Kevin Lee


I'm just a student who likes to create new things. Although my current field is EE, I do have a passion for mechanical engineering.

GoPro HERO4 Skeleton Frame Case (Sunshade)
whitenoise_customs @denneyab It's possible but because of the larger amount of material and size, the cost would be rather high. It might be cheaper to build a large cylinder out of cheaper materials instead.
ATP Airsoft Slide (no Sights) updated 12.16.2014
whitenoise_customs @Ethan_stout If you want to buy this, I can enable sales, but the problem with this slide is that it's nylon and will eventually crack. I ran it for a long time before I really started noticing problems though. Just to clarify, you understand this is only for the KWA ATP, right?
whitenoise_customs @Matthew_filipovic I'm using AutoCAD for all these models. Another one that I probably should start learning is SolidWorks. Both of these are not user friendly and I have no idea if there are any other easy to use programs. It's worth the effort to learn how to use one of these programs!
whitenoise_customs @Matthew_filipovic As far as I know, it was was probably due to the material being too flexible. I'm not sure about why it's 10mm long. That's pretty strange.
whitenoise_customs @Matthew_filipovic Unfortunately, the design wouldn't allow for printing in that material. On top of that, last weekend while playing some CQC, the slide started to pop off the rails while I fired. Due to this recent development, I will be discontinuing this product for sale and only have it for download. It's an awesome looking slide though!
GoPro HERO3 Skeleton Frame Case (Minimal)
whitenoise_customs @ynhtna Hi, If you would like me to, I will look into making a frame like that. I'll need a few weeks as this next week I am very busy. Also, I have yet to test that mountless frame. For a H3+ frame, I will most likely change the retention mechanism.
whitenoise_customs @ScrapDaddy14 My ZMR is running the Flip32 board and all my other multis are running MWP2.
whitenoise_customs @ScrapDaddy14 My FC got fried I think so I'm still waiting on a replacement. Hopefully I get similar flight times to my BO hex. Looks similar to the TBS. This is going to be an AP build I assume?
whitenoise_customs @ScrapDaddy14 Cool, I just finished mine.
whitenoise_customs @ScrapDaddy14 Also, is that a ZMR in the background?
whitenoise_customs @brandony7825 Sorry for the late reply. I guess the message I posted didn't go though. The cases are .06" thick, but that is my design. They can be thicker or thinner depending on your preference.
whitenoise_customs @ScrapDaddy14 That looks great in green!
GoPro HERO3 Skeleton Frame Case (Basic)
whitenoise_customs @ghudgins I guess I have to make one since I've gotten multiple messages for one that says Hero4. I'll work on that and get it up on Shapeways by next week. Check back on my store for updates!


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