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Ariel Lemon


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Artist, Maker

I'm an enthusiastic toy customizer.

TFP Powerizer Megatron's fusion cannon
fakebusker83 @m_d_woodworth Hi there! It fits both sides, but the gap where the blade pivots out is visible when it's mounted on the left. Regards.
Heels for deluxe Windblade
fakebusker83 Glad you like it! @NickSandwich
fakebusker83 @CraftMakerInfinity thank you for your comment! Hopefully this upgrade will fix the issue for you and help make Winny a great part of your collection!
fakebusker83 @GamorreanJedi That's fantastic! Thanks for your support! The heels look really natural in those shots :)
fakebusker83 Hi @HarleyQuinade, you can pivot the heels sideways to allow a gap in the middle for the sword. No, it does not serve as a tail rotor though.
G1 Styled Helm for TR Galvatron
fakebusker83 @autobotop I believe there has been one or two orders in FUD, but I've not heard back regarding their progress?
fakebusker83 @autobotop I believe there has been one or two orders in FUD, but I've not heard back regarding their progress?
fakebusker83 @dbacon1975 woah, that is really close! Nice find :)
fakebusker83 @DaltiniansTFS Hi there, if your helmet is loose, you can apply a coat of super glue or nail polish on the two areas near the rear that clamps onto the Titan Master's legs. A couple of coats per side should be enough for a snug fit.
fakebusker83 @MattNoctis Hi there, depending on your proxomity to Shapeways facilities (New York, Eindhoven), it could take 1 - 2 weeks.
fakebusker83 @duronland Fantastic photo set up!
fakebusker83 @ApeFace That's the latest version, yep!
TR Galvatron Cannon Adaptor
fakebusker83 @kholdstare21Hi there, due to variances in tolerance, I have to intentionally add nubs to the pegs to make them tighter (in case the material shrinks in printing). If they are too tight, you can use a file or blade to shave the nubs down. Purple Strong Flexible is literally white nylon powder dyed with a top layer of purple, so yes, it is exactly what you've described. Regards, Ariel
fakebusker83 @alberts1018 hi there, this is the latest version with the best fit to date. The colour is based on the dye Shapeways uses, so there is no change there.
fakebusker83 @fb34796 I'm 7.5/10 serious!
fakebusker83 @disgruntly Oh sure, that's on the list :3
fakebusker83 Hi @deceptibass, most likely the purple does not match and will need tweaking, due to how unpredictable the dyeing process is. Sometimes it might be better to get it in white nylon and paint it from scratch if you have the materials available.
Galactic Dichotomizer Part A
fakebusker83 @Crazyr746 Hi there, this axe should work pretty well, since it's considered large for a deluxe, normal for a voyager. The handle is 5mm peg compatible so you shouldn't have any issues.
Titans Return Voyager Galvatron Helm
fakebusker83 @mikepre84 Nice! The shade of purple is so luxurious! Nice print!
fakebusker83 @disgruntly You're sweet! :D
fakebusker83 @disgruntly That's on the list yes...
fakebusker83 @sev051 Have a look! It doesn't really fit Apeface cuz the helm is designed around Nucleon.
Tri-barrel Blaster for Evasion Optimus
fakebusker83 @fb4041f I've helped a few customizers with enlarged versions of this model, so I know resizing it won't be a problem.
fakebusker83 @fb4041f That looks pretty good. I don't have an OS Prime so I can't say for sure how to integrate the handle to his fists. If you could show me how the inside of his hands look like, with dimensions, perhaps I can work something out.
fakebusker83 @fb4041f hi there. The model might be similar in size yes, but I'm not sure if the handle is compatible with the figure's fists. It uses a 5mm peg.
fakebusker83 commented on TFP Knockout's Bodywork Tools by fakebusker83
August 19, 2016
TFP Knockout's Bodywork Tools
fakebusker83 Hi there, @FuriousK. I clear custom links after a few months. You can try this new link:
fakebusker83 commented on Duopulse Discharger by fakebusker83
August 15, 2016
Duopulse Discharger
fakebusker83 @WC21Hi there, sorry about that. Try again with this link?
fakebusker83 @WC21 I understand. This model uses 4mm pegs, but I've prepared a version with 5mm ones. Check it out here:
fakebusker83 @WC21@WC21 Do you mean TR Hot Rod? It's a little early to plan for this figure, but I assume he should be in scale with other deluxes, meaning this model should work fine with him.
fakebusker83 commented on Heads for CW 'Overlord' by fakebusker83
August 14, 2016
Heads for CW 'Overlord'
fakebusker83 @Shapercreator14 if you're referring to strong flexible material, it's unlikely as I don't think the model will come out as nice. If there are other high definition materials available in the future I will consider them?
fakebusker83 @Moonus88 Hi there, the voyager head has a 5mm diameter ball socket.
Evil hands for DOTM leader Sentinel Prime
fakebusker83 @Ferry2871 Hi there, they come as a pair left and right, yes.
Skyquake head For CW Silverbolt
fakebusker83 @blunghole A risk factor to look out for are the separate faceplates which are quite small. They are very easy to lose in the production process compared to FUD.
fakebusker83 @blunghole Sure thing! I can make WSF available for you. I don't think the material has gotten that much better nowadays, but maybe it's just my luck.
fakebusker83 @gunsight33 Your Skyquake looks amazing...Thanks for the pics!
fakebusker83 commented on Stalker head For CW Rook by fakebusker83
July 18, 2016
Stalker head For CW Rook
fakebusker83 @StrategistOnslaught Interesting choice of character for a conversion...Let me think about it!
fakebusker83 @Squigsquasher I was thinking of recreating the original G1 Predator blasters and missiles, but I'm still working out the details...
fakebusker83 @gunsight33 That looks really nice! Yours won't be the only Predator combiner. Mine will come out soon!
Generations Blitzwing Shoulder Fix
fakebusker83 @Biocore you're very welcome! :)
Legends Megatron Cannon (2013)
fakebusker83 @GamorreanJedi Alas, that's not good. I can only do an estimate of the scale with that, but what we need are accurate measurements.
fakebusker83 Hi @GamorreanJedi, I've not seen or heard about the machine boy version before. Do you know how much bigger is it compared to the original version? The diameter of the enlarged ball joint, for instance.
fakebusker83 @pedrop did you copy and paste the entire link? You'll need to include the portion "key=1f4039d..."
fakebusker83 Hi @pedrop, you can use this link:
fakebusker83 @pedrop cool, I'll await your feedback. Definitely there'll be more stuff on the way, no worries!
fakebusker83 @pedrop That's a nice looking custom. Alas I've sold my Breakdown figure, so I'm unable to estimate the size you need. You'll need to give me the intended length before I can proceed. Best regards.
fakebusker83 @pedrop Hi there, I can do that, but do you have an approximate size you're aiming for? Say the length?
Crossfire Hands (Brute variant)
fakebusker83 @NickSandwich I do have plans for CW hands. Give me some time to do up a few sketches...
fakebusker83 @NickSandwich @116werner I'm afraid these might be too small...
14mm Poseable Fists (5mm Peg)
fakebusker83 Hi @sionghh, since I didn't design the other set I can't say for sure, but these fists here have a 5mm peg that fits onto any compatible port. Thanks!
CW Blackjack Upgrade "Gun-Axe"
fakebusker83 @dinohead86 Coloured Strong Flexible sets have to undergo a polishing process, which takes a thin layer off the top, thus causing looseness. There's also slight shrinkage when the nylon powder cools down after printing.
fakebusker83 Hi @dinohead86, you can try coating the contact surfaces with super glue or nail polish to thicken them to fit. Looseness is a common issue with 3D printed nylon. Best regards!
fakebusker83 Hi @Matthew54115, if you are referring to and, they still work for me and I think they can still work for you too. Try again?
D.R.E.A.D agent Casúr (head)
fakebusker83 Hi @aganouri, I've prepared a set with Casur and Corvus heads for you. Both heads are one piece affairs with no light piping so I think they should be much less fragile than the originals. You can use this link:
DOTM Leader Ironhide poseable hands
fakebusker83 Hi @john_whitfield0718, sure thing, I can do an upsize for you. An easy way to gauge relative scales is to measure the diameter of the fist holes. (Assuming the KO factory didn't alter the fist structure in the first place.)
MP Seeker hands (peg wrist variant)
fakebusker83 @Hi NickSandwich, alas I think these hands are a little too small for Victorion. They are exactly the same size as the original MP Seeker hands.
fakebusker83 commented on Atomic Obliterator (Lite) by fakebusker83
April 24, 2016
Atomic Obliterator (Lite)
fakebusker83 @Hi GALXAY, exactly, this model requires the use of the custom arm kit ( for use with WFC deluxe Megatron.
TFP Powerizer Megatron's fusion cannon (dark energ
fakebusker83 @GamorreanJedi That's excellent. EXCELLENT! :D That's a sweet sticker/decal too!
fakebusker83 commented on Thugmeister KaBlammers by fakebusker83
February 20, 2016
Thugmeister KaBlammers
fakebusker83 Hi @travishayes84, now they are. Have fun!
fakebusker83 commented on Doomie Badge of Doom by fakebusker83
February 13, 2016
Doomie Badge of Doom
fakebusker83 Hi @deceptibass, what is your request?


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