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Maya - custom scripts - more maya users? [message #75469] Wed, 25 September 2013 15:14 UTC
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I'm not sure how many Maya users are out there, but if there are any I figured it might be useful to exchange any custom scripts etc. people use specifically for 3D printing / Shapeways. Perhaps this could turn out into a nice collection thread.

Anyone have any custom scripts or workflow that is invaluable to the process?

I don't have much myself, but I'll start, perhaps this will be to use to someone.

I have a command on my shelf that finds all open border edges on a mesh, using selection constraint:
(select a mesh and then run this command)
polySelectConstraint -mode 3 -type 0x8000 -where 1;

Also found another script to measure the distance between 2 nodes/vertices:
(select two nodes / vertices and run getDistance()Wink
// from: http://www.montu.biz/2010/03/measure-distance.html
// select 2 nodes / vertices, run getDistance()

global proc getDistance(){
    string $currentsel[] = `ls -sl -fl`;
    if ($currentsel[0] == "") error "You must select two nodes or vertex to measure the distance";
    else {
        int $numofvertex = size($currentsel);
        if($numofvertex > 2) error "More than 2 nodes selected. Make selection again with only two nodes to measure distance between them";
        else {
            if(`objectType -isType "mesh" $currentsel[0]` || `objectType -isType "nurbsCurve" $currentsel[0]`) {
                vector $va = `pointPosition $currentsel[0]`;
                vector $vb = `pointPosition $currentsel[1]`;
                vector $distpos = $va - $vb;
                float $d = `mag <<$distpos.x, $distpos.y, $distpos.z>>`;
                string $unit= `currentUnit -query -linear`;
                print ($d + " " + $unit + "\r");
            else if (`objectType -isType "transform" $currentsel[0]`) {
                vector $va = `xform -q -ws -a -rp $currentsel[0]`;
                vector $vb = `xform -q -ws -a -rp $currentsel[1]`;
                vector $distpos = $va - $vb;
                float $d = `mag <<$distpos.x, $distpos.y, $distpos.z>>`;
                string $unit= `currentUnit -query -linear`;
                print ($d + " " + $unit + "\r");

Measure the volume of a mesh:

Also because I like to make full use of the grid, I have 1 command that centers the pivot to absolute 0,0,0 (center of the scene), and another to move the mesh to absolute 0,0,0

Move pivot to center of the scene:
xform -a -ws -piv 0 0 0;

Move mesh to center of the scene:
proc moveToZero(int $option)
string $selObj[] = `ls -sl`;
for($obj in $selObj)
    float $startingCoord[] = `xform -q -ws -rp $obj`;
    float $xOffset = $startingCoord[0] * -1;
    float $yOffset = $startingCoord[1] * -1;
    float $zOffset = $startingCoord[2] * -1;

move -rpr -x ($startingCoord[0] + $xOffset) -y ($startingCoord[1] + $yOffset) -z ($startingCoord[2] + $zOffset) $obj;
    if($option == 1)
        makeIdentity -apply 1 -t 1 $obj;
        move -rpr $startingCoord[0] $startingCoord[1] $startingCoord[2] $obj;



Anyone else?

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