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dadrummond commented on Scarab pendant by dadrummond
18 hours ago
Scarab pendant
dadrummond @Meganlac thank you so much for saying that! I'm so glad you like it. For what it's worth, I think you'll be impressed all over again with the level of detail in the polished bronze piece. Enjoy your new scarab!
dadrummond @Mailitx you just made my day. Thank you! And enjoy!
dadrummond @juliannasuplicki I'm not sure of the shipping times. My experience has been that 3 weeks is typical (production + shipping) with some variation in both directions. And yes, the trilobite is available here (https://www.shapeways.com/product/NU5RTPWVE/trilobite-shell) or, if you fancy a fully reconstructed version, through me (direct-message me). Thank you for the compliment!
dadrummond @Liberato much appreciated, so glad you like it!
dadrummond @ash1347 thank you!
dadrummond @Nada718, I want to copy your comment and make it the "About this Product" description!
dadrummond @Nada718 this makes me smile. Sorry to hear about the loss. Hopefully it was lost in a way that results in it being buried in old Rome for thousands of years and then unearthed by an archaeological team. In the meantime, enjoy the replacement, and thank you for taking the time to comment -- I really appreciate it!
dadrummond @driftertono wonderful! I hope it lives up to your dreams in some small way.
dadrummond @kaio81 wonderful, I'm very happy to hear that! Enjoy, and thank you for writing!
dadrummond @DrWhoJohnSmith, thanks. I used Blender, working from many photos and a few pinned specimens.
dadrummond commented on Trilobite shell by dadrummond
11 days ago
Trilobite shell
dadrummond @trilobIght if you've got a bronze or silver version, perhaps; if steel, not right now (steel doesn't support the resolution required, and bronze/silver legs don't fit properly into the steel shell). As noted in the description, I do make full reconstructions for those who track me down, and I'm happy to do that, of course. Sounds like you're looking for a hybrid. Let me know; write to me directly using the "Contact" link on the right. And glad you like the shell!
dadrummond @GeorgeHansen thanks again! Certainly, I do want to expand the trilobite set. As I'm sure you appreciate, there are many constraints on what's possible. Feel free to send images and species names my way. I can't promise anything, of course. I'm always interested to hear about the source of enthusiasts' enthusiasm!
dadrummond @GeorgeHansen wonderful, thank you! I'm absolutely delighted to hear these very kind words from someone who knows the subject well. Much appreciated, and enjoy your Ceraurids!
dadrummond @metalclarinet I'm really sorry to hear that. If it seems to be defective, Shapeways should take care of it. Which material did you get? Contact me directly if you'd like.
dadrummond @SurlySwede hey, that is terrific! (I also show mine on a slab filled with trilobite parts, mostly pygidia.) Yours looks great -- thanks for sharing!
dadrummond @FairKara thank you! Enjoy. :)
dadrummond @FairKara yes, sort of. I designed it to be worn as a pendant -- there is a post behind the mouthpart that will hold a 2mm cord. See picture. For more security, it's glue for now.
dadrummond @kolbe0132 yours should be more polished, in my view. I do think that the piece looks cool with that finish, but it's not what I expect for a polished model. If you do care, I strongly encourage you to contact Shapeways (service@shapeways.com) and request a reprint. They say they are working on this, and I believe them, but you've got to be happy with your piece. Here's a picture of two polished versions. The one on the right is not polished to standard, and it looks like yours. You have my full support here. I do believe Shapeways will do the right thing if they get the customer feedback (and not just my feedback). Anyone who encountered this issue should write to them.
dadrummond @kjham9 that's no good at all. Send me your address (Contact link on my profile or on this page), and I'll make it right. I think you're right to be upset. I've made all "polished"-steel models unavailable until I get a better response from Shapeways.
dadrummond @kjham9 I understand completely. Thank you for sharing. I'm reaching out to the production team.
dadrummond commented on Folded scarab by dadrummond
January 30, 2015
Folded scarab
dadrummond @gadm I, for one, am waiting eagerly!
dadrummond @gadm fantastic! I'm even a little jealous of your big shiny scarabs. Thanks for dropping a line!


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