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David Reilly


Transformers Nightbeat Titan Master Adapter
reillyd @william_joseph Mine arrived today in two pieces :( Not your fault - these things happen with 3D printing. But I look forward to buying the new design when you make it available. I really wanna Headmaster Nightbeat
Seeker Wings for Aerial Tactician
reillyd @SteamShield My wings finally arrived and the tolerances were so close I was able to attach it snugly without any sanding or filing down. All I need to do is paint it and have myself a seeker. Cheers!
reillyd They look pretty amazing on Skydive @SteamShield, those extra photos look just perfect. How hard is it to disassemble the wings on a skydive and attach the 3D printed wings? Would you recommend White Polished Flexible or White Strong Flexible? GHost Starscream needs some buddies, and if it is a simple custom without hammering pins in and out then I'm going to have to buy more than 1!
reillyd commented on Bludgeon Face (Titans Return) by TrentTroop
24 days ago
Bludgeon Face (Titans Return)
reillyd This looks unbelievably cool, but I don't know what TR body he'd go with.... @TrentTroop would you consider making an adapter for Combiner Wars Bludgeon 's body?
reillyd favorited Feathered Guardian Wings by SteamShield
August 6, 2016
reillyd favorited Hoist Triple Xbow by hokieken
February 10, 2016
reillyd commented on MTMTE Tailgate Hoverboard V2 - Part 1 by Venksta
February 10, 2016
MTMTE Tailgate Hoverboard V2 - Part 1
reillyd When I ordered a purple print of the board and corresponding yellow of the Tailgate motiv, I expected I would have to do some serious sanding to fit them together. I was delighted to find they fit perfectly, with a snug fit. Now Tailgate had his hover board. Venksta does excellent designs!
Generations Legends-class Thrust DIY Kit
reillyd Would you be able to upload just the two null Rays for sale? I need a pair for the new FoC Starscream "Skysnake" third party. I nicked some off Starscream legends temporarily, but your design would look awesome on him.
reillyd commented on Legion TFP Smokescreen Blaster by TreadshotA1
February 12, 2015
Legion TFP Smokescreen Blaster
reillyd I ordered a white and a black version of this gun. I'm going to paint the white version silver, but the black is ready for play right away. While it works good with Cyberverse Smokescreen, I'm using it for my new RiD Legends which have holes in the side of the vehicles for weapons but were never included with any. They look simply awesome!
reillyd commented on Legends Megatron Axe and Flail (2013) by fakebusker83
February 12, 2015
Legends Megatron Axe and Flail (2013)
reillyd @fakebusker83 This is an awesome design. I printed mine out in purple (to avoid having to paint it myself), and it works just perfectly with the Transformers Legends sized Megatron. I was really surprised at the difference it made - now he looks like the gladiator from IDW's Megatron mini-series.
reillyd commented on Two Face Brainiac Breifcase by Lilscotty
February 11, 2015
Two Face Brainiac Breifcase
reillyd @Lilscotty That's pretty reasonable for the design. Guess Shapeways costs have gone up. I'm definitely ordering one on my next Shapeways order - he looks bare without a briefcase time machine
reillyd Nice design, but most expensive accessory I've ever seen..... Surely not all of that is shapeways markup?
reillyd commented on Generations Skyfire G1 Cockpit v2 by BelFormers
February 9, 2015
Generations Skyfire G1 Cockpit v2
reillyd That looks friggin cool!!
Smaller Rung Head (w. concerned eyebrows)
reillyd What body do you think he would work with?


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