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javaco commented on Spinaround Head by javaco
March 17, 2016
Spinaround Head
javaco @Dr_Lockdown Hey sorry yeah the kit is still in the hands of Nonnef, I have just emailed him to figure out whats the status. Hes pretty busy and this kit needs a lot of work for production so we'll see. Any updates will be posted on the thread
javaco added a product to a list
February 24, 2016
javaco commented on ThunderBlades Head Voyager by javaco
February 7, 2016
ThunderBlades Head Voyager
javaco @ironmagnus Dang, So sorry to hear that man. The balljoint socket is actually 4mm. I have it written in the description but I'm sure with a little bit of cutting and gluing you can pop a 4mm balljoint from a spare figure you can get that head on there.
javaco @Random11ninja Hey there. I don't actually have a copy of this head myself. Nor do i have the blades figure so I'm not 100% sure. what i can tell you is that the head is 16.5mm wide, 12mm deep (from forehead to back) and about 13mm tall (from bottom of chin to top of head) hope that helps
javaco commented on ShineHead Wheels by javaco
October 17, 2015
ShineHead Wheels
javaco @Moonus88 to be honest. I'm not sure. I can give you measurements later tonight to show the joint, but I haven't printed a copy of my own to test it
javaco @Moonus88 they replace the rear wheels on TFprime vehicon if you were going for a chromedome custom
javaco commented on Oppressor Head by javaco
August 31, 2015
Oppressor Head
javaco @Moonus88 Hey there, just added a photo to what mine looks like painted up if that helps
javaco commented on ThunderBlades Head Deluxe by javaco
August 28, 2015
ThunderBlades Head Deluxe
javaco @jproot Hey there, I am not actually sure. It has a 4mm ball joint socket but I actually dont have one of my own to test that out for you.
javaco commented on Awesome Sword x2 by javaco
July 6, 2015
Awesome Sword x2
javaco @Crazyr746 they sure are! 5mm handles
javaco commented on Spring Blaster by javaco
April 20, 2015
Spring Blaster
javaco @CraftMakerInfinity Someone did purchase one, but i have not heard any feedback on it
javaco commented on Flame-o Parts (Whole Kit without Gun) by javaco
March 15, 2015
Flame-o Parts (Whole Kit without Gun)
javaco @underscorex Im glad you like it man! Your custom looks great!
javaco @NebulanFree i can either remove the sprues, while driving the price up. or make the sprues thicker, making some areas not as nice for clean up. so thats my main issue. i may come back to it and make them thicker. but i still run into the chance of it not passing through their polishing process. which when the sprue breaks.. the 3d print is ruined, cause to them, the sprue is part of the whole design.
javaco commented on Rifle (Upscaled) by javaco
March 15, 2015
Rifle (Upscaled)
javaco @ProfessorDire Oh so thats what its from? hah I just saw someone post a pic of some human figure holding a gun and decided to model one up for myself
javaco commented on Opressor Kit by javaco
March 14, 2015
Opressor Kit
javaco @joebob2385 Hey there Yeah their WSF material isn't the best for heads and such, but it is the more reasonable for pricing. I am definitely happy you enjoy the kits though, I'm loving the paint job on rotorstorm. But yeah, so i just added this kit in the few other detailed materials with frosted ultra being the best (but most expensive) if you would like just the head in this detail, let me know. Thanks!
javaco @char_leigh I'm so glad you like it man! and that looks sick from what i can see. never thought about turning the body around.. we need more pics shown! hah
javaco commented on Railgun by javaco
January 12, 2015
javaco @illusn versatile was the objective haha. 5mm pegs are pretty universal. I'm glad you like them!


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