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Shapeways glitch, or just my files? [message #21892] Sun, 26 December 2010 16:19 UTC Go to next message
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Hmm, just wondering if any other modellers here have had this problem.

I use Sketchup to make all my 3D models, as it is a free platform and i find it easy to use for most cases. Now, to save costs, i like to combine my models into one file, to save on teh startup fee per model Shapeways charges. However, it seems whenver i import anything into my Sketchup file, and then export it as a Collada file, it fails.

For example, i have a model uploaded here by the name off "Basic Gun with Bayonet" (or something like that). It has two cylindrical barrels touching each other, so is non-manifold, but uploads just fine as a collada file. I then take another sketchup window, and import 2 of these guns. The file again is exported as a collada file, but fails to upload, saying "the model could not be validated". The error explanation given is that the "dialect of STL is not recognised" It tells me 9 times out of 10, Meshlab fixes the issue. I have meshlab, tried it, it doesn't work. Plus, why does it say my STL dialect is not working, when i'm using a COLLADA file? I've had this issue with some other models too, the only thing they have in common is that all involved importing existing models.

I have tried everything, exploding all components, and nothing works. The only way i can upload is to either draw everything again from scratch (which takes too long for most models), or change it to an STL file, which Sketchup can't export as. So, i have to have someone here do it for me, which is very iconvenient and sometimes ruins the scale.

So, has anyone else had this problem? Is it a glitch with the upload, or just me?

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Re: Shapeways glitch, or just my files? [message #21893 is a reply to message #21892 ] Sun, 26 December 2010 17:24 UTC Go to previous message
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Sketchup is great... but without the free plugins & rubi scripts you wont be able to make much..

So, here is a good resource for free plugins and Ruby scripts for Sketchup :
http://forums.sketchucation.com/viewtopic.php?f=323&t=16 909

As for your issue .. its simple - install the free STL import/export plugin and you wont need to deal with collada anymore.



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