Charles Oines


3D modeler

Freelance 3D modeler, working mostly in the games and visual fx fields.

coines23 commented on Xuvaxi Executor by coines23
29 days ago
Xuvaxi Executor
coines23 CBS had a problem with those ships, so they're gone. Sorry.
coines23 commented on Tusokk Hammer class Battleship by coines23
April 13, 2016
Tusokk Hammer class Battleship
coines23 Sure. :)
coines23 commented on USASF Crockett class Battleship by coines23
April 12, 2016
USASF Crockett class Battleship
coines23 Done! However, some parts of it are iffy in steel. It looks to my eye like it'll print fine, but no guarantees.
coines23 commented on ISN Destroyer by coines23
April 10, 2016
ISN Destroyer
coines23 @Farstellar Pictures! Pictures please :D
coines23 commented on ISN Battleship by coines23
March 28, 2016
ISN Battleship
coines23 All of those are good answers :) In addition, the rings could be radiators, or storage for magsails, and so on.
coines23 Pictures! Pictures! :D
coines23 commented on Cargo Tug: Unloaded by coines23
March 28, 2016
Cargo Tug: Unloaded
coines23 They don't snap to it, but they'll glue on just fine.
coines23 commented on Belter Carrier by coines23
December 19, 2015
Belter Carrier
coines23 How much bigger do you need?
coines23 commented on Terran Combat Walker, 15mm scale. by coines23
October 23, 2015
Terran Combat Walker, 15mm scale.
coines23 @Scouls502 Thanks! The 6mm-scale ones are already pushing the printing limits. I'd have to rebuild them to make them any smaller. I'll keep it in mind, but there's a big list of things I want to do before that.
coines23 Maybe, but at the moment his geometry is the very definition of unprintable.
coines23 commented on Belter Missile Cruiser by coines23
October 17, 2015
Belter Missile Cruiser
coines23 @Masterscifiengineer Unfortunately, it's got a truckload of thin wall issues in steel.
coines23 commented on Do Unto Others by admiralducksauce
September 24, 2015
Do Unto Others
coines23 That's an excellent class name.


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