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Web Fluid Cartridge & Belt Clip (Civil War Spider-
kenlandrum @mpsa1989 Search 5mmx1mm earth magnets That's what u want.... They are very inexpensive too! Just hot glue them on.
kenlandrum @Jelmate You get one cartridge and one clip per order. K
kenlandrum @mpsa1989 No they connect right to the suit with fasteners, hot glue or thread via the the holes made in the holder. K
kenlandrum @raziasjr84 I added the hole to the clips so u can use a variety of fasteners. U can even use hot glue or sew them if u prefer.
New Civil War Spider-man WebShooter (v2)
kenlandrum @Jelmate Or search my store here! K
kenlandrum @Jelmate Yes, I was sent reference on it so I built it as an addition... I will add it to the version 3 shooter.
kenlandrum @iam_wyoung13 It will be shipped after it is printed. I am just the model builder, shapeways controls the printing process. K
kenlandrum Thanks!
kenlandrum @ctmjc@ctmjc You would need two shooters and six fluid cartridges.
kenlandrum @OgMeepman Yes it is one.
kenlandrum @mpsa1989 The clips are fastened to the belt area with hot glue or sewn through the holes I made in the model. They hold the cartridges. You can then unsnap a cartridge from the belt and insert it into the shooter. Hope that helps. Ken
kenlandrum @Jelmate Yes u can buy it now and I'm not sure how much the trigger part bends ... Sorry
kenlandrum @iam_wyoung13t You can contact me at
kenlandrum @JTopp54 thank u all for the reference!! Will help on my next revision. K
Civil War Spider-Man Static Lens Frames
kenlandrum @jarryd Yes, you should receive both lenses with this one purchase. K
Iron Man mk III - Arm ring (left or right)
kenlandrum Here is a print of that model with a ruler. Please check to see if it will fit you before ordering. K
kenlandrum @fbe0657 Yes that is correct. They are the parts the arm goes through under the armor visible when you lift your arm. Because I used them for a display and not a suit u just need to make sure the size works for u.
kenlandrum @fbe065 Yes it is, but please look at the size will accommodate the diameter of your arm/ bicep Thanks Ken
Check out this cool product! - Web Fluid Cartridge & Belt Clip (Civil War Spider-
DeadPool Movie - Back Scabbard - 18cm tall
kenlandrum @dj_erimo_v_gent@dj_erimo_v_gent@dj_erimo_v_gent@dj_erimo_v_gent@dj_erimo_v_gent No there is no video. But this is how it works. What you do is you find yourself to black straps that you will wear around your body and you attach your scabbards and across pattern on the back...where the scabbards cross on your back that is where you cover them with the piece that you purchase. So essentially there is no wait being held on the cover the straps hold the weight of the actual swords and the part that you print is basically a decoration that goes on top. Hope that helps, Ken
kenlandrum @nguyenjl Right here. You need two of them.
kenlandrum The scabbard is just a cover for where the straps criss cross on your back. There are no built in fasteners so it would need to be glued, velcroed etc. Hope that helps, Ken
kenlandrum I would search ebay for some toy swords that match the currently released reference from the film. I have not gotten to the point of buying mine yet, so I can't be more specific. As for shipping times, you need to comtact Shapeways for a estimate. Don't forget to order two buckles with the scabbard! Also take a look at the Deadpool Belt buckle I have in my store. Thanks, Ken
The Amazing Spider-Man RIGHT (TREAD SIZE 12 US)
kenlandrum maybe. What size do you need? (length in cm/mm please)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - LensFrames-26cm
kenlandrum @kley34 Another option...
kenlandrum @kley34 No, the white mesh is stuck to the back of the lens. There are several options of this type of material available. Do a google search for: spiderman lens mesh You will find all kinds... white, metallic chrome, etc.
kenlandrum @GregXMAlegend Something like that can not be easily printed or cheaply for that matter....I suggest you go to and do a search for "spider-man lens mesh" or do the same search in google images. There are a few choices available out there.
kenlandrum Yes, but it was too expensive, so I took it down. Check You may find someone casting them for a lot less.
kenlandrum @spidey319 Yup! They match the curve of my face shell here in my store. Ken
kenlandrum @icreatestuffz Done. Only thing is, they did not give me white or black as an option, so I chose red... I am guessing you plan to paint them anyway. enjoy! Ken
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 --- Web-Shooter
kenlandrum @russfong No. There is a right and a left. One has the power button and one does not. You would need to contact Shapeways regarding shipping. They handle the printing and shipping. Thanks!
The Amazing Spider-Man RIGHT (SOLE SIZE 12 US)
kenlandrum @mmzxwolfblade Sure. According to this chart: ( They should be 9.875" from heel to toe. Please confirm this and I will re-size accordingly.
Spider-Man Face Webbing (fits kenlandrum print)
kenlandrum Print would look like this before molding.
kenlandrum @dkoon714@dkoon714 It would be printed in a hard plastic. This in turn would have to be be molded and cast in a flexible material to be used for the costume.
kenlandrum commented on TASM 2 Web-Shooter Button by kenlandrum
February 21, 2015
TASM 2 Web-Shooter Button
kenlandrum @mmzxwolfblade No. They are to be painted. Depending on the colors of your suit you would need to adjust the reddish pink color of the button.


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