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Forum: 3D Printing
 Topic: Glazed Ceramics - Colors?
Glazed Ceramics - Colors? [message #27730] Tue, 17 May 2011 21:57 UTC
avatar Flashhawk  is currently offline Flashhawk
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Ok i know.. you cranked out a new material and all we do is call for more... Laughing
But i would like to know if you think about adding different glazes to your portfolio at least after the ending of the testphase in august. I would realy like to order a chess set and it would be great if you had black or whatever other glaze color then...
Thanks for reading this
 Topic: Question about materials
Question about materials [message #26597] Tue, 26 April 2011 23:22 UTC
avatar VentureTiger  is currently offline VentureTiger
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I need to make something out of rubber but it doesn't seem to be one of the materials options. Do you have anything that is considered rubber or a very flexible material?

 Topic: Frosted Detail Length/Thickness ratio
Frosted Detail Length/Thickness ratio [message #26581] Tue, 26 April 2011 15:11 UTC
avatar tebee  is currently offline tebee
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Is there any advice yet for what is an acceptable ratio for length and thickness for this new material yet?

I've had a few problems in the with this as some of my models have sub 1 mm square sections in them .

Somewhere between 10:1 or 12:1 seems to be the limit in WSF . White detail seems to be less but I've not used it enough to get a definitive answer.

 Topic: STP upload?
STP upload? [message #26575] Tue, 26 April 2011 11:00 UTC
avatar merlijnjanssen  is currently offline merlijnjanssen
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Tried to upload a model in .STP format. I thought this was the most widely used format in 3D printing. Why is it not accepted in a Shapeway upload?
 Topic: Photoshaper image samples
icon5.gif  Photoshaper image samples [message #26324] Thu, 21 April 2011 18:41 UTC
avatar enscript  is currently offline enscript
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I would like to order a personalized photoshaper but I'm unable to decide between the materials available.
Do you have camera shots of products that were created using photoshaper with material like glass or metal. Would love to see the same picture in sandstone/glass/metal.

Thank you.
 Topic: 3D printed phone case
3D printed phone case [message #24306] Mon, 28 February 2011 07:02 UTC
avatar Axius  is currently offline Axius
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Hello all,

I'd like a suggestion,

I have a 3D printed phone case that I made with Shapeways, we used "Black detail" but the parts came back too flexible. We intend on using Polycarbonate with a percentage of glass fiber for regidity in the finished product. However we need to make a few "testers" to send out to people. Shapeways suggested Alumide or "Grey Robust".

However, I'm worried that Alumide is too brittle, and Grey Robust won't have the detail needed in a small part like a phone case.

I guess I could sand the rough edged of "Grey Robust" if it's an issue, what do you guys think?
 Topic: Best material to mimic aluminum with knurling?
Best material to mimic aluminum with knurling? [message #22512] Wed, 12 January 2011 14:45 UTC
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Hi all,

I've been thinking of trying Shapeways for a project soon as was wondering what the best material would be to print this item:

It's a dish, 8.5cm wide with 2mm thick walls and a ring of knurling around it. The final finish will mimic the look of machined aluminum. It will need to be able to stand up against a little bit of handling from time to time but it doesn't have to be completely rigid. I'm familiar with polyurethane casting resins and such but I have no idea how WSF, alumite or the other printing materials compare. Also, I do need a fair bit of smoothness so I was thinking that I might be able to undercoat with some spray filler to fill any pores if you all think that would work. I have already ruled out stainless due to the cost.

 Topic: polyurethane synthetic resin
polyurethane synthetic resin [message #22188] Wed, 05 January 2011 21:00 UTC
avatar Silverbeam  is currently offline Silverbeam
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polyurethane synthetic resin would be awesome to have. then people could cast dolls. It would be neat to have it in a few colors as well.

but in the meantime, For people who has played around with the different materials, what would you say is the best match for this?

I want to try casting a doll, and the type of doll I'm trying to make is cast in resin.

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 Topic: lost wax casting
lost wax casting [message #21760] Mon, 20 December 2010 21:58 UTC
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i'm looking to print a ring of pretty light guage with movable parts - chain-type connection - to then use as a positive in a lost wax cast.

has anyone tried this? what material should i use that would melt out for the cast and need the least finishing after casting?

 Topic: Best Workflow from Mac
Best Workflow from Mac [message #19502] Thu, 21 October 2010 15:41 UTC
avatar nash.hurley  is currently offline nash.hurley
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I am working primarily in Sketchup and Rhino on a Mac and am looking for the best workflow to post files to Shapeways.

I have come across plugins like CADspan for Sketchup, but feel that there may be something better just in the export settings or file type (.dae, 3ds. stl) from Sketchup and Rhino which would help to reduce the cleanup in other programs like netfabb.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

 Topic: WSF - Nylon - stress relief
WSF - Nylon - stress relief [message #18993] Wed, 13 October 2010 09:54 UTC
avatar TugBoat  is currently offline TugBoat
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I was discussing 3D printing with a friend today in relation to a project that I am working on.

Her comment was that nylon when molded via traditional processes ends up with a fair amount of internal stresses in the finished part. These are typically relieved via some form of heat treatment (eg. boil in water and let cool slowly) post production.

Examples of applications where this was important was propellors and impellors that had a tendency to fly appart if not appropriate processed to relieve the internal stresses.

I know a lot depends on the precise material, and exactly how the material is processed, when it comes to issues like this.

So my questions are:

1) is any requirement for stress relief with the WSF material as processed by the SLS process?

2) if so, is it done by Shapeways?

3) if not, then what is the recommended procedure?

Many thanks,
 Topic: Resin casting with printed ice models?
icon3.gif  Resin casting with printed ice models? [message #17523] Fri, 10 September 2010 11:41 UTC
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In the last livecasts you presented the superb new high detail materials which are to expect.
Now to complete your offered material options it would be great
if you would make the other end of the size spectrum accessible too.
(sorry to burry you with work suggestions)

In the Forum there seems to be quite an interest in cheap large scale printing:
Home » Support » Feedback » New Material für objects mp;start=0&S=2c0ea75a372f131596fc926e93cb6996
Home » Community » General Discussion » Mcor Matrix Paper Printer (older thread) 023a09984cc2342a770acbd7f&th=491&goto=1943

I'am interested in larger scale printing too,
so I thought about what process could be cheap in terms of material costs
and had a pretty unusual idea, which I want to share.

You could try out the following:
First print a negative form out of Water-ice
then use this form as a cast for a suitable resin.

Has this been tried or has been thought about it?

An experiment wouldn't take much effort if that where true:
But sadly it's just an april hoax Grrr Smile

Nontheless cool ice printing is possible:
( you could fund the researchers there Wink )
Or is there already a comercial version of this aviable?

The benefits would be:
Water & Resin should be pretty cheap.
With different Fillings (possibly cheaper then resin) a multitude of materials could be produced.
The Removal of cast happens on it own => no manual cleaning labour.
The shape of the cast doesn't restrict the design space!
The detail should be acceptable although
detail isn't so critical for larger scale objects.

Of course some problems could arise:
The exothermic reaction heat may melt the ice.
Resin which cures at subzero temperatures probably
won't be as cheap as the one used in masses for boats?
With a quick search I found resins with a minimum curing temperature of 2°C which might work.
The manual handlig of resin may be too expensive.
Low temperatures rise the resins viscosity and so rise the minimum wallthickness.

What do you think?
 Topic: has anyone know how to upload a textured mesh
has anyone know how to upload a textured mesh [message #16907] Sun, 29 August 2010 08:38 UTC
avatar stevechan  is currently offline stevechan
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to Everyone

I just uploaded a textured mesh to shapeways(maya export dae file format), but the uploaded mesh cant show texture in shapeways. can anyone try it before? And teach me how to upload a textured mesh.

 Topic: Minimum thickness on non structural parts
Minimum thickness on non structural parts [message #11188] Sun, 28 March 2010 20:06 UTC
avatar Schorhr  is currently offline Schorhr
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Short question;
Is it possible to print thiner parts then the specified minimum wall thickness, if it is not critical to the whole model stability?

I know of ml where the tentacle/arms are a bit thinner.

I was thinking of smaller metal sew-on emblems and full color sandstone model figures for model train stuff. (just quick sketches)
As they are so small themselves that there is nearly no weight/force stressing these parts, would it be possible?
What is the minimum tollerance?
 Topic: 3D Printing for Casting. Need some advice
3D Printing for Casting. Need some advice [message #9643] Sat, 06 February 2010 10:29 UTC
avatar boraz  is currently offline boraz
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Hi everyone. I modeled a custom ring in Rhino, which I wanna get casted in gold (it's like a family ring kind of thing), and I need an acutal solid model. From what I understand the best option for me would be wax printing, in order to use the wax model with the lost wax casting process, but as you know, Shapeways doesn't offer that material.
What are my options then? I saw they offer different kinds of plastic materials, and stainless steel. I just want the model to be detailed and the surface to be smooth.
Any advice would be appreciated.
thank you
 Topic: normals question
normals question [message #8663] Thu, 31 December 2009 13:52 UTC
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link to the Image

The top picture is incorrect in Blender but correct in the site's preview image.
The bottom picture is correct in Blender, but the normals are inverted in the preview image.

Will one not print? Or will the printer treat both versions the same and ignore the normal directions? Which one should be used?

This is odd as I've uploaded meshes made with blender before and never had this problem.
 Topic: Spec related to metal printing
Spec related to metal printing [message #8026] Wed, 02 December 2009 09:54 UTC
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I wonder what to consider when designing a metal part. Peter told me details of 0,1 mm will show. He also told me to have wallthicknesses of at least 3 mm (maybe a little less for small products).

When designing the housing of something like a fountain pen such object becomes enormous and very heavy !
So, what is possible with the metal printing technique Shapeways is using and how is it effected by the printing direction? Any specs on this ?

 Topic: cannot choose White, Strong & Flexible
cannot choose White, Strong & Flexible [message #7920] Fri, 27 November 2009 04:53 UTC
avatar kjduieo  is currently offline kjduieo
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Hello, i'm new on this great site and have a question.
I want to use the material White, Strong & Flexible for my design: Inward.
However It was not possible to select PA 2200.

Uploaded two other files to explore the problem.
half Inward:
They could be made out of PA2200.

Now i suppose the space inside the model Inward under the rim and bottom (ca 5mm) is too small to pour the powder out of the product.
Is this correct and must there be another hole in the product, or did i simply made somewhere a mistake?

Thanks in advance ...

 Topic: Advise + Printing Wooden Parts with German Invention
Advise + Printing Wooden Parts with German Invention [message #5718] Thu, 06 August 2009 22:56 UTC
avatar Mustafa Umut Sarac  is currently offline Mustafa Umut Sarac
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US researchers are researching casting wood like a plastic for 60 years. But they did not succeed .
Wood contains 3 main material , lignin , cellulose and hemicellulose.
Special material which makes wood strong is lignin.
German Fraunhofer Institute finally succeeded to add some chemicals in to the lignin and produce heat meltable and seting wood with it.
But they keep the formula secret.
They sell this heat meltable wood with german Tecnaro company.
You buy the cookie size wood pieces from them , melt and do your job.
I think they cost 5 dollars per kilogram , produce ebony density and comes with many colors.
If you make a powder from it and print objects with wood , it would be lovely.
It melts 60 Celcius degrees.

Best ,

Mustafa Umut Sarac

 Topic: about thin walls
about thin walls [message #5008] Wed, 24 June 2009 12:18 UTC
avatar galladur  is currently offline galladur
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Junior Member

I have a little "problem" with wall thickness....

how do you calculate the "limit" of printability of a model ?
I know there's 1mm min for "dtail" and 0.7 for WSF, but... sometimes I don't know in witch case we can pass through this.

Here is an example that will be clearer :
If I want to print a "cone" of 3cmx3cmx3cm.... the end of the cone is going smaller and smaller... and it pass always under the 1mm limit !

other example :
Here is an Ogre..... (picture below)
It's a 3.9cm figurine.... it has passed succesfully the "upload" checks...
but the staples of the shoes are only 0.5mm thick.
Will the model be "unprintable" or "printable" ?

Finaly a last question : is the limit fixed by the printers or is this a limit you've decided to assure resistance ?

 Topic: Distortion on printed WSP part ?
Distortion on printed WSP part ? [message #4182] Wed, 29 April 2009 21:14 UTC
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I've just received my first part made of WSF, and on a first inspection I have a couple questions that some of you might be able to answer...

- the part is slightly distorted (bent) in one of the axes. About 1mm on a 160mm length. Is that to be expected as part of the process and the achievable precision, or it just didn't turn out completely Ok ???
- Also, the model had a hole with a 1mm diameter, and it didn't came out. Was it too small ?

 Topic: Stainless steel & bronze materials
icon5.gif  Stainless steel & bronze materials [message #3613] Sun, 29 March 2009 00:26 UTC
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I know they're rather new, but I was hoping for some details about the two new metal printing options; particle size, level of achievable detail, min wall thickness, sintering temps, post-working possibilities and experience, etc.

Even anecdotal info would be greatly welcomed, as I hope to produce some rather small & complicated items in either metal over the next few months.

I was initially planning to produce the designs in PMC silver from a silicone mould. Being able to go straight to steel would solve some serious strength issues, but being able to effectively work the piece to add detail and improve surface finish is critical.

Yes, I am keeping an eye on Whistler's new thread. Smile
 Topic: Things I'd pay extra for
Things I'd pay extra for [message #3376] Mon, 16 March 2009 07:32 UTC
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Hi Guys, most of you know I get a real kick out of this service and community... I was just thinking about future directions for the media and I came upon a few things that I personally would definitely pay extra for in prints.

The main ones are as follows

    Higher polycount
    Finer printing layers
    Choice of print direction

Some of these options would massively improve my end use of the product and personally I'd pay a premium for these options separate to the service I already use happily.

What do you guys think? Any ideas?
 Topic: Warning, reset xform before exporting!
Warning, reset xform before exporting! [message #2164] Thu, 04 December 2008 11:12 UTC
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I just received my Shapeways model, and the model was.. deformed.


It was half the correct size, and squashed. At first I thought something must have gone wrong at Shapeways end, but after checking the 3D preview closer it turned out that my export was to blame. I had to apply 'reset xform' in MAX in order to correct the shape.

So as a cautionary tale, if you don't want to waste 22 like I did, be sure to double check your model in the 3D viewer. The preview angle made the model look correct, but upon closer inspection it was clearly very squshed.

This was an xmas gift for someone, so I hope my replacement gets here in time for me to paint it.
 Topic: teeny tiny letters?
teeny tiny letters? [message #1427] Thu, 25 September 2008 15:52 UTC
avatar clearmenser  is currently offline clearmenser
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I'm working on some finger rings and would like to know if anyone has done tests with alpha numeric characters at that scale.
What would be a good minimum height of the letters from top to bottom? 5mm max, or so.
Can anyone reccomend a good Type1 font for ledgibility?

I figure, worst case scenario I'll have to do it by hand and then displace the polys.
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 Topic: Mate, the South American infusion gets it's own pendant
Mate, the South American infusion gets it's own pendant [message #127954] Wed, 25 November 2015 13:34 UTC
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Hello Community,

After finishing my "Coffee lovers" collection, I moved to my next product.

This time is the turn of the "Mate" (the pronunciation is 'Mah-teh' for the English speakers Shapies).

Mate is a very popular beverage in South America, specially in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Southern Brazil.

It is prepared by steeping dried leaves of yerba mate in hot water and is served with a metal straw from a shared hollow calabash gourd. The metal straw is called "bombilla" in spanish.

This is the mate:

And this is my mate pendant, it's available in 3 metal finishes and in plastic:

Looking forward to your comments.


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 Topic: Spinning pendant
Spinning pendant [message #127055] Sun, 22 November 2015 10:01 UTC
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This kinetic pendant was produced in regular raw brass (non interlocking). You can create your own online, easily and in minutes. Any shape and material (even gold).
Watch video:

 Topic: Porcelain Candlesticks.
Porcelain Candlesticks. [message #126497] Wed, 18 November 2015 19:22 UTC
avatar LukeHarding  is currently offline LukeHarding
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Hi everyone,

Got my first porcelain prints through this week which was pretty exciting. I've included some photos as well as the links so let me know what you think. The colours are excellent though I will admit I was hoping the finish would be a little smoother but this does nothing to ruin the aesthetic.

Firstly the 5 Sided Geometric Candlestick. I love geometric objects and the forms that you can produce just with triangles etc, no curves. c-candle-stick


The 12 Sided Geometric Candlestick, along the same lines as the previous version but with more complex faces. I wanted to see how well this printed and was quite impressed with the small details. ic-candle-stick


Lastly another sort of candle stick thats perhaps a little more traditional in form. An experiment in how the porcelain material affects the aesthetic in terms of whether the candle stick looks more solid or more slim. c-candle-stick


 Topic: New coffee related porcelain prints
New coffee related porcelain prints [message #124638] Tue, 27 October 2015 09:28 UTC
avatar MadAsU  is currently offline MadAsU
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These are my three latest porcelain prints and I am really excited at how they turned out - and that they are now available for others to buy!

First up is my little man coffee cup - the little man makes a great handle for the cup and looks awesome in the gloss black:
Link to product here

Secondly is a pour over coffee maker. The concept was actually driven by trying to find a solution to being able to place the 'cup' part into a coffee cup without having a large, flat base on the product - which would make it really expensive to print given it is based on surface area. So I came up with the idea of having 'stands' which developed into the rocket idea. Again, super impressed with the finish of the celadon green - there are thicker and thinner parts due to where the glaze may sit and it looks super cool.
Link to the product here

And finally the Fuchs cup - this is based on the Fuchs wheel which is popular in classic Porsche 911s and some done-up VW beetles. The wheel embossing is on both the inside and outside of the bottom of the cup - so you will see it appear when you finish your coffee. This has been printed in matte black to best represent the tyre and the finish is great. I have another similar design with a formula 1 wheel which I may print if demand is there.
Link to product here

  • Attachment: fuchs4.jpg
    (Size: 35.01KB, Downloaded 56 time(s))

  • Attachment: mancup2.jpg
    (Size: 68.74KB, Downloaded 55 time(s))

  • Attachment: rock3.jpg
    (Size: 37.18KB, Downloaded 56 time(s))

Follow MadAsU on:

 Topic: Celtic Earrings & Pendant
Celtic Earrings & Pendant [message #124552] Sun, 25 October 2015 04:46 UTC
avatar Armstrong3D  is currently offline Armstrong3D
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Just received these today :) Super stoked about how well they turned out.

I'll be taking new photos with a model soon.

 Topic: Cute Baby Creeper (Halloween)
Cute Baby Creeper (Halloween) [message #124348] Wed, 21 October 2015 12:56 UTC
avatar phnghue  is currently offline phnghue
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Little baby creper decoration: 2s1
Full Color Sandstone.

  • Attachment: Q10.JPG
    (Size: 773.50KB, Downloaded 33 time(s))

  • Attachment: Bcre1.JPG
    (Size: 1.52MB, Downloaded 32 time(s))

  • Attachment: Q8 - Copy.JPG
    (Size: 268.14KB, Downloaded 34 time(s))

  • Attachment: Bcre2.JPG
    (Size: 1.83MB, Downloaded 31 time(s))

  • Attachment: Bcre3.JPG
    (Size: 1.63MB, Downloaded 31 time(s))

 Topic: DJ Headphone Cufflinks
DJ Headphone Cufflinks [message #124198] Sat, 17 October 2015 11:37 UTC
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Shapie Expert
For all the music lovers out there I created these DJ Headphone Cufflinks!


Sculptural artist James William Kincaid III
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 Topic: 3d Miniatures from my video game Vox
3d Miniatures from my video game Vox [message #124108] Thu, 15 October 2015 04:18 UTC
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I just received my first 3d printed model from shapeways and I am VERY impressed, I wasn't expecting the print quality to be anywhere near this good and I am thoroughly pleased!

Printed in White Strong & Flexible plastic with the default finish.


This is a Mage character from my very own video game Vox... it is a voxel rpg adventure game where the player can customize everything in the game, from characters, items, weapons to monsters, scenery and whole worlds.

My plan is to have a whole selection of different character models to print and also some different items and monsters that are iconic to the game, for example the Mimic monster: e-from-shop&optionId=57980123&rc=MoreFromDesigner

Also I plan to allow players to create their own characters and export them from the game and then 3d print their own characters... I already have the model exporters in my game and allow the player to pose and set their character however they like for export.

 Topic: Camera Aperture
Camera Aperture [message #123408] Mon, 28 September 2015 17:55 UTC
avatar 3DPrintingDog  is currently offline 3DPrintingDog
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1) Image of item produced in White Strong & Flexible plastic (unpolished):

2) Link to item page

3) Back story: The cameras of today that are built into smartphones are a marvel of modern technology. However, in my opinion, these camera phones lack a certain human touch that had existed since the dawn of the early cameras. The pioneering inventors of the camera modeled it after the human eye so that the camera would "see" just like people see. As a result, the early cameras were a mechanical extension of all of us, allowing us to connect with the camera on a personal level. I've attempted to reconnect with that personal touch found in vintage cameras with this 3D printed kinetic sculpture.


 Topic: Do Dogs Know How To Operate a Computor?
Do Dogs Know How To Operate a Computor? [message #123368] Sun, 27 September 2015 13:51 UTC
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Do dogs know how to operate a computor? Probably not. But that won't stop them from trying.


My print from the KeyChain CustomMaker Challage arrived

Organic, miniatures, visualization and animation
 Topic: Drunk pole dancing hamster wineglass decoration
Drunk pole dancing hamster wineglass decoration [message #123196] Tue, 22 September 2015 19:09 UTC
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Shapeways Crew
This hamster took a little sip from your glass and is now drunkenly dancing at the stem of your glass. This is my first try in full color sandstone and I love it! I didn't expect it to fit so great the first time, but it did! It's a fun decoration for wineglasses :)
 Topic: Deconstructed Typewriter
Deconstructed Typewriter [message #123152] Mon, 21 September 2015 18:00 UTC
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1) Image of item produced in White Strong & Flexible plastic (unpolished):

2) Link to item page

3) Back story: I love my smartphone, but I have to admit that I miss the old typewriter. There was something special about the experience of pressing down on physical keys and immediately having your thoughts transferred onto paper. I'm certainly not advocating turning back the clock. However, in this kinetic sculpture, I've attempted to use today's 3D printing technology to reimagine the experience of using a typewriter. All of the moving parts are 3D printed in place so no assembly is required. While this sculpture may not generate the next great novel, perhaps it will inspire someone to create the next great 3D printed work of art at Shapeways!


[Updated on: Mon, 21 September 2015 18:02 UTC]

 Topic: Ah-Who - pretty neat sculpture I recently found browsing the marketplace
Ah-Who - pretty neat sculpture I recently found browsing the marketplace [message #123150] Mon, 21 September 2015 17:56 UTC
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Shapeways Crew
I think this looks pretty cool!
Ah Who


 Topic: Posable Robot Arm
Posable Robot Arm [message #123076] Sat, 19 September 2015 03:44 UTC
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I made this model in White Strong & Flexible plastic (unpolished). Here is a link to the product page:

I've loved everything mechanical and robotic as long as I can remember, so this project is inspired by one of my earliest science fiction inspirations (a movie called Robot Jox). I wanted a way to display my Tungsten cube, and this seemed like a fitting way!

The model comes with the pieces connected with sprues, and then it can be posed and glued to a final position. Regular super glue makes a very permanent and strong bond.

I've created a video on my YouTube channel documenting the entire design and assembly process here:

It'd be great to be able to share the kit and video with a wider audience by being featured.




 Topic: Sci-fi miniature vehicles in color!
Sci-fi miniature vehicles in color! [message #122968] Thu, 17 September 2015 01:21 UTC
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This was something I wanted to do for a very long time, but with school and other things taking up my time, it was hard for me to sit down and model. Luckily, I found some time this summer to finally accomplish what I wanted to do: make and print miniature vehicles in full color!

I wanted to make such miniatures ever since I was little. I remember coming from elementary school to boot up my favorite Real Time Strategy games like Command and Conquer and Dawn of War. Playing those games made me love the idea of being able to command entire armies of vehicles. However, I wanted more as I wanted to have entire armies at my fingertips! Unfortunately at the time, Micro Machines, a brand of toys that focused on tiny vehicles, was discontinued (until now!), so I couldn't command armies on my desk. I turned to Epic 40k, but it too was discontinued, and was mighty costly!

Many years later, when I was in high school, I found out about 3D modeling and Sketchup. Seeing as how Sketchup was free, I decided to try it out. Though it was hard at first, I fell in love with the idea of 3D modeling and what I can accomplish with it. A couple years later, right before college, I found out about Shapeways. I need not say more as I used my Sketchup skills to open up a shop and sell an assortment of miniature vehicles.

Now, thanks to all the tools I have available, I can finally amass an army to command once again. Thanks to full color sandstone, I can make my armies look pretty while at it!


Overall, I was very satisfied with how these came out. The colors came out nicely and the material is as solid as ever. Unfortunately, some of the cannons broke off on the mechs and tanks when I opened them. However, it was a quick fix and I was able to glue them back on. Since then, I have updated the models to have thicker cannons to avoid breakage in the mail.

Here's a link to the section where the minis can be purchased: 0

Tutorials on how to prepare Sketchup models for Shapeways:


Tutorial on preparing Sketchup models for Shapeways for FULL COLOR SANDSTONE/PLASTIC:

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