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Robert Clark


Big into miniatures. From 25-28mm scale troops to 1:7000 ship combat games. Here to buy everything I can use for my table-top experience!

Game Piece, Space Shipyard
weregobbie Thank you. No rush on the sets. I know your working on so much anyways! Just will be purchasing them eventually :) thank you
weregobbie can you make this in a set of 20 and the larger one in a set of 10?
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2 days ago
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2 days ago
weregobbie commented on Star Destroyer Token by tomheadley
2 days ago
Star Destroyer Token
weregobbie Can I get this in a set of 20 please
weregobbie commented on Kringe Dreadnought by Goji62
2 days ago
Kringe Dreadnought
weregobbie Can we get this at 1.4 inches long fud and in a set of 4?
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2 days ago
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2 days ago
Aelahlalalalallala Class - 63.5mm
weregobbie Yes.. so much yes. And 35$ is excellent!
Aelalalallala class - WSF edition 2
weregobbie @EnergyEquals I know all too well what they do. Quite a shame really. But honestly I hardly get visitors on any of my pages as of now so besides the evil searches they do on shapeways I'm pretty sure your safe lol. I only have 13 visitors on one page and 5 on fb. I'm not well known yet.
weregobbie any chance we can get this ship at 2.5 inches long in frosted ultra detail? I'm now building klingon and romulan ships and I'm hoping to fill out both fleets with these ships. also I am working on a blog and fb review sites for fleet scale ships I'd like to use your name and products in these reviews. would that be ok?
weregobbie commented on Kheelllllllhall class by EnergyEquals
3 days ago
Kheelllllllhall class
weregobbie @packdich the upper body of this ship does indeed look very thick. although at 4 inches by 3.5 inches this price is pretty cheap. @EnergyEquals another fine romulan design, can we get this shrunk down to 2.1 inches at the front?
Dinner class Heavy Destroyer - 2500
weregobbie I'll just ask for this at 2 inches long if possible. lol
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3 days ago
1/2500 QuD (Insurrection) Frigate - Attack mode
weregobbie @shiftdel I understand that the disruptors will look too big, I'd suggest thickening up the disruptors on the wing tips and removing the upper wing ones. seeing a sfc klingon ship like this is too good to pass up. I'm sure others will still purchase it as well as i. thank you.
weregobbie OMG yes. please please tell me there's a 1/7000 in the works with thickened disruptors....
Romulan V'Melak Class 1/10000
weregobbie I think using the battle of narendra 3 as a focal point, it makes sense that 4 romulans war birds ambushed the ambassador class, and I enjoy this 1/1000 scale as being a better size comparison to the 1/7000 enterprise c.
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7 days ago
weregobbie commented on Klingon D4 1/7000 by coelian276
7 days ago
Klingon D4 1/7000
weregobbie @coelian276 such a shame :(
weregobbie And i agree, i enjoyed that episode, they should have used the new design. But like so many series, it's easier to use old scenes over again or already designed studio designs OR cgi due to costs.
weregobbie @coelian276 no i understand where your concept came from, however the d-4 was published in 1985. Remember fasa is non-cannon. While your source is from 2001, the original concept as rare as this is, is from fasa
weregobbie @coelian276
weregobbie Wow. Just barely under an inch long. Might order these later. Looks good model wise. Klingon and romulans suffer from lack of viable lower end ships by cannon. It's nice to see a fasa model revamped. :)
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9 days ago
S:AaB SA-37 Endo-Exo Hammerhead Fighters x10
weregobbie Correct, it should make the scale larger. I'm thinking they will match up to the more current fleet scale fighters out there. I'll order a set and test it out
weregobbie Any chance you can slightly enlarge these fighters to more 3/4 of an inch?
Nebulon B Frigate (1/7000)
weregobbie How long would corellian corvettes be? Would they be close to the rebel transport sizes? If so, can you make some 3/4 inch or 1 inch long? Just slightly out of 1/7000 scale?
weregobbie commented on FighterGroup by Deltapax
9 days ago
weregobbie Any chance you can slightly enlarge these fighters? I think they are what 1/2 in length? Something to 3/4 inch? They are tiny against most fighters used in like starwars armada. Same materials just slight increase in size. :)
Dominion Strike Cruiser 1/7000
weregobbie Imperial and dominion forces with three romulans lol
weregobbie Third task force.
weregobbie First and second task forces Klingon federation
weregobbie Can you make either a dominion game piece or cardassian game piece? Oh oh oh, and a star wars imperial and rebel game pieces? I have a sci-fi universe fleet battle thing going. One imperial fleet, one fed and Klingon fleet, several dominion ships, and works in progresses for rebels and romulans.
weregobbie Dude. A blast from the past. I loved dominion wars.
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9 days ago
weregobbie added products to lists
9 days ago
weregobbie commented on rShrike_V2 by XavierMace
9 days ago
weregobbie Can you get this and the raptor in a single order? 10 and 10?


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