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Forum: 3D Design
 Topic: Using Text in Design
Re: Using Text in Design - YMMV [message #111359 is a reply to message #111070 ] Mon, 02 March 2015 01:06 UTC
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Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV)

Here I tried using just about ALL the programs I have access to to create
text on a curve (spiral). I used Blender because it would be a standardized
process, which I already understood, regardless of the program from which the text came.

I tried:

Wings3D (Free)
Swift3d (NOT Free)
Sketchup Make (Free) - the text imported as separate objects which had to be joined
Blender (Default as well as Converted (3DS), then Imported)
Art of Illusion (Free)
Tinkercad (Free, but, not recommended, picking letter objects one at a time, then manually
spacing and aligning them is a PAIN to say the least) I know they can be imported from other
programs, but, the goal here was to test NATIVE Tinkercad options.)

Attempting to fix problems, I tried:

I also tried running the exported files from Blender through Netfabb basic (Free) to
see if that made a difference - it didn't.

You might also try Netfabb Online (Signup - free) at:
(STL files ONLY)

and MOSTLY uploaded to Shapeways.

Just for fun, I took some of those which just bombed on Shapeways and uploaded
them to S-C-U-L-P-T-E-O. Sometimes where objects just fail on Shapeways, I have better
luck (although MORE expensive) on S-C-U-L-P-T-E-O. Still if I'm going to test against different
software, why not different 3d Printing Sources.

(P.S. I've also looked at i.m-a-t-e-r-i-a-l-i-s-e and P-o-n-o-k-o - both also MORE expensive than

Tinkercad - from within Shapeways, allows upload for printing to ALL the OTHER services I tried.

Below, I've attached screencaps of my results.

Now it could be that if I stuck with the native exports from each respective program OR
simply attempted the same end result in each respective program (learning curves and all),
I might've had better luck with the respective end results.

Inkscape, I could save as SVG, import into Blender, then have to convert it to a usable
mesh and HOPE it works with Shapeways - mixed results OR I could export to bitmap
upload to Shapeways 2d - 3d app then export it, convert it - via Netfabb (Basic) - so that it
can be used in Blender: x3db format does not import. LOT of front end work

Gimp or other 2d graphics programs (less Photoshop OR Illustrator - neither of which I have
or have access to, and which also have some built in means for NATIVE conversion to 3D)
also a lot of front end work - upload to Shapeways - 2d - 3d app, convert using Netfabb (Basic),
import into Blender... etc.

Bottom line, whether it's the software, the 3D printing service, or the end result, some
may work better than others, and some are probably better off being avoided. Sometimes
it's useful to experiment just to be better aware of what works OR doesn't.

So, also, hoping this helps.

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Forum: 3D modelers for hire
 Topic: Professional Freelance Product Design Engineer and 3D modeller.
Re: Professional Freelance Product Design Engineer and 3D modeller. [message #111360 is a reply to message #34946 ] Mon, 02 March 2015 01:50 UTC
avatar suffecool  is currently offline suffecool
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I commissioned Donovan to model my first Shapeways piece, and he was very fast with delivery of the first draft, and even faster with his modifications based on my change request. I had him model Willy Wonka's cane handle from the 1971 film, and it turned out great.



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 Topic: Developing New Line of Men's Fashion Accessories + Extended Opportunity for more Work
Developing New Line of Men's Fashion Accessories + Extended Opportunity for more Work [message #111362] Mon, 02 March 2015 03:31 UTC
avatar kaliburklub  is currently offline kaliburklub
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I'm looking for a designers help in bringing my designs to life! I need your expertise in working with 3D printing to help prototype a new line of men's fashion accessories.

Currently there is one project i need to perform refinements and edits to. I can go into the details and scope of the changes that need to happen over DM. Upon my satisfaction, I would love to offer more design work for you, working from scratch.

Thank you.
Forum: Interest Groups
 Topic: Model Train Thread
Re: Model Train Thread [message #111364 is a reply to message #99594 ] Mon, 02 March 2015 03:45 UTC
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Pretty cool I been working on a similar project. I all ready got the track and supports done. Thanks to Hawkgames. Now a working chassis. Like you trying to design it by hand is a pain. I to think 3d printing it out will be the best way to go. Got plenty of bodies done to work with the ideal. In fact one of my friends has design the monorail concept around a game. and now selling it as part of scenery. Even though it just a static display.
It look like from what I can tell from your planning on it to run on a plastic strip also with one side being positive and the other negative.
Now are using the front two rollers as your contacts and pulling wheels and then the under belly having roller bearings to ride the slit to reduce friction. If you like to see or play with the design. You can order one from dropzone commander website look for mono rail it a static display only but that what I'm working off of for now.
To me who has a N-scale Sci-fi train layout Yah so it steam punk some say also. But adding a better monorail system then Habit trail tubes and train tracks in side them look way cooler. Keep up on the project love to see how it turns out when finished.

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Forum: General Discussion
 Topic: Using multiple colors in a design
Using multiple colors in a design [message #111361] Mon, 02 March 2015 02:58 UTC
avatar 9thjames  is currently offline 9thjames
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Hi all,
I've been looking through the designs and I'm trying to figure out how people are able to use two different colored plastics for a design. Do you need to purchase part A as red, part B as white, and then join them together by hand, or is there an option I simply cannot find for using multiple colors in your product prior to purchase?

I was thinking about using white plastic and red plastic; not sandstone.

Thanks for the guidance with this Shapeway noob.

[Updated on: Mon, 02 March 2015 03:04 UTC]

Re: Using multiple colors in a design [message #111365 is a reply to message #111361 ] Mon, 02 March 2015 03:46 UTC
avatar MadAsU  is currently offline MadAsU
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yes you would need to design and order the parts separately.

There is a feature in the shops to be able to list things as a set which means you can define what your customers need to buy to complete the set.

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Forum: Shapeways Shops
 Topic: where are settings inputs for "shop details?
Re: where are settings inputs for "shop details? [message #111363 is a reply to message #110733 ] Mon, 02 March 2015 03:39 UTC
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I'd love to be able to edit my extended description, can't seem to see where it can be done.
Re: where are settings inputs for "shop details? [message #111366 is a reply to message #110731 ] Mon, 02 March 2015 04:53 UTC
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I see you have a store description entered. The extended store description is another entry box just below the store description. But the extended store description appears at the top of your store.

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