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Forum: Bug Reporting
 Topic: Suggestion
Suggestion [message #111576] Wed, 04 March 2015 22:53 UTC
avatar Valentin_Mladin  is currently offline Valentin_Mladin
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Hi team,

I signed up an started creating some pieces of jewelry and while it is great to be able to see your own creations come to life and also make some money on the side, it is a little harder to get exposure on my shop page.

We, the 3d artists need to market ourselves on different social media sites and even if all my Facebook friends will be able to see a picture of my ring and share it with others they still don't get the full idea of a 3d object becoming a real thing.

The guys at sketchfab just announced their newest embedding process on Facebook using their proprietary 3d object viewing engine. So when someone posts the link to one of their hosted objects the output will be a 3d object that you can rotate, zoom and pan.

I wonder if you are considering to implement a similar thing. It will be great if so because it will be a win win situation for both 3d artists and your company.

Thanks for taking your time to reply to my suggestion.

All the best!
Valentin Mladin
Forum: It arrived!
 Topic: New Lampshade 'Voxel' and pictures of 'Nest'
New Lampshade 'Voxel' and pictures of 'Nest' [message #111574] Wed, 04 March 2015 22:14 UTC
avatar Piers  is currently offline Piers
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Here some images of my newest design, 'Voxel'. Made by arraying over 25000 particles. Hope you like.

And some new images of an older design.

  • Attachment: Voxel.png
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  • Attachment: Voxel1.png
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  • Attachment: Nest2.png
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  • Attachment: Nest1.png
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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.....Arthur C. Clarke
 Topic: Excited, but how to make a good picture
Excited, but how to make a good picture [message #111572] Wed, 04 March 2015 22:05 UTC
avatar joeppie  is currently offline joeppie
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Very excited, today arrived my latest design in polished silver.
It turned out beautiful, but it's extremely difficult to catch the details in a picture, any suggestion ho to solve this?

Forum: General Discussion
 Topic: Shrinkage
Shrinkage [message #111544] Wed, 04 March 2015 18:26 UTC
avatar shooterb  is currently offline shooterb
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If I need to have a part of my design to come out to 12.2mm diameter, do you know what mm I should use in my CAD in order to account for shrinkage?

I am ordering in polished Bronze and also in castable wax.

Can you get consistency when printing like you do with casting? So far I am seeing quite a bit of variation in shrinkage.


 Topic: French Bulldog Ring Animation
French Bulldog Ring Animation [message #111482] Wed, 04 March 2015 04:17 UTC
avatar kspaho  is currently offline kspaho
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No Message Body

 Topic: FUD: What changed in the last four years?
FUD: What changed in the last four years? [message #111472] Wed, 04 March 2015 00:46 UTC
avatar RolandR  is currently offline RolandR
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A long time ago I ordered some models in Frosted Ultra Detail.

For the most part, I was very happy with the quality, but there were some slight issues with warping, wax residue and the wax changing the surface structure.

I am now finally back to working on that project.

What changed regarding Frosted Ultra Detail since 2011/2012?

  • Quality?
  • Pricing?
  • Anything else?

Forum: Work in progress
 Topic: Easter Bunny Skeleton
Easter Bunny Skeleton [message #111550] Wed, 04 March 2015 19:02 UTC
avatar Brian_Richardson is currently online Brian_Richardson
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Currently being tested, but available here: leton

 Topic: Getting Past Maya and Ready to Print
Getting Past Maya and Ready to Print [message #111480] Wed, 04 March 2015 03:07 UTC
avatar joshuagilbreath  is currently offline joshuagilbreath
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Howdy all, I am needing a little help getting my models out of Maya and print ready. These chairs are intended to be used as Wedding Cake toppers, so I would like them only to be about 3.5-4 inches tall. I am also a little lost in regards to the best practice for shelling the two models.

Here is a preview of the chairs.

Any advice would be wonderful. I exported each chair as an OBJ but the model preview in the Shapeways webapp was pretty broken. I have attached the Maya file if anyone would like to review the file.

Thank you all! I appreciate the assistance!

  • Attachment: Up_Chairs.mb
    (Size: 1.87MB, Downloaded 1 time(s))

[Updated on: Wed, 04 March 2015 03:10 UTC]

Forum: Shapeways API
 Topic: API used by Hero Forge?
API used by Hero Forge? [message #111542] Wed, 04 March 2015 18:15 UTC
avatar braillesigns  is currently offline braillesigns
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I just read the blog entry about hero forge and the shapeways "API".
Did I miss anything , is there a usable api now or is this still the "handle everything yourself, upload it once a day" solution?
Forum: 3D modelers for hire
 Topic: 3D jewelry design for stores
3D jewelry design for stores [message #111498] Wed, 04 March 2015 04:44 UTC
avatar PlainOrb  is currently offline PlainOrb
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Hi, My name is Ning Hua. I use solidworks to create 3D models for printing. I'm specialized in cufflinks, buttons, pendants, bracelets etc. You may check out my website here Contact me at I'm available for product design and jewelry design for commercial use. You can also find me in the Shapeways designer for hire list here

Happy Creating !

Ning Hua

Plain Orb



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