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Forum: Bug Reporting
 Topic: Shop Sections
Re: Shop Sections [message #136515 is a reply to message #136093 ] Sun, 07 February 2016 01:05 UTC
avatar Echoco  is currently offline Echoco
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Seems like the 2 I mentioned is resolved, thanks

Life's too long
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 Topic: Need help with dimensions
Need help with dimensions [message #136514] Sun, 07 February 2016 00:55 UTC
avatar ShukarParkin  is currently offline ShukarParkin
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Hey everyone

this is my first time using shapeways ever and I would like my object to be 2 inches in height in the real world but im unsure as to how these dimension work
 Topic: Angled lines/waves on FUD?
Re: Angled lines/waves on FUD? [message #136516 is a reply to message #131831 ] Sun, 07 February 2016 03:15 UTC
avatar he6agon  is currently offline he6agon
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I've had these same angled print lines (if that's what they are) on some recent FUD models I received in mid December 2015. They are very distracting to say the least. I have had the same models printed before without these lines, so I know it can be avoided. It takes some serious effort to get rid of these lines while preserving the delicate printed detail elsewhere.

I would like some guidance from Shapeways on what, if anything, we as designers can do to influence the best finish on our models. Some surfaces of my models I just don't care about because they are hidden. Other surfaces must be executed as accurately as possible or the model is a failure. This has come up in the print orientation discussion but I think it needs to get beyond the scope of that discussion. I shouldn't need to be an expert in 3D printing orientation (and I'm not) in order to specify the surfaces I want to appear the best. It's an insult to the trained professionals for me to tell them how to do their job. Instead, I should be able to specify where I want the best quality surface and leave it to the professionals to deliver on this specification.

The hit and miss nature of this process isn't just tiresome, it's also expensive. I can't effectively make a good argument for people to buy my models if the results they are going to get are so inconsistent. I certainly won't get repeat customers if the model is a failure. I am going to buy a certain amount of my own designs for myself. I can choose any 3D printing provider for that purpose and quality is the primary driver in that choice. Shapeways offers a marketplace to share our designs and to sell them without setting up our own marketplace, keeping inventory, etc. If the quality isn't wrestled under control soon, the benefits of the marketplace will cease to exist. Instead, I will be forced to forge a new reputation with another vendor.

Ryan H
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 Topic: Jewelry designer
Jewelry designer [message #136517] Sun, 07 February 2016 04:01 UTC
avatar pred  is currently offline pred
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I am looking for a jewelry designer to design/develop some jewelry for me. It will be rings,pendants, and bracelets. This will be very minimalist modern jewelry.
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 Topic: What works best
What works best [message #136519] Sun, 07 February 2016 05:50 UTC
avatar travismorrey  is currently offline travismorrey
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I am an artist first off. I also have 3 years using SolidWorks.
I own SolidWorks 2015 (Premium) Software W/ Legal License at home.
I am Highly skilled and able to do advanced part modeling, Parametric modeling and Assemblies.

Might anyone have some suggestions as to what I would do best modeling?
Does anyone have anything they would like me to model?
I can export in sld. obj. or stl and many more.

Your comments and suggestions would be highly welcomed.
This information will also be of great use to other users of SolidWorks.

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 Topic: Rocketeer Helmet 1:1 Scale
Rocketeer Helmet 1:1 Scale [message #136518] Sun, 07 February 2016 05:09 UTC
avatar acheparev  is currently offline acheparev
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My full scale Rocketeer Helmet:
View Product

Check out the build tutorial here:


It has 2 mm walls throughout, but is still pretty pricey. I tried breaking it up into sections, even breaking the fin in half, but the price difference was not worth the hassle of gluing it back together.
Re: Rocketeer Helmet 1:1 Scale [message #136520 is a reply to message #136518 ] Sun, 07 February 2016 05:54 UTC
avatar travismorrey  is currently offline travismorrey
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May I ask what you are trying to do with it? Mass production? Toy industry? Costumes? What is your intent for this item?



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