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Engineer by day - designer by night! I hope you enjoy my models as much as I like making them! &

Want a customized paperweight with your logo or monogram that looks like a classy wax seal? - Wax Seal - Customizable Paper Weight!
Check out my new ring design! Comes in all sizes~! - Shadow Ring
Pharaoh Atem's Cartrouche - Yu-gi-oh!
vaguelygenius @sanna_l_erixon No, thank *you*! 8) I'm glad you like it, and I hope it brings you lots of good luck!
Proportional Millennium Puzzle - Yu-Gi-Oh!
vaguelygenius @Dimensioner Hey, no problem! Thanks for the compliments! I'd say go for the Millennium Item of your favorite character first, then get the others if you're only planning on getting one. You can also try getting some of the smaller items in one shipment. Here at Shapeways, shipping is flat-rate, so the more items you buy at once, the more money you save! You can also use the extended production feature at checkout to save extra cash. You can save $20 on the Puzzle, for example! So the absolute cheapest way to do it would be to get all of the Millennium Items at once with extended shipping! Though I realize that's a lot of money to put up front lmao. Those are my money-saving tips. 8)
vaguelygenius @Dimensioner Hi! All of my models have been hollowed out already actually! They're just big 3D prints, which is what causes the prices. ): This Millennium Puzzle is significantly larger than life-size though, this is for Yugi cosplayers who aren't 4ft tall haha. The life-size puzzle is here:
Customizable Ancient Egyptian Cartrouche
vaguelygenius @nytshaed Oh my gosh! I'm really glad you like it!
Precious Metal Millennium Puzzle Charm - Yu-gi-oh!
vaguelygenius @Elly83 Of course, it's right here: :)
vaguelygenius @Elly83 Hi Elly! No, this model is a mini version, it's about 3 cm x 3 cm large! Perfect for wearing!
Life-size Millennium Puzzle - Yu-Gi-Oh!
vaguelygenius @noahmcclain91 Ah, thank you so much! A video painting tutorial is an excellent idea, but I already painted up all of my Millennium Items ages ago, and I don't have the budget to buy and paint another set, haha. There are pretty good spray paint tutorials on YouTube though, and I'm sure they'd do a better job than I could! I'll try to rustle up a couple of video links when I get the chance and add them to the paint tutorial page.
vaguelygenius @noahmcclain91 I still haven't made the puzzle Puzzle because I've been very busy IRL and that's a project that requires a lot of work. I have a plan for how to keep the puzzle together once completed while making the Puzzle still challenging to put together, but it's still a work in progress! Whenever I do finish it, I'll put it up in the shop right away though. Thank you very much for being an awesome customer! 8)
vaguelygenius @noahmcclain91 Yeah, I certainly have! Getting all the heiroglyphics correct is the major pain for this one, so it's still a work in progress!
vaguelygenius @Conan_Kudo It's not entirely hollow, no. There are definitely a lot of interior pieces, and that's what makes the Puzzle such a challenge for Yugi to put together even though he has such a strong natural aptitude for games of all types.
vaguelygenius @Conan_Kudo Actually, when we watch Yugi assemble the Puzzle, we can see that there are a lot of interior pieces. If the Puzzle had only consisted of the outside oats, it wouldn't have taken Yugi sip many years to put it together, and the shape of the completed Puzzle would have been easy to guess by looking at the angles of the corner pieces.
vaguelygenius @Conan_Kudo That certainly would be awesome, but it's a lot more work than it seems since only a few interior parts are ever shown and the entire puzzle needs to be able to hold together once built. The entire interior mechanism to hold it together needs to be designed, not to mention all of the other parts and pieces that make it difficult to put together again. Since making 3D cosplay models is my hobby and not my job, it will probably take me a very long time to get around to it, though I have done some preliminary research.
vaguelygenius @Conan_Kudo It's just the outline bits, haha. I do want to make an actual puzzle Puzzle eventually, but it's going to take a long time to design and test!
Millennium Puzzle Charm - Yu-gi-oh!
vaguelygenius @MagicLizard101 If you click on the metal materials in the sidebar, you can see a preview of what the model will look like in that material. I think the Puzzle looks pretty awesome in Polished Gold Steel!
Marik Ishtar Earrings / Ishizu Ishtar Pendants
vaguelygenius @Tseng Not a silly question at all! These do indeed come as a pair, so you only need to order one to get both earrings! (8
Millennium Ring - Yu-gi-oh!
vaguelygenius @elladora Have fun as Bakura! I hope you have an awesome time!
vaguelygenius @Mgt16164 Ahhh, I'm glad you like it!


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