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Forum: 3D modelers for hire
 Topic: Jewelry builder - needed
Jewelry builder - needed [message #112293] Mon, 16 March 2015 16:55 UTC
avatar sarashala2012  is currently offline sarashala2012
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Experienced CAD developer needed to build jewelry from sketches (that we already have) into final design and give shape in digital form.

Steps would go as in follow;
Modeling, texturing/lightening and shading to give Photo Real rendering and make more angels of the jewelry for better viewing.

Interested please contact us at and include your past work.
Thank you

 Topic: recommended; it's-ming
recommended; it's-ming [message #112118] Sat, 14 March 2015 01:00 UTC
avatar lowells  is currently offline lowells
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I wanted to offer some feedback. I just completed a transaction with designer "ming" and was really pleased with the the result. I'm sure there are many great designers out there but need to say the job was perfect and done very quickly. Highly recommend.
Lowell Simon

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 Topic: Traditional Jewellery Manufacturer/CAD Designer
Traditional Jewellery Manufacturer/CAD Designer [message #112092] Fri, 13 March 2015 14:44 UTC
avatar jewelleranto  is currently offline jewelleranto
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Hi All.

About me:

My name is Anthony.

I'm located in Cambridge, U.K. I'm an aspiring artist and designer, with a great deal of experience in jewellery manufacture and design. I spent two years studying at Holts Academy in London, learning the manufacturing process of Jewellery, from measuring, milling, sheet metal piercing, soldering, setting, wax carving and 3D modelling (most of which was self taught).

Because of my formal training, I can offer a lot more than just 3D models. I can make your jewellery dreams become a reality.

I have a very visual mind, so can easily imagine a piece in three dimensional shapes. Having previous experience working with physical materials allows for a sense of what the piece will look and feel like when it is finished too.

Qualifications: Holts Academy Jewellery manufacture level 2/3 Diploma.

Experience: Two years hand manufacturing in the workshop and lots and lots of work in Rhinoceros.

Portfolio: index.php?t=getfile&id=92962&private=0index.php?t=getfile&id=92961&private=0index.php?t=getfile&id=92960&private=0index.php?t=getfile&id=92959&private=0index.php?t=getfile&id=93641&private=0

Other work can be seen here: here: 73741827.536885976394063&type=3 and here:

Rate: This is highly dependant on the amount of work expected of me and the cost of any materials I need to buy. I would need half of any given quote up front in order to begin work.


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 Topic: Swinks can design affordably for you.
Swinks can design affordably for you. [message #112008] Thu, 12 March 2015 02:03 UTC
avatar swinks  is currently offline swinks
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I am just putting it out there that if you need a part or product designed please contact me and share with me your ideas and I may be able to assist you in making your ideas come to life.

My background is in mechanical engineering (building light aircraft and cnc router and laser machines) as well as furniture design and manufacture and use Solidworks as my software of choice. I am skilled at designing parts are that are dimensionally controlled so I couldn't help you in small figurines etc as I prefer to leave that to the sculpting experts.

Where I could be beneficial to you is that I understand many forms of manufacturing so if the part you want designed is not specifically for 3D printing as the end product but via other forms of manufacturing I can design the product to suit the strongest but most affordable manufacturing method. Many people can do a awesome design but sometimes a relatively simple design is designed in a complex way the manufacturing process for that simple part could be very expensive if you opt to manufacture another way other than 3D printing. Alternatively if you require a product to be designed purely for 3D print manufacturing I can assist there with many successful products and jobs completed.

Design process.
- I tend to give you a quote for a design based on the information provided to me, sometimes it is fixed and if I go over that it is your bonus and other times a general quote with the allowance of an hourly rate over the quote for those tricky jobs.
- I do a test print to ensure the part is functional.
- during the process I send you a edrawing file or 2 which is a 3d viewable file that you can rotate, check dimensions, pull apart and even section so you can check the design as we go. edrawing viewer is a free program provided by solidworks so the files work well and you can also check the total weight and look of the design - so much better than a few screen shots.
- on approval you make the agreed payment and I then issue the solidworks and STL file for you to make one or many parts from - as you become the file / product owner.

I pride myself in being honest & open and want to include you in the whole process.

email me any sketches and your enquiry to

here are some of the items that I have design and are available through Shapeways with hundreds of items already sold. These are a mix of no longer available replacement parts, jewellery, toy components, coins:

as well as some of my other designs taken to manufacture or designed for others.

stage trim for a US company PinballMikeD's lcd product.

Marshall Quad Speaker and Amp

Tail Light with leds inside for lighting effects, all parts are Shapeways prints untreated including the polished silver.

Nuclear Conditions Sign housing for a small lcd, for a Melbourne (Aus) company

Snackbar Awning for the Creature From The Black Lagoon pinball with el wire, painted SLS print including decals designed as well as a Stainless Steel mounting plate. I have manufacturing many of these for the pinball community around the world.

 Topic: 3D jewelry design for stores
3D jewelry design for stores [message #111498] Wed, 04 March 2015 04:44 UTC
avatar PlainOrb  is currently offline PlainOrb
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Hi, My name is Ning Hua. I use solidworks to create 3D models for printing. I'm specialized in cufflinks, buttons, pendants, bracelets etc. You may check out my website here Contact me at I'm available for product design and jewelry design for commercial use. You can also find me in the Shapeways designer for hire list here

Happy Creating !

Ning Hua

Plain Orb
 Topic: I love this designing stuff
I love this designing stuff [message #111414] Mon, 02 March 2015 22:04 UTC
avatar Michael_Teiniker  is currently offline Michael_Teiniker
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Hi all,
An empty bounding box to the 3d designer is like an empty canvass to the artist. Contact me with your idea and let's get printing. My name is Michael.

[Updated on: Mon, 02 March 2015 22:04 UTC]

 Topic: Affordable 3D, Mechanical parts, prototyping, STL fixing and product improvement design
Affordable 3D, Mechanical parts, prototyping, STL fixing and product improvement design [message #111348] Sun, 01 March 2015 19:14 UTC
avatar Respare  is currently offline Respare
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I'm a young modeller with expertise in mechanical parts for replacement of broken/worn parts, diy projects or product improvement.
Let me know what you want to build or what you want to get fixed and I'll design the parts you need.

If you have an idea, I can help to work the idea out to a building plan and to a 3D drawing and print.

My workflow:
1: the idea, you let me know the idea you like to be 3d modelled, or what the part has to be capable of, for example a replacement gear for a mixer
2: I make a quick digital sketch and confirm dimensions and design with you
3: I design the part and send you screenshots or renderings if critical design decisions are to be made
4: Design is finished! I send you a render. You receive the model or the print trough shapeways
5: You pay the price we discussed

[Updated on: Sun, 01 March 2015 21:10 UTC]
 Topic: Looking for a simple brand of R&D in an oval
Looking for a simple brand of R&D in an oval [message #111335] Sun, 01 March 2015 16:54 UTC
avatar crownpc  is currently offline crownpc
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I would like to find someone to make a simple brand that fits into a standard wood burner thread, or with a shaft that I can thread myself. The brand is a simple "R&D" enclosed in an oval the same thickness as the lettering. Preferably in Bold and Italic. Elegant would be the font of choice, but Lucida Handwriting or the same would be acceptable. Contact me direct to discuss this project if you are interested. Use the words "Branding Iron" in the subject line.
 Topic: Freelance:Solidworks, Mudbox,3dsMax, and traditional sculpting with 3d scanning capabilities
Freelance:Solidworks, Mudbox,3dsMax, and traditional sculpting with 3d scanning capabilities [message #111053] Tue, 24 February 2015 18:21 UTC
avatar justinrc  is currently offline justinrc
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I do professional 3d design and modeling work using a SolidWorks mostly but am experienced in many other formats. I also have the ability to scan any model I create in the real world into the virtual and manipulate it from there. You can see some of my work and get quotes from my website... and see some of my scanning capabilities here ...
 Topic: Need Some one who does Jewellery in Cad and that can work well with Skull Rings with Gemstones
Need Some one who does Jewellery in Cad and that can work well with Skull Rings with Gemstones [message #110966] Mon, 23 February 2015 03:31 UTC
avatar XXXE  is currently offline XXXE
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Junior Member
Is any body up to the task ?????
 Topic: 3D Artist, Character and Vehicle Design, Solidworks and Maya Experience
3D Artist, Character and Vehicle Design, Solidworks and Maya Experience [message #110225] Wed, 11 February 2015 00:52 UTC
avatar bleedingplaid  is currently offline bleedingplaid
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Starting to look for work freelance for 3D modeling

BS degree from Art Institute of Orange County. I volunteered work for students at UC Irvine video game club and free-lance graphic work when I can. On and off school in welding and drafting. I have trained in Maya and Solidworks 3D programs and would like to put my skills to farther use through freelance

Most often modeled characters and props in Maya and last year used Solidworks to create prototype toy tank design.

This would be my first reach out for freelance on internet so this could be at lower rate, thinking around $10 per hour, complexity range $50 for simple to around $200 complex, negotiable

I very much enjoy toys so I am very technical when coming to design of product.

Toy tank design in Solidworks 3D printed .jpg pg

Some character work ng_contour.png

My Website:

please contact by email

[Updated on: Wed, 25 February 2015 11:28 UTC]

 Topic: Formatting Existing Design-Hire
Formatting Existing Design-Hire [message #110118] Mon, 09 February 2015 20:11 UTC
avatar sarahwray  is currently offline sarahwray
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I am looking to hire a person to help convert a project into the proper formatting for printing. I currently have an Stl. file but I had the images rendered and am looking for somebody to help convert the rendered images into stl. formatting as I am looking to print with sandstone.
 Topic: Manipulate STL files for hire
Manipulate STL files for hire [message #109865] Fri, 06 February 2015 23:08 UTC
avatar monk3947  is currently offline monk3947
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Usually,on the 3d model (stl),there may be some place need to be adjusted.
1.Repair some error on the STl model;
2. remove some part of the model;
3.add another part on current stl model,such as add a hole,etc. ;
4.hollow your stl model to decrease material for cost lower
5.the stl model is too large for 3d printing,need to be divided some small parts;
If you need to do that,you can contact me,maybe i can help you
 Topic: SiliconCafe
SiliconCafe [message #109414] Sun, 01 February 2015 02:18 UTC
avatar SiliconCafeInc  is currently offline SiliconCafeInc
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Junior Member

Greetings from SiliconCafe,

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to collaborate with innovation. I am looking for designers that can fulfill the design files for Drone Kit Parts, PC accessories, recycling equipment, Paperweight memes, full color figurines, educational an tutorial replicas of various objects, etc.

I can submit more information upon request.

 Topic: Zbrush expert for Hire 9 years experience
Zbrush expert for Hire 9 years experience [message #106645] Fri, 02 January 2015 16:01 UTC
avatar aspan13  is currently offline aspan13
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Junior Member

I am skilled 3d artist with over 9 years of experience. I am expert with maya and zbrush mostly into character modeling , texture painting and Digital sculpting .highly experience with :-

3d printing designs as stl, .ply format . 3d scan cleanup within 2 hours ready for 3d printing.

here's a direct link to my personal portfolio :-

I can deliver very quickly !! With few hours.
thanks and regards,

Contact :-

 Topic: Looking for modeler for waterproof box
Looking for modeler for waterproof box [message #106563] Thu, 01 January 2015 09:33 UTC
avatar eric6  is currently offline eric6
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I'm currently working on a project that uses the mobius camera, and willing to have that camera work underwater. There is a case that is waterproof but for this project i need more power, have extra lights, and wireless transfer video to a receiver, so the existing case is much to small.

So looking for someone that can create with me a easy to print case that will have space for all the parts for this project and can be put underwater (max 10m) for days.

If you are interested, please contact me! :)
 Topic: 3D modeling designer
3D modeling designer [message #105955] Tue, 23 December 2014 12:50 UTC
avatar Craig_AR  is currently offline Craig_AR
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Hello everyone. As the head of Acadian Robotics 3D modeling services department I wanted to offer our services here on Shapeways. With over 20 years combined of 3D modeling experience with a specialty in 3D modeling for 3D printing we can help make your ideas come to life. I am part owner of Louisiana's first 3D printer manufacturer. We have the understanding and skills of knowing the limits and the capabilities of what 3D printers can create.
You can look at some of the unique designs we made that are uploaded to my model page here on Shapeways. If the model is not listed for sale it is because it was done for a client and it used only as an example of the work we can do. For more information you can send a private message to me here on Shapeways or send an email to

Please visit our website also for more information.

Craig Billings
 Topic: Custom Jewelry Design Service
Custom Jewelry Design Service [message #105229] Mon, 15 December 2014 05:38 UTC
avatar PlainOrb  is currently offline PlainOrb
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Hi All, My name is Ninghua, I'm fascinated in antique arts and trying the best to bring them back to modern life. I use solidworks to create 3D models for printing. Specialized in cufflinks, buttons, pendants etc. You may check out my website here Contact me at I'm available for product design and jewelry design.

Happy Creating !

[Updated on: Thu, 08 January 2015 07:57 UTC]

Plain Orb
 Topic: Mechanical engineering FreeCAD
Mechanical engineering FreeCAD [message #105189] Sun, 14 December 2014 19:40 UTC
avatar jakob7  is currently offline jakob7
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I have learned Solidworks, Pro- Engineer and FreeCAD.
Here I am only do stuff in FreeCAD.

Complicated surface modeling is not suitable.

My rate are low because FreeCAD is free, And that is the only tool I will use.
 Topic: Animatronics engineer at your service.
Animatronics engineer at your service. [message #104107] Mon, 01 December 2014 22:24 UTC
avatar InnerbreedFX  is currently offline InnerbreedFX
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About me:
InnerbreedFX features works by Jonny Poole, a freelance engineer based in Cambridge UK.
InnerbreedFX focuses on a broad range of quality three-dimensional mechanical puppets, articulated costume characters, and animatronic figures. From graphic design and illustration through to visual effects and film and TV post production.

While much of my work involves animatronic birds, i do also offer custom unit designs. I have a large shapeways shop and you will find a lot more of my work there but please check out the website.
Currently on sale!buy-my-parts/component_53793

While production and shipping costs are covered by Shapeways, I do have to consider my own labour costs when designing mechanical parts or fabricating a complete assembly for you, especially when trying to run a professional shop.
Animatronics started out as a hobby, and still very much is and so i understand the issue faced with such a cool hobby is cost. With this in mind i do try to keep the cost down.
If you wish to discuss a project with me i will be more than happy to quote you and get your project started.
I am very reasonable but please understand that animatronics are unique pieces of technology and art and with this comes a cost.

[Updated on: Mon, 01 December 2014 22:25 UTC]
Create - Innovate - Inspire
 Topic: Freelance 3d Modeling and Sculpting Artist
Freelance 3d Modeling and Sculpting Artist [message #103890] Fri, 28 November 2014 04:34 UTC
avatar amitananddey  is currently offline amitananddey
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Junior Member
Hi Folks and Dreamers,

I am available to hire for any kinds of 3d modeling needs. I am an experienced professional with more than 5 years of experience.
Kindly check my work at the following link

My skype details:
Name amitananddey


[Updated on: Fri, 28 November 2014 04:35 UTC]

 Topic: saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces
saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces [message #103725] Tue, 25 November 2014 19:53 UTC
avatar Stachelvarius  is currently offline Stachelvarius
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I inquired with Shapeways a couple of months ago about getting an in house designer to help me with the design and production of saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces. I was referred to contact one of your designers. I got no response from that designer after sending them several emails.

I'm very serious, and I want to make this happen. I am a serious established professional in various music fields, and I mean business.

I live in Manhattan, New York City. I would appreciate a call back on the phone from a representative at Shapeways to discuss the possibilities directly.

I would like to meet with someone as well at Shapeways to show them the designs that I have in person.

I would also consider working with a designer that isn't local to me, but I would prefer someone based in NYC.



Norbert Stachel
Mobile 646-642-0768
 Topic: 3D CAD, Product Development, Rapid Prototyping
3D CAD, Product Development, Rapid Prototyping [message #103474] Sat, 22 November 2014 17:55 UTC
avatar psizzle  is currently offline psizzle
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Junior Member

With over 20 years of combined design experience, our professional team has helped numerous domestic and international clients with a variety of projects. From the established design firm to the rookie designer, as well as the hobbyist, our team's unique background in fine arts and engineering not only provides knowledge of materials but knowledge of process as well.
Yet, we are not just designers. Our entrepreneurial experience gives us the understanding to be considerate of your budget and timeline. However novel or urgent, it is critical for so many reasons, that diligence must be accompanied with precision. In order to save precious time and money down the road, we like to begin the conversation discussing the concept and feasibility of any design. This is where the combined experience of our artists and engineers pays off most. Evaluating concept and feasibility before design work begins not only helps the design and prototyping process, but aids in eliminating unknowns and unforeseen pitfalls along the way to market. This is accomplished in part by utilizing networking technology which allows our clients to remotely view designs as they progress. Likewise, we can provide files that can be viewed on your computer without purchasing any design software.
In addition to our team of artists and mechanical engineers, expertise from our partners in fields such as optical, electrical, and chemical engineering is available if necessary. We can even assist with patenting, licensing, and manufacturing.
Along with industrial and consumer products, we also have departments specializing in sports equipment and defense gear. From PPE to hardware, our personal background and experience(s) combined with our enthusiasm help to keep folks safe no matter how fun or serious the environment.
Our basic deliverables package includes native Solidworks files, STEP files for CNC, STL files for 3D printer(s), and standard 2D drawings. We also include EPRT files used to view 3D files on your end using free viewing software available via internet download.
Our team is eager to understand the needs of your agenda and believe that we are more than capable of representing your interests. If you think our acquaintance could be mutually beneficial, we would enjoy discussing the possibilities. E mail today for a complete list of services and rates!

Paul Sperduti

[Updated on: Mon, 08 December 2014 18:47 UTC]

 Topic: Freelance ZBrush Modeler/Sculptor
Freelance ZBrush Modeler/Sculptor [message #103320] Thu, 20 November 2014 16:23 UTC
avatar patokali  is currently offline patokali
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Junior Member


My name is Patricio Ruales Lopez, I'm a Freelance 3D artist/modeller from Colombia South America.

I've been freelancing for a while, my software is ZBrush and I'm most skilled in organic modelling and things like that.
You can check my website and my Deviantart page, if you are interesting in some proyect just let me know.:


Patricio Ruales Lopez (patokali)

Patricio Ruales López Freelance 2D/3D Modeler and Character Artist Illustrator.
 Topic: Looking For 3D Jewellery Designers
Looking For 3D Jewellery Designers [message #103211] Wed, 19 November 2014 12:16 UTC
avatar polychemy  is currently offline polychemy
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Junior Member
Hi Folks, We are looking for 3D Designers that specialise in Jewellery.

If you're interested please do contact us at :

*We will be doing a royalty deal instead of a fixed fee.


Polychemy - 3D Printing & Design
 Topic: Modeler and Sculptor in 3D printing for hire
Modeler and Sculptor in 3D printing for hire [message #102659] Sun, 09 November 2014 21:17 UTC
avatar HarveyHesko  is currently offline HarveyHesko
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About me: I am the modeling lead for burning dog media and modeling/art instructor at full sail university, skilled and experienced on 3D printing.

Shop: HeskoMart. CG Portfolio:

Country/language: America/English

Rate: $6/hr or $150 a week (whichever is cheaper)

Specialties: I specialize in 3D character figurines and design, and I try to keep prints as
affordable as possible.

Materials: I am experienced and licensed in ZBrush, Maya, Photoshop, and various other programs not including CAD.

Contact: please contact me here in forums, Shapeways/Skype:harveyhesko, or

[Updated on: Sun, 09 November 2014 21:23 UTC]

Bring life and keep destruction in video games.
 Topic: designer for hire!!??
designer for hire!!?? [message #102649] Sun, 09 November 2014 17:46 UTC
avatar pbc13  is currently offline pbc13
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Junior Member
I'm Pim i love making 3d designs and products...
but i don't have that much inspiration.
If you have an idea... but don't know how to design?
I could make some designs and prototypes for you.
best regards Pim

Interrested : send me a e-mail to or private message (PM)

[Updated on: Mon, 24 November 2014 17:38 UTC]

 Topic: Professional 3D Modeler available
Professional 3D Modeler available [message #102404] Wed, 05 November 2014 10:05 UTC
avatar gerandel  is currently offline gerandel
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Junior Member
Professional 3D Modeler available for remote work. (Germany)

Im a 3D freelance modeler with 15 years of experience. Primary working with Maya and Max.
Experience in character modeling, cars, jewely, products...
My Online Portfolio

[Updated on: Wed, 05 November 2014 10:06 UTC]

 Topic: Seeking an Adult 3D Modeler
Seeking an Adult 3D Modeler [message #102373] Tue, 04 November 2014 20:29 UTC
avatar NullSpace  is currently offline NullSpace
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Junior Member
Hey there, I'm looking for modelers who can design 3D adult figurines (furry and human) from simple sketches.

I'll probably most likely rely on the modeler for a long term.
 Topic: Looking for designer
Looking for designer [message #102247] Mon, 03 November 2014 14:29 UTC
avatar Kompflajagger  is currently offline Kompflajagger
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Hello, i am searching for someone familiar with the warhammer 40k scale of 28mm heroic. I have a massive space marine army and i want to have them stand out from the rest with specialized shoulder pads. If you are what im looking for then please contact me.
 Topic: Product Designer available to work
Product Designer available to work [message #101935] Wed, 29 October 2014 10:14 UTC
avatar rory_way  is currently offline rory_way
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Junior Member
Good morning, afternoon or evening.
I'm a product designer based in the UK who offers product development services and advice through my company Consultant Design Engineers Ltd. Check out my site and don't hesitate in contacting me with anything you need help with, or with anything you think we can work together on.

Design Engineer @
 Topic: 3d modeler looking for work
3d modeler looking for work [message #101755] Sat, 25 October 2014 16:39 UTC
avatar spukeanimation  is currently offline spukeanimation
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Junior Member

I am a 3d modeler , Looking for new works


Email me :-

Rohan spuke
 Topic: Freelance 3D character artist
Freelance 3D character artist [message #101121] Mon, 13 October 2014 05:09 UTC
avatar caveman51  is currently offline caveman51
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Junior Member
Hi, my name is Adam, I'm a 3d character artist/sculptor, and I'm currently available for hire.

 Topic: Professional Zbrush sculptor
Professional Zbrush sculptor [message #100510] Mon, 06 October 2014 17:32 UTC
avatar Tortuga  is currently offline Tortuga
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About me: I have worked with many clients and I can provide lots of references from many happy customers.

Expertise: 5-6 years making 3D models for 3D print mostly with Shapeways.

Experience: 15 years 3D video game artist, 5 years casino games artist. I have helped with many Kickstarter projects.


 Topic: cheap 3d modeler looking for work
cheap 3d modeler looking for work [message #100110] Thu, 02 October 2014 18:11 UTC
avatar spukeanimation  is currently offline spukeanimation
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Junior Member
Dear Sir,
I am a freelance artist over 5 years experience in a wide variety of areas


Rohan Spuke
concept and 3d artist
Skype Name: spukeanimation
Yahoo Messenger: spukeanimation
Twitter: @spukeanimation
Mob. Number: +1 315 670 7853
 Topic: EXCEPTIONAL HIGHYLY SKILLED 3d modeler and have done TONS of modeling jobs !
EXCEPTIONAL HIGHYLY SKILLED 3d modeler and have done TONS of modeling jobs ! [message #99469] Tue, 30 September 2014 05:56 UTC
avatar Ming  is currently offline Ming
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Senior Member
I've more then 15 years of modelling services.
I'm superfast and provide prompt and high quality work !
i'm capable of modeling almost anything from toon, organic , bust , stylise to technical stuffs.
My clients include disney , nickelodeaon , shapewasy members here and .... etc !

Please visit my website to see tons of my works :

If anyone interested in my services, please feel free to
email me at :
 Topic: Zbrush Modeller and Sculptor Available
Zbrush Modeller and Sculptor Available [message #99397] Sun, 28 September 2014 18:28 UTC
avatar wilbertpierce  is currently offline wilbertpierce
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Junior Member
Looking to get familiar with shapeways service.
I've had a few clients print with shapeways and suggested I go into printing for myself.

My zbrush work can be seen on my facebook page:

I'll concept and create your ideas for 25-35 (per item if multiple are needed) depending on the complexity.
Feel free to message me here, message my page on facebook, or email me at (for the fastest reply)
 Topic: I have over a Decade of experience in modeling for CAD-CAM Milling...
I have over a Decade of experience in modeling for CAD-CAM Milling... [message #99319] Fri, 26 September 2014 21:31 UTC
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I am looking for work in modeling for printing.

Most of my prior work can be seen at Camcraft-3d, and I have done some props for video games (and now working on character design).

We have also done 3D stuff:

This one is Titled "On the Crissaegrim" and shows one of the Giant eagles attacking a young Dragon during the Ruin of Gondolin in Tolkien's The Silmarillion.
(Note: The base for these pieces/piece was done in another file, as it contained too much detail to include both in the same render. Only the low-Res base is shown)

Detail of the Dragon's face:

I have some samples of the base-meshes of anatomical work I have been doing (literally just started these a few weeks ago):

One of an eventual eight Goblins, intended to be 28mm gaming figures.

One of roughly 6 Human Fantasy and Historical figures intended for both 28mm gaming miniatures and 12" display pieces

This will eventually be Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto. I just started him a couple of days ago. The Horse was a pain, as I have never even drawn a Horse before - turns out they aren't as difficult as I thought.

I am still working on clothing, and other props; clothing which will include chainmail. And the chainmail is being an issue for 3D sculpting or modeling intended for printing, since I don't want it to look like trash. But basic clothing and hair is my next step. All of the solutions for Chainmail I have found so far have no thickness (they are Diffusion, Occlusion, and Alpha maps over a surface that produce the look of chainmail - I can add thickness to them in Maya with a "Convert Map to Polygons," and then doing a slight extrude on the reverse surface to create thickness, but that might not all contact the figure beneath it. I have also seen stamps for ZBrush/Mudbox, but they leave seams. I may have to just simulate each ring in the garment as a rigid collider and then leave the simulation to run for a few days to resolve the pose for printing)

I just wanted to show off the basic anatomy, to show that I can do complex, realistic figures. The Camcraft site also shows off other work I have done (I did about 1/4 of the work shown on their website).

I can be reached at either: (preferred)


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 Topic: Brief introduction for 3DCloud Studio
Brief introduction for 3DCloud Studio [message #98947] Sat, 20 September 2014 02:09 UTC
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At 3DCLOUD STUDIO, we provide a wide range of 3D Print and CG Modeling Design Services. Over the pass ten years, we have helped company, artist, fashion designer, architect, and engineer around the world in 2D to 3D conversion from sketches, drawings, blueprints, or photo concepts into impressive, high-quality 3D & CAD models that are suitable for 3D printing, visualization rendering, and precise CNC manufacturing purpose. Your ideas are always confidential with us at every stage using our advanced cloud based collaboration platform. Zero up-front consultant cost to get any project started!
Popular list of our services include:
3D Print and Product Prototype Design
. 2D to 3D digital material conversion from photo or sketch.
. 3D Modification from existing file.
. CAD Drafting for new product development.
. 3D Print Design for rapid prototyping production.
. Texture design for full color 3D printing.
. Mesh reconstruction for 3D Scanned data.
. Packaging Design prototype in 3D assembly view.

- Visualization Photo Rendering
. Realistic Product Rendering for visualization and simulation.
. Architecture and building walk-around rendering from CAD format.
. Interior Design planning in 3D from sketch idea or referenced images.
. High-definition Marketing and Advertising content creation.
. 3D Billboard Ads visual rendering simulation.

- CG Game Development
. CG Character Design from sketch.
. Environment and assets for in-game interface development
. Low poly 3D modeling and texturing.
. High poly character development

Please visit our Studio Website at or contact us at about your project.
Checkout some of our creations at:

Our professional 3D engineers and artists can help you complete any digital project at affordable cost and minimal time consumption. Let us transform your idea to the third dimensional world with ease!
Where 3D Models Come to Live!

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 Topic: Looking for 3D designer join a new innovative product design
Looking for 3D designer join a new innovative product design [message #98803] Thu, 18 September 2014 03:02 UTC
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Hello all. My name is Algirdas M and im seeking for an individual who would love to share his passion, time and skills into making a new innovative conceptional design of SMART OIL WARMER that has NO ONE EVER DONE IT YET! Is still a chance close a gap into IoT market with a well designed product after all


Keep in mind this is only for a concept purpose ( product will not be manufactured )

The whole purpose of working on this simple and innovative idea is to get a public attention and potential clients for future projects for all our joined team members.

My skills covers business, branding, UI/UX design and few more. I have already progressed with this idea around 40%

I have attached a few screen shots for you to get an idea what i'm talking about ;)

If you are interested becoming a part of the team as 3D craftsman fell free to get in touch with me trough email: or Skype: Matijsoaitisa for a chat or live talk

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