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4x. DJI Phantom Motor Cover
fusionimaging @zachafletcher The design of the P4 is very different to the previous Phantoms so unfortunately this product is not compatible. We can design them for the P4 if you like ?.
Phantom 3 Gimbal Guard - Customize
fusionimaging @rickhartmanii Thanks for your comment. Our disclaimer is on every product we sell. The Gimbal Guard fits like a glove and to date we have had no issues from any of our customers with the way it fits.
fusionimaging commented on DJI Phantom 3 Lens Hood by fusionimaging
March 15, 2016
DJI Phantom 3 Lens Hood
fusionimaging @RCHHB Hi Michael, our apologies for the very late reply. The inside diameter in mm is 31.79. Thanks for your enquiry.
fusionimaging @beastmode24 hi Beastmode24, the hood is approximately 1.4grams.
fusionimaging @RKnudsen Thanks for your comments, we really appreciate it. We think its a 10 out of 10 product too :).
2.0 inch DJI Phantom 3 Gimbal Guard / Leg Extender
fusionimaging @greg2 It was designed for that very purpose of easy attachment and removal. It literally just snaps on, and snaps off using the same design philosophy as our prop guard connectors. It literally takes you a second to put on and take off. Thanks for your interest.
fusionimaging Hi, the weight is approx 70grams.
DJI Phantom 3 Gimbal Lock / Lens Cap
fusionimaging The cap is quite long as you can see from the photos so there is room inside depending on how deep you slide it on. There is however no additional clearance on the side so if your filter is wider than the side of the lens shaft it wont fit.
2.4 inch DJI Phantom 3 Gimbal Guard / Leg Extender
fusionimaging @charliewhelan it is approx 80.8grams. ~0.065 (1216g/80g) of phantom weight.
DJI Phantom Compass Leg Extender (V3) 'Straight'
fusionimaging @Arlockway2_ Please see attached image, we found that these 4 screws are the only ones holding the U bracket in place on the phantom leg. Once loosened the unit is free to move up or done. Hope this helps. Otherwise let us know. Cheers.
fusionimaging @Arlockway2_ Hi thanks for your message. We dont quite understand what you mean, could you please explain ?. We do sell 2 versions of the Leg Extenders, the standard version and an update to our original series of leg extenders designed to incorporate the new late 2014 update to the DJI Phantom that has the Compass (anti-static) rear leg.
Floating DJI Phantom 3 - Fusion Marine FM1
fusionimaging Yea there's quite a few attempts out there with coke bottles. The competition is more about exploring the possibilities of 3D printing and generating interest in this new frontier of crowd sourced manufacturing path. We covered all bases for something more practical and contributed quite a few more to the competition. Some of them already made it out of beta =)
fusionimaging @noctividus We've so far spent about $400 of the winning to prototype lower priced phantom 3 accessories and more to come. We would like to throw $1000 for a marketing stunt, but at the moment we'd believe it's better off spent on R&D of sub $100 products.
fusionimaging @noctividus Thanks for the feedback, you're quite right. The competition is more about exploring the possibilities of 3D printing and generating interest in this new frontier of crowd sourced manufacturing path. While we haven't considered selling this product outside of its 'beta' monikor and have slapped on a bold warning as per your recommendation, for the competition we've worked hard to provide with many products that are less insane and more decent priced. Many of them are available for sale already. Hope that helps clearning any confusion about the competition and thanks for the comment!
fusionimaging Yea I think there's also another guy who designed one. It's surely interesting. This one's approx 500mm long each floater, space wide apart to minimise chance of rolling over in the water.
GoPro Zenmuse H3-2D Mounting Bracket 'Sleeve'
fusionimaging @wizzard Thanks for the image, we will certainly take a good hard look at it and see what we can do.
fusionimaging @wizzard Hi, yes there is a slight difference. We never made the mounting bracket for the H3-3D as we don't have access to one, so we designed it only for the H3-2D.
GoPro Hereo 3 / Hero 4 Lens Cap
fusionimaging @dan_clanlynch Thanks for your positive comments and feedback, we really appreciate it and will consider your ideas for future updates.
2.0 inch DJI Phantom 2 Gimbal Guard / Leg Extender
fusionimaging @seafood10 Hi, current shipping times suggest leaving the factory around July 24-27. Lately all our orders have taken about a week to make and a week to ship to Australia. So anywhere else could be quicker but its an approx time. They are shipped direct from the factory to our customers around the world, so times can vary. When you order you will get an approx ship date so just add shipping time to that.
iPad Mini Remote Mount for DJI Phantom
fusionimaging @dbehr Hi, thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately we only make mounts for the iPad Mini, and iPad Air models. We do however make visors/fpv hoods for certain Samsung Galaxy models. Thanks for your interest in our products.
fusionimaging @Johntom Hi, unfortunately we do not have access to that information, you will need to contact shapeways at service@shapeways.com. When you made your order you should have been given an estimated ship date so check the order status on your 'orders' page which might also be able to assist you. Team Fusion.
4x. DJI Phantom Prop Guard Connector (V4)
fusionimaging @TiagoMatias Hi, yes our product are just the connectors. You have to purchase the prop guard separately. We recommend 4x M3 13mm or longer screws with nuts to screw the prop guards to the connectors, or you can just use the screws that came with the prop guards, although you will need to also purchase nuts for them. Hope that helps.
fusionimaging @TiagoMatias that product works on all Phantom models because the body is the same. We have tested it on all models including the new Phantom 3 and it works perfectly. A very tight secure fit with the new version 4.
iPhone 6/6s Visor / FPV Deep Hood - Easy Glide
fusionimaging @spinalator With the amount of various cases around it would be very difficult to make a product that fit everything so all our visors are made to be used with phones only, not with cases. Thanks for your message and interest in our products.
4x. Sputnik V3 Prop Guard Connector / Leg Extender
fusionimaging @mbrassette From what we understand there is no issue with the design and the issues shapeways were experiencing with some products being brittle due manufacturing issues, has been rectified.
fusionimaging @mbrassette Hi, we are currently investigating the cracking issue which seems to be only a recent problem. As a precaution have taken this product off sale. We are working with shapeways to find a solution, as soon as we feel confident that we have done so, we will then put it back on sale. We apologise for this situation and hope to have it sorted out soon.
fusionimaging @mbrassette Hi thanks for brining this issue to our attention. We will look into this issue and report it to shapeways. We will contact you directly to make sure you are sent a replacement. Sorry for the inconvenience, we appreciate your patience and understanding while we investigate this problem.
1x. GoPro Hero 3 / Hero 4 Lens Hood
fusionimaging @richmix Hi thanks for reaching out to us. As the designer this is the first we have heard of this issue, and specifically of your problem. We would really appreciate it if you could please email us photos of your Lens Hood and the damage to your GoPro to fusion@fusionimaging.com.au so that we can look into it. We take seriously any issues our customers might experience and will do our best to resolve this for you. Team Fusion.
DJI Phantom Leg Extender (V3) 'Straight'
fusionimaging Update: In the meant time, we don't take defects lightly and have now increased wall thickness in all units to prevent cracking even in the case of a manufacturing defect."
fusionimaging @Electric_Warrior Thanks for your message. We have had a few reports recently from customers receiveing 'brittle' products. The problem is being investigated by shapeways so that it can be rectified as its an issue on their side. Could you please send us some photos of your product as well as your order number to fusion@fusionimaging.com.au We will forward those images to shapeways as well as arrange a replacement set to be sent out to you. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for reaching out to us so that we can sort this out for you. Team Fusion.
fusionimaging @Jtrjr Thanks for your message Jerry. Our aim is for absolute customer satisfaction. We listen to our customers and where we can we will use that feedback to improve our products. Its very encouraging for us to hear that you are happy with your replacement set and that it performs to your expectations. We appreciate your comments, we will continue to review all of our products to improve them where we can as they evolve.
fusionimaging @karlsch Thanks for your message, if you could please send us some images and your order number to fusion@fusionimaging.com.au so that we can immediately investigate this. You can be assured that we will make sure the cause of the problem will be identified, we will also send you a replacement. We apologise for your experience and will do everything we can to recover the situation.
fusionimaging We have just updated all our leg extenders to version 3 (V3). The update brings a stronger and more solid construction to the design. We appreciate your feedback so keep it coming so that we can make better products for you.
Flytrex Live / Live 3G Mount for DJI Phantom (V3)
fusionimaging @Jtrjr Hi Jerry we assume you are referring to the Phantom 3 (Phantom Vision + V3) ?. We have actually just completed designing a Phantom 3 Flytrex Mount. Flytrex have ordered the prototype and will advise us of any modifications needed before we put it on sale. This process should take around 2 weeks or so, so stay tuned as we are almost there. Thanks for your support.
2x. DJI Phantom Vision 2 + Lens Hood
fusionimaging @Jtrjr Hi Jerry thanks for your enquiry. We only have 2 versions for the Phantom Vision 2 +. The standard, and the 'slim'. We sell them either in a set of 2, or a set of x20 and x14. We created the 2 different versions (standard and slim) and 2 different amounts per set to give customers choice to either buy the standard set of 2, or buy more for customers wanting to buy in bulk. Price is dictated by shapeways and the reason why there is either a x14 and X20 set is because those combinations presented the best value that we could create for our customers. I hope this explains it for you. Thanks again for contacting us.
GoPro Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal Transport Lock (V2)
fusionimaging @myemailaddresswas Hi thanks for the message. Everything is made to order and shipped direct from the factory. As much as we would love to help you out under these circumstances we are unable to swap the product for you. Unfortunately you will need to re-order.
GoPro Zenmuse H3-3D/H4-3D Gimbal Transport Lock V2
fusionimaging @pwatton2003 Looks great in Yellow !. Glad you like it. Thanks for the feedback, its always good to hear from happy customers like you :).
DJI Phantom Compass Leg Extender (V3.1) 'Wide'
fusionimaging @smoovebert Hi, sorry to hear what happened. Could you please email us some photos so that we can immediately investigate the cause and make sure you are sent a replacement set. We apologise for whats happen but res assured we will make sure this is rectified immediately. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we get this issue resolved.
fusionimaging We have updated the 'wide' leg extenders to version V3.1. This update improves the strength of the angled legs while maintaining its light weight design.
DJI Phantom Leg Extender (V3.1) 'Wide'
fusionimaging We have updated the 'wide' leg extenders to version V3.1. This update improves the strength of the angled legs while maintaining its light weight design.
fusionimaging @awpope6 Hi, sorry to hear that your leg extender broke Can you please send us photos showing where it broke and explain what happened so that we can look into it ?. You can contact us via email at fusion@fusionimaging.com.au
fusionimaging @Rgrant49 Thanks, we appreciate you spreading the word :).
fusionimaging @Rgrant49 We already have a version for the V3 (Compass) which can be found here http://shpws.me/GP8M. Thanks for your interest
iPad Mini Visor / FPV Deep Hood - Easy Glide
fusionimaging @tommybes Hi Tommy. Thanks for the kind words and feedback. We have also ordered the new Phantom 3 and will be updating the iPad Mini Visor to work with the new Phantom 3 remote. In fact we will be updating all our Phantom accessories to be compatible with the Phantom 3. As soon as we get our P3 you can be assured we will be working hard to get all our new accessories out as soon as we can.
iPad Air Remote Mount for DJI Phantom
fusionimaging @mdp_arts The remote mount is designed to fit directly on to your iPad, so will not work with any cases. The fit is firm and tight which could not be achieved if we had to try and compensate for the many different case designs on the market. Thanks for your interest in our product.


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