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Forum: Buying
 Topic: more basic wrapping than gift box?
more basic wrapping than gift box? [message #120174] Wed, 29 July 2015 14:57 UTC
avatar corymogk  is currently offline corymogk
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Is there an option to have a simple box without the silver bow? I'm ordering a few prints and if I could get each in a basic box (could be any color) without a ribbon it would help me with the next phase of distribution.

 Topic: Wanting something new and different
Wanting something new and different [message #116468] Sun, 31 May 2015 00:48 UTC
avatar djdirty_713  is currently offline djdirty_713
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Ok seriously a little aggravated. How has no one ever made a 3d printed MLP FIM shift knob.
I've seen them cut and polished out of aluminum with cutie marks. So if that can be made and look good
so should a 3d one. I know full color is a pain and expensive. I've also had one made by a guy on eBay, it looks very unrefined.

Is there anyone here that can make a Vinyl Scratch (Funko style preferred) shift knob of her head only. In full color also. The last one you can look at it and tell it was 3d printed because the layering is extremely visible. I paid around $62 for it. I'm tired of getting the run around and getting screwed on quality. It also seems like I have to go to the deepweb just to find the damn file types. Seriously wtf!?!?

If people are willing to pay why not make what they are asking for?
Here etsy and deviant art have nothing like what I'm looking for and some of the time I find some that can make it but apparently are to busy to even think about it. (Not directed to agentarrow)
At least he tried but problems with the files mostly can't be helped.

So begging anyone to do this đŸ˜¢
 Topic: Purchase notification
Purchase notification [message #114363] Thu, 23 April 2015 01:26 UTC
avatar shawn_halayka  is currently offline shawn_halayka
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I don't have a shop, and I don't plan on having one. That said, if I mark a model as for sale will I get some kind of notification when someone buys it?

I want to limit the number of times a model can be purchased.

Thanks for any information that you can provide.


Edit: I guess I need to have a shop to get notifications.

[Updated on: Fri, 24 April 2015 15:13 UTC]

 Topic: Bags the metal products come with - Tarnish protective?
Bags the metal products come with - Tarnish protective? [message #111716] Sat, 07 March 2015 08:28 UTC
avatar Minime  is currently offline Minime
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Hi folks...

Just curious about the bags Shapeways sends the metal products in... are these bags tarnish protective? or are they just decorative cute bags?

 Topic: USPS shipment to Aus stuck in NY- no reply from shapeways
USPS shipment to Aus stuck in NY- no reply from shapeways [message #111427] Tue, 03 March 2015 06:34 UTC
avatar Serin  is currently offline Serin
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What gives?
Surely they're not in the business of just leaving people screwed by the inept service of USPS hanging?

Edit: shapeways responded, happily they will reprint stuff if it fails to be delivered. Much relief.

[Updated on: Tue, 03 March 2015 12:35 UTC]

 Topic: usps woes
usps woes [message #108878] Sun, 25 January 2015 18:10 UTC
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The excitement of seeing how my print turned out is being deluded by my battle with USPS to find out where this package is.

it got shipped on MLK day. it's now sunday and no sign in sight. I got a delivery notice on saturday, of course an update an hour before the post office closes, saying it was in the post office closest to work. So, I drive all the way down there in 30 minutes, and get there in just enough time to find out it's NOT at that post office like the tracking said, but ANOTHER local post office. So, I go all the way down to the real one...get there at 1PM on the dot...and of course they are closed and the lady wouldn't let me in for a quick package pickup.

taking bets on whether or not it'll be there tomorrow.

has anyone had this much trouble with usps and shapeways? I'm just going to pay extra for UPS next time.
 Topic: Refunds, Store Credits, and Math
Refunds, Store Credits, and Math [message #100392] Sun, 05 October 2014 13:42 UTC
avatar PeregrineStudios  is currently offline PeregrineStudios
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Hi all,

I've been in conversation with Shapeways about a recent order that had two models cancelled. I used store credit for part of the order. All of the money that was paid out of PayPal was refunded, but the store credit was not refunded, either as credit OR through PayPal. I contacted service and received these replies:


Dear Christian,

Thanks for your email.
We are returning $48.47 in total, but since you have used a store credit to cover part of this order, the refund has been split into two payments:
$37.10 (store credit)
$11.37 (credit card payment)[probably meant PayPal]


Dear Christian,

You already had the store credit from previous order and you used it towards this order.
Since the models have been rejected, we have refunded everything.
I hope that explains it.

Something about that seemed off to me, however. I did some basic math and sent a reply to customer service. I'll also post it here because I really do want to know which of us is grossly misunderstanding the math involved, me or service. Here's what I sent to service:


Let's do some math. For the sake of ease I won't take the 10% discount into account and I'll assume I only ordered the two pendants, this is just an example.

[ModelName] (Polished Silver): $53.86
[ModelName] (Polished Bronze): $36.97

Total cost: $90.83

Let's assume I have $100 in my PayPal, and count up my total 'currency', including the pre-existing store credit.

$100 + 37.10 = $137.10

So in total, including the store credit, I have $137.10 to spend.

I then place my order, using up my store credit in the process.

$137.10 - $90.83 = $46.27

However, the two models are cancelled. The one in Polished Bronze is cancelled before the order is charged, so rather than a refund you simply don't charge me for it. So, our new numbers:

$137.10 - $53.86 = $83.24

Then the second one is cancelled, but instead of a full refund, I am only issued a refund of $11.37, and you consider the matter closed.

$83.24 + 11.37 = $94.61

But... wait! I used to have a total of $137.10 available to use for ordering, yet after everything being (apparently) refunded, I now only have $94.61! That right there, is you stealing $42.49 from me.

Again, these numbers are not all accurate, I was just using some example numbers in some places and I didn't take the 10% discount into account. But you should be able to clearly see, I've been diddled by Shapeways here. The total amount of 'currency' I have available to order has decreased, which would not happen if everything was fully refunded.

I really would appreciate thoughts on this from all of you. I don't have any objections to math in principle but I sometimes it can get a little obscure for me. I really do think I'm right in this situation, though.

[Updated on: Sun, 05 October 2014 13:44 UTC]

 Topic: Billing Address P.O. Box
Billing Address P.O. Box [message #83708] Thu, 23 January 2014 16:57 UTC
avatar Kubius  is currently offline Kubius
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Hi. I was thinking of setting up a shop to sell some designs and I hadn't yet set up a billing address.

The billing address form says it doesn't allow P.O. boxes but I thought that was only for shipping addresses.
Can I use a P.O. box for the billing address?
 Topic: gift message
gift message [message #61379] Tue, 05 February 2013 04:43 UTC
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While I was in another city recently, a stranger did me a favor, and as thanks I've sent her one of my sculptures. Unfortunately there's no way in the ordering process to write a note to the recipient — so I'll have to find another way to say, "You don't know me but in about a week you're going to get a strange package"!
 Topic: sample kit problems
sample kit problems [message #48748] Tue, 22 May 2012 03:38 UTC
avatar Chavenelle2  is currently offline Chavenelle2
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My sample kit included a booklet with details of many printing materials. I also received samples, but the link a, b, c etc to from the foldout to the samples is not there. Exactly what are the printing material samples I received. Thanks for our attention
 Topic: Which manufacturer is best?
Which manufacturer is best? [message #45108] Fri, 09 March 2012 00:18 UTC
avatar Juvenile Giraffe  is currently offline Juvenile Giraffe
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I am very new to the 3D printing scene and I would like to hear this community's opinions on a very broad question: which manufacturer of 3D printers and equiptment is the best? By best I mean the company which produces the most popular, highest quality and most reliable equiptment and has the greatest potential for growth and best future (in general). Of course, no company will fit all of these criteria, but what I'm looking for is the company that you like most, and why. From the limited research I've done, 3D Systems looks good, but I could be way off.

Thanks a lot-
 Topic: Price discrepancy for materials
Price discrepancy for materials [message #42634] Tue, 24 January 2012 04:38 UTC
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I've uploaded a model that I was planning to get printed in Alumide. The materials comparison sheet says that Alumide is 1.99 / cm. WSF is 1.40/cm. My model is listed as costing $81.57 in WSF, so the model has a volume of approx 57.19 cubic cm. So to get it printed in Alumide it should be 115.31, however the price listed for Alumide is $189.34.

So I checked all the other prices and compared with the materials sheet.
WSF Polished = 101.59 = correct
RSF = 101.84 = correct
Frosted Ultra Detail = 334.42 = incorrect (204.59)
Frosted Detail = 230.59 = incorrect (141.68)
White Detail = 284.73 = incorrect (172.50)
Sandstone = 73.79 = incorrect (45.89)
Stainless Steel = 761.12 = incorrect (463.52)
Gold Plated = 764.12 = incorrect (466.52)
Antique Bronze = 762.62 = incorrect (465.02)
Alumide = 189.34 = incorrect (115.31)

I'm not sure if there's something very obvious that I'm missing or what's going on with this. Any thoughts?

Edit: Okay, I checked my model's volume in netfabb and it reports it as 94.27 cubic cm. This actually makes most of the prices above correct, but then the WSF (and colors, and polished) too low, so there's still some discrepancy somewhere.

Edit2: And nevermind... just saw another forum post that mentions a discount on WSF for volume greater than 20cm. Didn't notice it on the materials page because I wasn't looking to use WSF.


[Updated on: Tue, 24 January 2012 04:52 UTC]

 Topic: Information
Information [message #36626] Fri, 14 October 2011 07:13 UTC
avatar giacomanu  is currently offline giacomanu
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Dear friends,
As you see, I'm a new user of shapeways and I'm not so clever with forums...
I'd just like to know if anyone can help me, giving me any information or suggestions to sell my products, or better, to let customers find them.
Moreover, should anyone tell me if there is really the possibility of good affairs?
In a few days will be available my new serie special for Christmas.
Please visit my site.
 Topic: Are Shapeways now shipping customer orders faster than ours?
Are Shapeways now shipping customer orders faster than ours? [message #32105] Fri, 05 August 2011 11:56 UTC
avatar tebee is currently online tebee
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I've Just had notice that a customer order in WSF placed on the 2nd of August has now shipped - less than three days !

But one of my own orders placed on 26th July - also in WSF - has not even gone into production yet . So are you giving higher priority external customer orders is is it just that my own order is more complicated a bulk pack rather than 5 individual items ?

i'm not complaining about this BTW - it's probably a good policy if it exists, just curious.

 Topic: Material samples
Material samples [message #19481] Thu, 21 October 2010 06:19 UTC
avatar roofoo  is currently offline roofoo
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Hi, I was wondering when the next batch of material samples will be sent out. I ordered mine over a month ago and still haven't gotten one. Thanks!

EDIT: Nevermind, I checked my mailbox today and the sample package was in it! Hehe, I should have waited 24 hours before posting. Ah well. Very Happy

[Updated on: Fri, 22 October 2010 01:06 UTC]
 Topic: How to handle additional information to UPS?
How to handle additional information to UPS? [message #19389] Tue, 19 October 2010 13:56 UTC
avatar Tommy_2Tall  is currently offline Tommy_2Tall
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I live in an apartment building with code-lock at the front/main entrance.
Several orders have been delivered to my door in spite of that but understandably there have been occasions where they are not let in by neighbours and such.
Sometimes they even go that "extra mile" and look up my cellphone number when they are there.

I think that my current/latest order will have to be retrieved from their "local" distribution center (not really nearby in my case).
It has happened once before and it took quite a while to get there and back.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?
How do you solve it?

Since UPS doesn't seem to get my phone number even though it's listed in my Shapeways profile I've been thinking about adding my phone number as a part of my address.
But that might mess things up for them if it's not recognized as a "normal" address.

Any other ideas?

[Updated on: Tue, 19 October 2010 13:58 UTC]

 Topic: Weird volume or billing cavities
Weird volume or billing cavities [message #8952] Thu, 14 January 2010 03:12 UTC
avatar stannum  is currently offline stannum
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Shapie Expert
I want to know if enclosed cavities are billed or they must have a hole, because I think I read somewhere that trapped material wasn't billed. Yes, the cavities have normals pointing in (and outer shells point out). Even billing those handful of cm3, the price vs rought "bounding box" seems to be off (the BB is just 16 cents more, but I think there are a bit more "air" outside the model). So no idea what is going on, please help.

A line saying "your model is X cm3" would be a nice addition to owner page data, as well as more units while uploading (cm at least) and select/override for all formats (.wrl, meter as fixed default... waste of precission... and re-upload).


OK, I figured what it was, it seems Blender3D is a bit special when saving .wrl with textures. Importing back showed vertices without faces for untextured polygons (the inner shells). Yep, the original file had all faces but the result of loading the .wrl had some floating points in air. New day, new different bugs.

The suggestion about volume info still holds, it could even report mesh stats like number of vertices and faces (triangles only? quads?), so you can verify your data reached Shapeways without weird loses.

[Updated on: Thu, 14 January 2010 18:05 UTC]

Forum: Work in progress
CROSS 3D PENDANT [message #122145] Wed, 02 September 2015 20:26 UTC
avatar Nickolaos  is currently offline Nickolaos
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Check this textured cross:






with beautiful renders by Shapeways!

You can find it here: ?li=shop-results&optionId=57764619

Give some feedback pls.

Thank you

[Updated on: Wed, 02 September 2015 20:30 UTC]

 Topic: Jewelry designs!
Jewelry designs! [message #121781] Thu, 27 August 2015 09:50 UTC
avatar Nickolaos  is currently offline Nickolaos
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Check out some of my jewelry designs. Hope you like it

Lion Ring (in Low Poly)



Ring 7




"As a young kid I remember that my father always liked to decorate all our cottages which have lived in with that kind of stone.

I like this kind of pattern also (It is a voronoi pattern actually) so I have deciced to design a ring with Karystos Stones which I am pretty sure that many of you will love It's simplicity and uniqueness."


You can find them in my shop here

 Topic: Check out my new jewels!
Check out my new jewels! [message #121645] Mon, 24 August 2015 23:04 UTC
avatar Nickolaos  is currently offline Nickolaos
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Some of my latest designs that you can find here:



  • Attachment: 2582015.png
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 Topic: Simple Text Bowl
Simple Text Bowl [message #121596] Sun, 23 August 2015 15:53 UTC
avatar nigelren  is currently offline nigelren
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I've been trying to create something with words for a change. Ended up with something rather simple, but wonder what people think about the idea.
The idea would be that it can be generated from any text, but this will still need a bit of manual adjustment.

This is one possibility...

  • Attachment: render2.png
    (Size: 928.50KB, Downloaded 22 time(s))

  • Attachment: render2.1.png
    (Size: 903.93KB, Downloaded 20 time(s))

  • Attachment: render2.2.png
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 Topic: Don't forget to see my work
Don't forget to see my work [message #121003] Wed, 12 August 2015 11:47 UTC
avatar shariff  is currently offline shariff
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hey guys don't forget to see my work especially my mugs and planters and cups (for now in plastic until porcelain material is active) Also much more will be back online when the porcelain material is back online.

my work
(mug part coming back as soon as porcelain material is available)
(ball now available in a 2.5cm size)

 Topic: Love Makes You Crazy!!
Love Makes You Crazy!! [message #120887] Mon, 10 August 2015 19:49 UTC
avatar jordanbanks  is currently offline jordanbanks
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Here is a love pendant I have been working on and plan on buying soon; it is a symbol of how much love makes you crazy cause we all can relate to that. I added the new customization to the model as well. endant?key=fec0c8358c6df5cae7dbbff0f81e91f5


  • Attachment: heart.JPG
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  • Attachment: heart2.JPG
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  • Attachment: heart3.JPG
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  • Attachment: heart4.JPG
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Let make fantasy a reality!
 Topic: New generation of bracelets
New generation of bracelets [message #120260] Thu, 30 July 2015 16:44 UTC
avatar panguver is currently online panguver
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Hi, ion=Bracelets-metals&s=0

I have 500+ similar bracelets already and if you want buy similar items in needed size, form and ornament - please, not hesitate ask me, it's free. I will create models in similar form, with one of 150+ my own ornaments for free and place it for sale on my Shapeways shop. Most of my bracelets will costs about $100-150 in polished silver.

New bracelet will created for your size and optimized for low cost (will not scaled from current model). At present time I am not ready to place all my huge collection of bracelets here because you (as buyer) not able scale it to needed size and uploading process will too long story also.

Also I finished my new solid ring/bracelet creator and ready make models for free also. Several such solid bracelets already in my shops. Customizable (via CustomMaker) bracelets coming soon.

Thank you.

Panguver, shop owner.

PS. If you want order and resale it locally, I am ready to give you all needed rights.


[Updated on: Thu, 30 July 2015 18:26 UTC] by Moderator

 Topic: Jacklope
Jacklope [message #119390] Thu, 16 July 2015 19:11 UTC
avatar Myth_Conceptions  is currently offline Myth_Conceptions
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Junior Member

This is a character I'm working on for 3D color printing. He was not originally a 3D printing project, but I no longer have a use for him and thought he was fun enough for a possible miniature.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

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 Topic: Check out my work on jewelry! - Exclusive offer from my shop
Check out my work on jewelry! - Exclusive offer from my shop [message #119122] Sun, 12 July 2015 07:53 UTC
avatar Nickolaos  is currently offline Nickolaos
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I have an exclusive offer for you:

By ordering ANY product/model from my shop in Shapeways a model/product, i can offer you a second one with no markup fee for me!!!!!
Sent me a private message (or to mentioning the model/product you are interested in (material, color etc) just to remove my mark up fee.
This offer applies till 31th of July 2015.

My latest work:









 Topic: Check out some of my latest models!
Check out some of my latest models! [message #118689] Mon, 06 July 2015 11:51 UTC
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Check out some of my latest models






Please if you lilke them support my effort (I live in Greece with my family having very difficult economicals problems due to the bad situation goin on here in Greece)

Thank you very much in advance for your support!

and don't forget to visit my shop regularly which is updated often with new models/products

[Updated on: Mon, 06 July 2015 11:58 UTC]

 Topic: Playing with water - next stage
Playing with water - next stage [message #118656] Sun, 05 July 2015 15:53 UTC
avatar nigelren  is currently offline nigelren
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Junior Member
My previous post was for a piece for my just completed Fine Art degree show, this piece went down well and has inspired me to think of what I can do with this idea. Some ramblings follow - which I would appreciate some feedback on.

This is something which (with a few last tweaks) should be ready to realise. The idea being for a table decoration which fits into a champagne bottle and at the moment the design has a test tube set into it. This should allow a flower to be put into it - do you think it needs it (perhaps create a few choices -with and without).

Also - not having drunk too much champagne - are the holes in bottles different sizes?

I can create several designs which allows for some variety - I might as well, it's a bit of work for each one, but will give some choice... or am I just making more work for myself.

Anyway some initial renderings to see how it may look.

Thanks for any feedback :)

  • Attachment: test3.jpg
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  • Attachment: test3.2.jpg
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 Topic: Rating For Hanging Model Of DeviantArt Logo Pendant ( Keychain )
Rating For Hanging Model Of DeviantArt Logo Pendant ( Keychain ) [message #116264] Wed, 27 May 2015 14:16 UTC
avatar phnghue  is currently offline phnghue
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Junior Member
Nine Models: anging-Type-Sold-532903708
Survey Page:
It's beta, but you can buy it here: rmal
I will design with old logo soon.

Thank you!

  • Attachment: DA-CH1.jpg
    (Size: 152.51KB, Downloaded 2 time(s))

  • Attachment: DA-CH7.jpg
    (Size: 128.15KB, Downloaded 2 time(s))

  • Attachment: DA-CH4.jpg
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  • Attachment: DA-CH8.jpg
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  • Attachment: CH1..9.png
    (Size: 64.39KB, Downloaded 3 time(s))

[Updated on: Fri, 29 May 2015 02:10 UTC]

 Topic: Why different sharpness on different sides?
Why different sharpness on different sides? [message #116145] Mon, 25 May 2015 12:40 UTC
avatar Tresob  is currently offline Tresob
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I've noticed that a lot of my prints end up having one side where the edges are very sharp and flat, and another side that tends to be softer and rounder.

I suspect it has something to do with the orientation of the object when it is printed, but I'm not sure if I have any control over that.

Any thoughts on how to anticipate this during the rendering process?
 Topic: Newbie: Bracket for Juniper Router, is 3mm thick enough?
Newbie: Bracket for Juniper Router, is 3mm thick enough? [message #115726] Wed, 20 May 2015 12:29 UTC
avatar ANDY2015  is currently offline ANDY2015
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Junior Member

This is the first 3D object I have made, I did it by measuring and designing in 2D in illustrator, then I rebuilt it in 3D in Autodesk 123D design. Hopefully I got all of the measurements right. It's a bracket for a router so it can be mounted in a comms cabinet. racket?li=shop-inventory&optionId=56746314

I was just wondering if someone could have a quick look at the design, you don't even need to download it really, I just need to know if it will be strong enough based on what you know about the strength of "Strong and flexible" plastic material? The front and side are 3mm thick plastic and I added a triangle at the join and an extra bit on the longer side of the bracket.

Do you guys think this will be strong enough to hold a small router? The router weighs 844 grams.

Thanks for any tips

(PS I uploaded the STL file)

 Topic: I finished my zodiacs about a week ago
I finished my zodiacs about a week ago [message #115030] Sun, 03 May 2015 22:48 UTC
avatar justinofjupiter  is currently offline justinofjupiter
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The 12 signs pendants

  • Attachment: zodiacs.jpg
    (Size: 2.48MB, Downloaded 34 time(s))

instagram: @justinofjupiter
 Topic: Quadcopter Frame Thickness WSF Suggestions Needed
Quadcopter Frame Thickness WSF Suggestions Needed [message #113637] Fri, 10 April 2015 18:24 UTC
avatar Plumguy  is currently offline Plumguy
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Any suggestions as to the thickness of a simple quadcopter frame
should be using WSF? I was thinking of 3mm.
Thanks !

[Updated on: Fri, 10 April 2015 20:10 UTC]

 Topic: 3D VISION shop - My latest designs
3D VISION shop - My latest designs [message #113626] Thu, 09 April 2015 15:40 UTC
avatar Nickolaos  is currently offline Nickolaos
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you can find it here: op-results&optionId=56255781



you can find it here: hop-results&optionId=56243124



you can find it here: ey-pendant?li=shop-results&optionId=56240345



you can find it here: e-pendant?li=shop-results&optionId=56209028



you can find it here: =shop-results&optionId=42297350

I have order for my wife the last one in raw brass, so soon i will upload the real thing! Check out the Mensa logo in ring (see first image)

[Updated on: Thu, 09 April 2015 15:46 UTC]

 Topic: 3D VISION shop - My latest pendants designs
3D VISION shop - My latest pendants designs [message #113067] Mon, 30 March 2015 18:46 UTC
avatar Nickolaos  is currently offline Nickolaos
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you can find it here: pendant?li=shop-results&optionId=56037895



you can find it here: -pendant?li=shop-results&optionId=56036959



you can find it here: t?li=shop-results&optionId=56036886

you can find those and others in my shop here: 0

 Topic: Double Loop ring
Double Loop ring [message #112773] Tue, 24 March 2015 21:43 UTC
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My friend gave me the idea for this ring. I'm fairly sure it will be fine structurally, but I'd love feedback about the design. Tweaks to the models, names, whatever. Thanks!

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 Topic: Doge Buddha :D
Doge Buddha :D [message #112729] Mon, 23 March 2015 21:04 UTC
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Here is my latest design DOGE BUDDHA :) Love him to be Loved ...
FISHES PENDANT [message #112559] Fri, 20 March 2015 10:44 UTC
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Check out my latest design




All comments are welcome!

 Topic: Mascot
Mascot [message #112349] Tue, 17 March 2015 14:21 UTC
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I've been working on this for a while after hours.. It is a Carter Hoffman college mascot from the 1950's. The Seaton Hall statue of the pirate has never been found, only a photostat of the statue has been recovered. My mission is to create a 4 inch replica of what the carving may have looked like. This is what the mascot photocopy looks like..not much to go on. Once completed it will be printed and then most likely carved out of wood, hopefully to complete the collection.index.php?t=getfile&id=93475&private=0index.php?t=getfile&id=93476&private=0

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GEOMETRIC PENDANT & DOUBLE GEOMETRIC PENDANT [message #111873] Mon, 09 March 2015 10:55 UTC
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I have just finished this:





all comments are welcome!

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