Updated on: Tue, 05 August 2008 10:56 UTC]

 Topic: A little TopMod3D Contest
A little TopMod3D Contest [message #231] Fri, 13 June 2008 10:22 UTC
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Today I received my TopMod print and it's *cool*! To promote TopMod3D a bit, I started a little challenge: TopMod3D - Give it a Try, Win a $50 Print

Have fun,


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Forum: General Discussion
 Topic: shortfin barracuda class submarine
shortfin barracuda class submarine [message #147473] Sat, 28 May 2016 16:51 UTC
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I would like to know if anyone can make a model of this submarine?
 Topic: Live 3D Printing Q&A - 4/12/15 (5:30pm EST)
Live 3D Printing Q&A - 4/12/15 (5:30pm EST) [message #142009] Mon, 11 April 2016 20:53 UTC
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Join our Webinar tomorrow for a Live Q&A featuring our very own Mangai Prabakar, a mechanical design engineer and only 1 of 1792 Certified SolidWork experts in the world. She has formerly worked as a mechanical design engineer with 3D printing manufacturer MakerBot and also the FIU Discovery Lab — where she led the development of the TeleBot which was featured on the Discovery Channel as well over 300 media outlets.

 Topic: Endurance is happy to announce that we open source for SelfieBot.
Endurance is happy to announce that we open source for SelfieBot. [message #139912] Fri, 25 March 2016 18:35 UTC
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Endurance is happy to announce that we open source for SelfieBot. Ready to share: design, firmware and software for all non profit organizations including schools and universities.
We are excited to share our knowledge, experience, key competences with students, hobbyists, professors and teachers letting them use our solution as a part of a project.
Our vision on slides: ational-purposes

We are planning to launch updated web page where we will upload all data sheets, software sources, video guidances, pictures, etc in April 2016.

Looking for feedbacks and comments.
We are looking for evangelists who will help schools, universities, students learn more about this opportunity to get DIY SelfieBot absolutely for free!
Looking for reviewers and tech writers who would like to highlight this topic.

George I Fomitchev
Founder of
+1 239 302 0053
6528 Trail Blvd, Naples, Fl 34108
skype: george.fomitchev
 Topic: For more help about 3D printing and 3D printers
For more help about 3D printing and 3D printers [message #139325] Wed, 16 March 2016 03:24 UTC
avatar LOBBO1979  is currently offline LOBBO1979
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My name is Daniel Faegnell and I'm the head writer of offers a great site for those that want to learn more about 3D printing. Here you will find the latest news and reviews from the rapidly growing 3D print industry, plus answers to all the big questions like 'What is 3D printing?', 'How the hell does it work?' and 'Will it stop shaking?'

If you have any questions I'm here to help you.

 Topic: [Academic Survey] Understanding DIY Projects, Online Communities, and Cultures (DIYers, 18+)
[Academic Survey] Understanding DIY Projects, Online Communities, and Cultures (DIYers, 18+) [message #138736] Wed, 09 March 2016 11:35 UTC
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Dear Shapeways Community,

I am a graduate student researching the motivations, influences, and deterrents of DIY community participation. Shapeways, being an emerging and quickly expanding DIY community, is one of the few studied. Results from this survey would bring an up-to-date case study to a broad body of academic work already published on the subject.

Please take the time to represent the community. This survey includes 6 questions with 35 answer fields (i.e. mostly Agree/Disagree questions) and should take around 5-8 minutes to complete. Any contribution will be a highly valuable asset for the study. You can find the link to the survey (hosted by KwikSurveys) here:

Thank you for your participation!

[Updated on: Wed, 09 March 2016 11:36 UTC]

 Topic: 3D printer for sale: SLA 110 micron
3D printer for sale: SLA 110 micron [message #129827] Thu, 17 December 2015 00:41 UTC
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Anyone want to buy my 3D printer? I want to upgrade to a different printer, but in order to do that I need to raise the funds and thus sell my old one first. It is Like new condition (or not much worse off then as it originally came to me, mostly cosmetic)

It is the M-one from make X ( It has the 110/140 Microns projector, plus all the accessories, including the proper power cord for USA plugs. (they sent me a European plug....) I also have a vga to hdmi cord if needed upon request.
Comes with two old vats (Both needs a new silicone layer for and is easy to do) and two of the newer vats (film on one is a little scratched so needs a new film,) plus an extra platform, as well as a bunch of resin, and other goodies. Uses makerJuice and other cheap third party resins.

Retail value is OVER 3,000$ ( 3,400?), I am asking for 2,500$ Due to vat conditions and it being gently used.

That doesn't include shipping, I need to figure it out, but will get the cheapest and safest, with tracking and insurance.
Please send me an email if interested, or ask questions here!

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Prints I have done: done hte lowest resolution, so you can get thinner layers then that,

[Updated on: Thu, 17 December 2015 00:48 UTC]

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 Topic: The Finial Project
The Finial Project [message #129456] Fri, 11 December 2015 00:02 UTC
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Hi there,
I thought that I'd invite you all to my new website. I am a modeler and sculptor with a background in commercial digital arts. I've always felt really tied to the computer until shapeways came along!
My site will tell you about where 3D printing stepped up in my process.
I've gone from a form in my mind to creating a bronze edition, to be part of a series of work.

 Topic: #3DPrintDay
#3DPrintDay [message #128837] Thu, 03 December 2015 15:38 UTC
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So I understand that today is #3DPrintDay on Twitter. How are people here celebrating?

I posted my first design for sale today. It looks like this:

How about following me on Twitter at ? :-)

Patrick K. O'Brien
 Topic: Work on exhibition in Lyon
Work on exhibition in Lyon [message #126142] Sun, 15 November 2015 23:32 UTC
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@aimeemoyer, @chstephe

I was really excited to participate with my designs (Clip on vase, Lenti Lamp, Bomba, Flores de pin) produced by @shapeways on the "Les victoires de linnovation" design event in Lyon, France.

product deisgn, 3D visualisation & architectural photography
 Topic: Solidworks Software
Solidworks Software [message #125785] Fri, 13 November 2015 12:07 UTC
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Does anyone use Solidworks software for any of their creations on shapeways? I'm interested in the kind of product you create using this software for my own research as I currently use this software.

 Topic: Care to Help Me w/ Some Research?
Care to Help Me w/ Some Research? [message #125363] Thu, 12 November 2015 15:23 UTC
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My name is Charles and I have to do some light research for this degree program I am trying to wrap up in Ed. Leadership. I am wondering if anyone here wants to help me out by filling out a survey – might take ten minutes or so - regarding 3D printing and the role it could play in education. I am also posting this in the forum for 3D printing in Education - maybe some teachers in there will see it :D

Some background on me - I have been 3D printing for the last half of the year (yeah, I am a little late to the party and would have been there sooner if Encashment would have approved my request for a 3D printer lol). During that time I have been doing more and more with 3D printing for educational purposes and have enjoyed every minute of it. Along the way I got to thinking about how many other K-12 educators are using 3D printing in their instructional practices or at least desire to do so and how 3D printing communities can guide and influence the decisions educators make regarding the acquisition of 3D printers. My ultimate goal with this research is to gain insight on what teachers are doing with 3D printing , would like to do with 3D printing in their content area, and I also am curious about the variables that are considered when someone purchases or wants to purchase a 3D printer. Some of the questions I am looking to answer through this research are:

1.The variables that are considered when purchasing a 3D printer (by educators, hobbyists, and the general consumer of technology)
2. How educators are using 3D printers in their learning environment or would intend on using the printer in their learning environment.
3. Teacher perception on effectiveness of 3D printer use in their learning environment (those that are currently using one to promote learning).
4. Frequency of usage of 3D printers for instruction
... and several other smaller bits of information regarding 3D printing in education (I kept this mostly related to FFF printers as they are the most affordable and practical for educators to consider owning/using/incorporating into instructional practices).

Today I am asking you to help me out with my research. Your help in contributing to this research would be greatly appreciated. I put together a survey here for data collection purposes: <a href=" q0TPlvljzeXtkBps/viewform?usp=send_form" target="_blank">Survey to Research</a>

I would greatly appreciate if you could help me out with this. Feel free to pass it along to anyone you know who does 3D printing in a learning environment or as a hobbyist, or any teachers you may know who would be willing to help out.
Thank you for the help.

[Updated on: Thu, 12 November 2015 15:24 UTC]

 Topic: Show off your best product pics!
Show off your best product pics! [message #125268] Tue, 10 November 2015 21:25 UTC
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I work here
Hey everyone!

As the holidays are approaching, I was thinking we could start a thread where people post their holiday pics. We can give each other feedback -- if its a wonderful pic, hurray! If it could use some work, this is the place for constructive advice.

I'll be picking one product pic per day to feature on our Instagram -- so please, share what you have!

[Updated on: Tue, 10 November 2015 21:43 UTC]

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 Topic: Old Street 3D Printing Show
Old Street 3D Printing Show [message #125031] Fri, 06 November 2015 12:40 UTC
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We are hosting a free design show in Old Street on the 19th of November.
The show will start at 12:00 and finish at around 20:00 with the opportunity to come and go as you please throughout the day.
There will be various talks by leading design professionals from architecture to product design and lighting as well as workshops and demo's suited for students and professionals who are curious about 3D printing and how it's being utilised within the design process.

Brands such as Wacom, 3D Systems, Ultimaker and Makerbot will also be exhibiting there if you are looking to gain insight into their technologies.

If you wish to come along or to find out more information please follow this link where you can register for the show.
Have a good day!


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 Topic: A month till Black Friday and Cyber Monday!
A month till Black Friday and Cyber Monday! [message #124700] Thu, 29 October 2015 13:13 UTC
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Less than a month till Black Friday and Cyber Monday! If you want to have you products available for then (with pictures of printed samples), you'll have to order ASAP! What are you shop owners planning on offering for the holidays?

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 Topic: Horse portrait ready for sale
Horse portrait ready for sale [message #124538] Sat, 24 October 2015 20:39 UTC
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Hi all,
I have been working on a horse portrait model in Autodesk Maya 2016 for two weeks and finally finished it, I made two versions of it, so it can satisfy people with different tastes. =) d-wall-decoration?li=shop-inventory&optionId=58142592 olor-support?li=shop-inventory&optionId=58134952
 Topic: Exclusive offer by 3d Vision shop
Exclusive offer by 3d Vision shop [message #124238] Sun, 18 October 2015 18:03 UTC
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I would like to announce an offer I've made in my shop at Shapeways (though I'm not sure if this thread is the correct one! :-))

So just to keep the prices down at bying things from Shapeways, so to increase my sells, I kept my "markup" down to a fixed value of $1 only.

Thus, anything you buy from my shop

you will buy it to the price defined by Shapeways added with a standard "profit" for me only of $1.

Thank you all

 Topic: Shapeways print giveaway
Shapeways print giveaway [message #124083] Wed, 14 October 2015 19:17 UTC
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Thought I'd share, My YouTube channel has recently passed 1000 subscribers (and then 1200!) and to celebrate I'm giving away one of my prints (stainless steel material). My channel is about 3D and my interests in Japan so I think the giveaway fits that nicely. If anyone is interested you just have to subscribe and leave a comment.


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[Updated on: Wed, 14 October 2015 19:22 UTC]

 Topic: Designer democratic in the 3D community - Opinions
Designer democratic in the 3D community - Opinions [message #123849] Fri, 09 October 2015 15:47 UTC
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Hi everyone,

I'm conducting a research that aims at studying the impact of internet and technology on the design demographics and how internet communities maker culture involved with technology and DIY enthusiasts to come together and share knowledge (especially in 3D printing).
I have a few questions that I'm looking for anyone's opinion on, also if you have anything you want to add to the discussion go ahead it's much appreciated :)

1) What does the online community mean to you as a designer? Is it a knowledge base and/or a place for sharing ideas and opinions?
2) What is the reason you design 3D products? Do you wish to customize, remix and design for yourself or are you driven by your profession or profit?
3) If you're a hobbyist and have learned to use a software and fabrication platforms on your own (using forums and tutorials on internet like me) which is extremely time consuming what do you think is the trade-off like between time and value created and why?

Thanks for everyone who took time to reply :)

[Updated on: Fri, 09 October 2015 16:03 UTC]

 Topic: Wanna know what is the best 3D scanner?
Wanna know what is the best 3D scanner? [message #123561] Thu, 01 October 2015 10:55 UTC
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Hi guys,

As part of a study trying to define what could the best scanner, I would appreciate it if some of you could spend a couple of minutes to share your experience and expectations about 3D scanning by completing a very short survey (12 easy questions only, less than 2 minutes).
Those who are interested in the result of this survey can leave their email address at the end of the questionnaire if they want. No spam.

Thanks a lot for your time,

Here is the survey

[Updated on: Thu, 01 October 2015 10:56 UTC]

 Topic: Frosted Detail Plastic Material as a light difuser
Frosted Detail Plastic Material as a light difuser [message #123485] Tue, 29 September 2015 20:01 UTC
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Hi all!

Trying to make a custom diffuser here, adding a render of the basic design. Will hold a LED strip I can tease. Would people say frosted plastic is close to perfect for the occasion? Or got any other, better material tips? Would be awesome if someone have any design advices when it comes to a diffuser as well!

Red represents said diffuser, black is normal black plastic!

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 Topic: I think my print influenced product design
I think my print influenced product design [message #123218] Wed, 23 September 2015 11:50 UTC
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Here is my design from a year ago: ar-mount-for-quad-lock-case
With GoPro adapter: nt-for-quad-lock-handlebar-mount?key=6f69d8fd33b7875dda5663e 3fd724e25

And here is the influenced design from Annex?

Even available with GoPro adapter.

Looking forward to getting one for my bike.
 Topic: White Acrylic versus FUD material, re: durability
White Acrylic versus FUD material, re: durability [message #122649] Fri, 11 September 2015 12:20 UTC
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Hi. I have in the past ordered some starship models in FUD material. The material seems to be rather fragile, with a couple broken miniatures from merely falling off my game table onto carpet. Admittedly the areas where they broke are rather thin.

I am considering some new miniatures, and I see that they are offered in White Acrylic, which is significantly cheaper. I hate the graininess of WSF material, and thought that White Acrylic might be a reasonable compromise. However, someone mentioned to me that he thought that White Acrylic might be even more fragile than FUD. Which would probably not work out for me.

So, can anyone comment on the durability of White Acrylic?

 Topic: introducing SHAPEWAYS LIVE
introducing SHAPEWAYS LIVE [message #121384] Tue, 18 August 2015 20:59 UTC
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I work here
Hey All,

We're now hosting LIVE hangouts so we can talk a little more personally. Shapeways LIVE is every Tuesday at 5pm EST.

Check out the discussion here

To join the discussion PM me or tweet questions at #SWLIVE to have them answered.

Community Manager
 Topic: Case Studies: What are you most successful marketing stories for your products?
Case Studies: What are you most successful marketing stories for your products? [message #120361] Fri, 31 July 2015 16:39 UTC
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Hey Shapies!

We post a lot of info on our blog, tutorial pages, and skillshare with tips and tricks on how to promote, market and sell your products here on Shapeways.

I'd love to hear some of the stories directly from you guys about what has worked - or not worked! I think the more we can share our own experiences, the stronger we become in paving our way to success.

So here's some food for thought:

What have been your most successful stories when it comes to promoting your products?
Have you found any weird tricks to tapping into a niche market?
Have you ever posted something on a specific website (reddit, imgur, for example) and seen a sudden spike in sales?
Or, have you ever noticed a jump in orders and wonder "why are people paying attention?"

Really any story works here. Share away! :)

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 Topic: Avatar, photo sculpture
Avatar, photo sculpture [message #119962] Sat, 25 July 2015 08:43 UTC
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Hi, I'm new here.
I'm looking for a niche on the photo sculptures in 3d, avatar. but not how to get started.Programs need to pass a photo to upload to 3D shaperways for the manufacture and the same in 3d photo sculptures. scan a person to take a picture sculpture in 3d. and create a store in shapeways.
 Topic: lg g3 tray for vrone ?
lg g3 tray for vrone ? [message #119960] Sat, 25 July 2015 07:00 UTC
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i want to order shapeways for 3d tray g3 for vrone but i have some doubts about if 3d tray doesnt fit to my phone and vrone?am i right to doubtfull ? or stl file given by official site is enough for acurrate 3d printing.and is this shapeways site give waranty for unaccurate 3d printing? -zeiss-vr-one-tray-for-samsung-galaxy

[Updated on: Sat, 25 July 2015 07:03 UTC]

 Topic: Next Step: Injection Molding
Next Step: Injection Molding [message #118821] Tue, 07 July 2015 21:37 UTC
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Hi everyone,

Shapeways has been a fantastic find for me! Great pricing, quick service, and quality 3d printed parts. I wish I had found them when I first started prototyping. Would have saved me a lot of money and time.

I am now ready to look into Injection Molding. Rather than sorting through a bunch of companies, I figured some of you may have suggestions. I don't want to make the same mistakes as before. Any great companies you have worked with in the past? Did they offer fair pricing? Where were they located? Was the final cost very close to their original quote? Were you happy with the quality, service and so forth?

I have talked to a couple companies like icomold and quickparts. I have a few friends who know of companies in China. Figured I would ask Shapeways customers while I am at it. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


 Topic: Please help us out with this 2-minute survey
Please help us out with this 2-minute survey [message #116435] Fri, 29 May 2015 22:40 UTC
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Hi everyone,
We're graduate students doing a research project about 3D printing. So we'd like to have at least 100 responses on these surveys for data analysis.

If you DON'T HAVE a 3D printer, click
If you HAVE a 3D printer, click

Please help us out by completing it and telling your family, friends, etc. too.
Thank you.
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