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I'm an enthusiastic toy customizer.

Legends Megatron Cannon (2013)
fakebusker83 @pedrop did you copy and paste the entire link? You'll need to include the portion "key=1f4039d..."
fakebusker83 Hi @pedrop, you can use this link:
fakebusker83 @pedrop cool, I'll await your feedback. Definitely there'll be more stuff on the way, no worries!
fakebusker83 @pedrop That's a nice looking custom. Alas I've sold my Breakdown figure, so I'm unable to estimate the size you need. You'll need to give me the intended length before I can proceed. Best regards.
fakebusker83 @pedrop Hi there, I can do that, but do you have an approximate size you're aiming for? Say the length?
Crossfire Hands (Brute variant)
fakebusker83 @NickSandwich I do have plans for CW hands. Give me some time to do up a few sketches...
fakebusker83 @NickSandwich @116werner I'm afraid these might be too small...
fakebusker83 @DaveMisfit I see. Shave down whenever you can? It's better to take away material than having to add more. Tight prints are a blessing. (Btw, Alumide tends to have higher tolerance fluctuations than other materials.)
fakebusker83 @DaveMisfit I see you've ordered the model in alumide (metallic plastic). Is this issue present on both hands or one side only? Do you see any possible source of obstruction that could have caused that seam?
fakebusker83 Hi @DaveMisfit, you might want to try shaving some material off the pegs with an x-acto blade? Be careful not to shave down too much.
14mm Poseable Fists (5mm Peg)
fakebusker83 Hi @sionghh, since I didn't design the other set I can't say for sure, but these fists here have a 5mm peg that fits onto any compatible port. Thanks!
fakebusker83 @TXR4521Oh, they are not designed to fit each other. I'll need to prepare a special set to adapt them to fit, i.e. changing the 5mm peg here to a 3mm.
fakebusker83 Hi @fabiomicallef, they are a little too small for Superion. They are more suited for voyagers and larger deluxes.
CW Blackjack Upgrade "Gun-Axe"
fakebusker83 @dinohead86 Coloured Strong Flexible sets have to undergo a polishing process, which takes a thin layer off the top, thus causing looseness. There's also slight shrinkage when the nylon powder cools down after printing.
fakebusker83 Hi @dinohead86, you can try coating the contact surfaces with super glue or nail polish to thicken them to fit. Looseness is a common issue with 3D printed nylon. Best regards!
fakebusker83 Hi @Matthew54115, if you are referring to and, they still work for me and I think they can still work for you too. Try again?
fakebusker83 Hi @ironmagnus, you can try these links: It costs slightly more, but you'll have the freedom of picking the colours you want.
fakebusker83 Always a pleasure. Thanks @ljacone !
fakebusker83 @grimlock721 Sure thing! It's done :)
D.R.E.A.D agent Casúr (head)
fakebusker83 Hi @aganouri, I've prepared a set with Casur and Corvus heads for you. Both heads are one piece affairs with no light piping so I think they should be much less fragile than the originals. You can use this link:
DOTM Leader Ironhide poseable hands
fakebusker83 Hi @john_whitfield0718, sure thing, I can do an upsize for you. An easy way to gauge relative scales is to measure the diameter of the fist holes. (Assuming the KO factory didn't alter the fist structure in the first place.)
MP Seeker hands (peg wrist variant)
fakebusker83 @Hi NickSandwich, alas I think these hands are a little too small for Victorion. They are exactly the same size as the original MP Seeker hands.
fakebusker83 @battery1979 Yes they will!
fakebusker83 commented on Atomic Obliterator (Lite) by fakebusker83
April 24, 2016
Atomic Obliterator (Lite)
fakebusker83 @Hi GALXAY, exactly, this model requires the use of the custom arm kit ( for use with WFC deluxe Megatron.
fakebusker83 commented on Heels for deluxe Windblade by fakebusker83
April 2, 2016
Heels for deluxe Windblade
fakebusker83 @GamorreanJedi That's fantastic! Thanks for your support! The heels look really natural in those shots :)
fakebusker83 Hi @HarleyQuinade, you can pivot the heels sideways to allow a gap in the middle for the sword. No, it does not serve as a tail rotor though.
fakebusker83 Hi @jjdelc, I've put up some new images. Have a look?
TFP Powerizer Megatron's fusion cannon (dark energ
fakebusker83 @GamorreanJedi That's excellent. EXCELLENT! :D That's a sweet sticker/decal too!
fakebusker83 @GamorreanJedi Sure thing. You can use this link:
fakebusker83 Hi @GamorreanJedi, the forearm guard is custom fitted for Powerizer Megatron, I'm not sure if it will fit Skyquake's port. The cannon itself has a 5mm peg however and it might work. Best regards, Ariel
fakebusker83 commented on Thugmeister KaBlammers by fakebusker83
February 20, 2016
Thugmeister KaBlammers
fakebusker83 Hi @travishayes84, now they are. Have fun!
fakebusker83 commented on Doomie Badge of Doom by fakebusker83
February 13, 2016
Doomie Badge of Doom
fakebusker83 Hi @deceptibass, what is your request?
fakebusker83 commented on The Dejector by fakebusker83
February 11, 2016
The Dejector
fakebusker83 Hi @travishayes84, I apologise for taking so long but I've finally updated these for the new pricing scheme. Have fun!
ROTF Leader Optimus Prime knuckle hands
fakebusker83 Hi @PrimusT56, thank you for asking. No I do not have plans for creating the Matrix, unfortunately. Best regards, Ariel
fakebusker83 commented on Masterpiece Seeker hands by fakebusker83
January 21, 2016
Masterpiece Seeker hands
fakebusker83 Hi @knightmare6, I'm not sure. You would need to do your own colour matching as blues are very fickle colours.
fakebusker83 @SeppDigi yes, you can try. Be careful not to remove too much material though.
fakebusker83 Hi @SeppDigi, tight is better than loose, as it's easier to remove material than to add. For Shapeways prints, polishing involves putting the prints in a tumbler to remove most of the print lines. which results in a velvety, matte finish.
fakebusker83 Hi @SeppDigi, can you provide more details how are the fingers not fitting? Are they too tight or loose. Which material did you print them in?
fakebusker83 commented on D.R.E.A.D 2 Dreadacle Set by fakebusker83
January 18, 2016
D.R.E.A.D 2 Dreadacle Set
fakebusker83 Yup! @TXR4521 You might want to touch up with some paint, but no dremeling, sculpting needed.
fakebusker83 Hi @TXR4521, the dreads are actually 5mm in diameter, so most figures will be able to hold onto them without the need for specialised handles.
DOTM Leader Sentinel Prime hands (movie acc.)
fakebusker83 Hi @PrimusT56, the KO Hound might be possible. I don't own one though, so I can't tell. Do you know how large his hands are? (Width across knuckles in mm)
fakebusker83 Hi @PrimusT56, let me have a look at voyager Ironhide. I suspect why I haven't made hands for him is because the scale is simply too small to create individually articulated fingers.
fakebusker83 commented on The Extinguisher (sword) by fakebusker83
December 29, 2015
The Extinguisher (sword)
fakebusker83 @deceptibass I see the one you mean. That's a cool idea. Give me some time to work it out.
fakebusker83 Hmm @deceptibass, this model could be considered averaged sized, if not a little on the small, thin side. Do you want to make a special request for more techy Drift swords?
fakebusker83 Hi @deceptibass, thank you for the question. Alas, this design is not made to fit Generations Drift's sheaths. It can still be held in his hands, however.
fakebusker83 commented on Cybersonic Scimitar Part B by fakebusker83
December 29, 2015
Cybersonic Scimitar Part B
fakebusker83 @deceptibass Currently no, but I can adapt the design. What do you have in mind?
fakebusker83 commented on TFP BH Ultra Magnus Claw by fakebusker83
December 21, 2015
TFP BH Ultra Magnus Claw
fakebusker83 @m00se101 That looks great! Can't wait for the rest of the photos :3
fakebusker83 You're welcome @chlacaille!
fakebusker83 commented on Duopulse Discharger by fakebusker83
December 14, 2015
Duopulse Discharger
fakebusker83 Hi @fawnheart2000, I rarely create models for third party products, alas.
Pharma head for deluxe Armada Starscream (2014)
fakebusker83 Hi @Blood_rock23, you can try the model at this link: It's modified to resemble Ratchet and made to fit Perceptor.
fakebusker83 Hi @charles_savage, I did have that thought actually. Never got the time yet to get to it. Hopefully soon! CW Ratchet head!
fakebusker83 commented on D.R.E.A.D three heads by fakebusker83
November 22, 2015
D.R.E.A.D three heads
fakebusker83 @The_Takuafan They are Prime interpretations of the Dread soldiers in Dark of the Moon. Hence, awesome. :)
fakebusker83 commented on Faceoff the Abstergent by fakebusker83
October 22, 2015
Faceoff the Abstergent
fakebusker83 Hi @Sperethriel, I've sent you a message. Did you receive it?
ROTF voyager Starscream poseable hands
fakebusker83 Hi @AoeHound301, alas due to some design issues, I had to retire the model :( I may revisit a new version in the future.


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