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tank_santa commented on 70 Glad by tsalt
19 days ago
70 Glad
tank_santa @Thalomen I have decided on using a magnet for this guy, The FUD models are so light it makes sense.
tank_santa @Thalomen Good point Thalomen, never even thought about that.
tank_santa AH ok fair enough. FUD is is. Its nice to know there is a metrial thickness limit. Guess they didn't do their research on good miniature making ;)
tank_santa Would it be possible to try this in the new High Def Black Acrylate?
tank_santa commented on 70 Bayonet X2 Peg by tsalt
19 days ago
70 Bayonet X2 Peg
tank_santa @cynanbloodbane yep, its up now.
8x Hammerhead Corvette (1/7000)
tank_santa Nice! Thanks Mel. Still trying to find the best solution to mount these smaller craft in groups.
(Armada) 3x Pursuer Enforcement Ship (Slave II)
tank_santa Some custom rules here:
Nebulon B Frigate (1/7000)
tank_santa @RSFHorn@RSFHorn fits the scale with the Victory Star Destroyer.
tank_santa Hey Mel, think we could get a 2 pack of this for the Flotilla base users?
(Armada) Old Republic Transport Set I
tank_santa @masterdoyle yes they fit on Armada pegs. Rogues and Villains stands do the trick.
(Armada) Super Star Destroyer Executor
tank_santa Alternate suggestion for those who want the FUD variation. What about a Hybrid kit? Top half in 3 parts printed in FUD designed to fit the WSF bottom half. A compramise in cost that would really show the great detail that 90% of people would see. The top.
tank_santa commented on 70 CC-9600 Peg by tsalt
March 30, 2016
70 CC-9600 Peg
tank_santa All good now?
tank_santa I added this to my order in FUD and it was cancelled during processing. Not printable?
tank_santa commented on MC80-B Mon Remonda (1/7000) by Mel_Miniatures
March 29, 2016
MC80-B Mon Remonda (1/7000)
tank_santa Another angle.
tank_santa Looks great Mel!
4x Arquitens light cruiser (1/7000)
tank_santa This is really neat. Thank you!
(Armada) Arquitens light cruiser
tank_santa As soon as this hits 1/7000 I am down for 4.
tank_santa commented on 70 Carrack X3 Peg by tsalt
March 22, 2016
70 Carrack X3 Peg
tank_santa Will this 3 set be making a come back? Had it in my cart to order :(
tank_santa Been waiting on these. Good to see you back at her.
tank_santa commented on Arm Aslt Frig MK I Type V by tsalt
March 18, 2016
Arm Aslt Frig MK I Type V
tank_santa 1/7000 scale request please :)
tank_santa commented on 70 Lancer X4 peg by tsalt
March 18, 2016
70 Lancer X4 peg
tank_santa Watch your title tag on this one ;) I think you meant Lancer.
Quasar Fire Light Carrier (1/7000)
tank_santa Nice work, looks great!
(Armada) 3x Imperial Gozanti Cruiser
tank_santa Hope you keep your version out Mel. I can already see the detail and style of yours is more accurate then the official ones.
(Armada) Home One "3,2 km version"
tank_santa @greyfox786595 Twice as long as the Victory class model.
tank_santa commented on (Armada) Transports Set I by Mel_Miniatures
February 15, 2016
(Armada) Transports Set I
tank_santa They are roughly a tad larger then the stock Rogues and Villains. They look awesome in either case.
tank_santa commented on (Armada) Resized Rogues by Mel_Miniatures
January 29, 2016
(Armada) Resized Rogues
tank_santa Came out really nice. Through them into a pic for some size comparisons.
tank_santa Got them in the mail today, stellar looking. The larger scale really helps them stand out on the table. Thank you!
tank_santa I forgot everything else was already bigger. Caught up in my own greed. Love this set!
tank_santa Bigger Ghost time?
tank_santa commented on Slave II 1/270 by Mel_Miniatures
January 11, 2016
Slave II 1/270
tank_santa @Mel_Miniatures Sounds like a plan.
tank_santa Think we could see Slave II hit Armada in your New R&V size and style?
tank_santa commented on (Armada) Immobilizer 418 cruiser by Mel_Miniatures
December 23, 2015
(Armada) Immobilizer 418 cruiser
tank_santa @cedricHK Gotta give em a wash with dish soap and a toothbrush. Works wonders.
(Armada) Mon Calamari MC80 Liberty
tank_santa An engine area shot.
Mon Calamari MC80 Liberty (1/7000)
tank_santa Just an engine detail shot to add to it.


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