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 Topic: Simple Solid Split Sphere.
Simple Solid Split Sphere. [message #136812] Fri, 12 February 2016 11:16 UTC
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Hi all,

First of all, thanks so much for your interest so far. I've only been purchasing and commissioning things here on Shapeways for around a year but I am still constantly amazed at how everyone here creates such incredible stuff! One day I hope to learn this art form myself but until then I am reliant on the great skills of the people here to help make my crazy ideas work. Currently I'm working on creating a scale model and find myself needing your expertise again. So here we go....

The final printed pieces should be created to be printed in the Extreme Detail plastic, fit together very precisely and have the smoothest surface I can hope for. What I am wanting to create is a split sphere that has a center axle shaft protruding slightly from the center and has the two halves "keyed" so that they can only be assembled one way. Probably quite simple for 3D modeler's but quite a bit more difficult for us old school pattern makers.

1.) We start with a solid sphere exactly .240 of an inch in diameter.

2.) Next we need to create a pair of tiny solid axles protruding from the top and bottom (North and South) poles of the solid sphere. These tiny axles should be .056 in diameter and rise .027 of an inch from the North and South poles of the sphere.

3.) Now the slightly trickier part to describe. Coming in from the East side of the sphere the split for this piece needs to be positioned so that the two sides are unequal. One half (the west half) will have most of the sphere along with the axles sticking out of it while the other will be a much smaller piece of the sphere. It needs to be split so that the maximum outside diameter of the split surface is .180 of and inch. In other words, if you took our little sphere and whacked it with a knife exactly North to South (like the axles) but offset from the center creating a big piece with the axles and a little bit of the remaining sphere. If you were to then measure the diameter of each face of where you had split the sphere it would measure .180 of an inch. With me so far?

4.) This last bit is much easier. On the smaller half of the split sphere there needs to be a small rectangular bar, .030 x .030 x .080 attached to the face of the split surface, centered. It then needs to have a corresponding slot on the larger half's face so that when the two are joined they lock firmly together and form a perfect sphere again with the tiny axles protruding from it. The use of the rectangular "key" is to make it so the two halves can only be joined with the axle bits facing North and South.

Wow I hope that made sense. Anyway I'd need at least 6 finished spheres so I'd like to have the design put this many together so that I could get everything I need in a single printing. If you're interested and/or have any questions please feel free to contact me.

thanks in advance!



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