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Molecule jewelry, keychains, earrings and models. - Made with science!

DMT 100% pure! (will not cause any psychoactive side effects) - DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) Keychain Necklace
Ketamine Molecule Necklace Keychain Earring
moleculestore @surggack Thank you for reaching out with your materials question. Here is some basic information about this material and finish: Matte Gold, Polished Gold, and Polished Nickel Steel go through an electroplating process that deposits a 0.1 micron layer on the outside of the product. This gives them a unique finish and is great for aesthetic purposes, but will wear off on functional products that are exposed to friction. Showering with the model would most likely cause some oxidation/rusting. I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any other questions about this.
who wants a moleculestore flag? Just show us were you would put it and get one for free:
Hello fellow chemistry freaks!
What molecules are still missing in our shop?
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Now cheaper: Buprenorphine Molecule - Buprenorphine Molecule Earring
Check out this cool new molecule MAITOTOXIN (bit smaller)! - It's very very deadly and very very biiiig. Try synthesize it, if you feel bored. - Maitotoxin Molecule Model Smaller
Check out this cool new molecule MAITOTOXIN! - It's very very deadly and very very biiiig. Try synthesize it, if you feel bored. Maitotoxin Molecule Model Normal Size
Check out this cool molecule: Liothyronine or thyroid hormone (T3). It is used to treat hypothyroidism and myxedema coma.

- Triiodothyronine Liothyronine  Thyroid Hormone (T3
Oxytocin Molecule Jewelry / Keychain Small
moleculestore @Jacksonmom too bad, plastic is more suitable for earrings. No sorry, no gold promo code available...
Theobromine (Chocolate) Molecule Keychain Pendant
moleculestore @silver5040 through the big ring structure (you could also put it through the small 5-ring).
moleculestore @Sally.Wright glad I could help ;)
moleculestore @Sally.Wright to my knowledge: yes. It is, like caffeine, a purine. Those are all pretty much flat.
Ethanol Molecule Necklace Keychain Earring
moleculestore @derekanthonym this is ethanol! You are just missing the H's which we never show in our models! I know, quiet confusing, just like ethanol itself ;)
moleculestore @abbicus2332 you are right! It is a model of a ethanol molecule ;) There is a C(H3) followed by a C(H2) followed by a O(H). I think you are missing the H's, and that's why you are thinking this isn't ethanol. But none of our models shows the hydrogens.
Caffeine Molecule Necklace Keychain
moleculestore @TLP1666 Thank you! Please write an email to so we can get in touch with you when your geosmin molecule is ready!


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