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cherokeeblade commented on Stryker V! 1-144 scale by cherokeeblade
February 2, 2016
Stryker V! 1-144 scale
cherokeeblade @RandySchuster Thanks for the feedback. I thought I nix this one. It was one my first test models. and yes it should had a door. I have others that I'll be releasing soon. But in 1:160 scale. Other scales will be coming in about year.
cherokeeblade commented on 1/200 M1117 Gardian (A) by ptlmyoung
May 22, 2015
1/200 M1117 Gardian (A)
cherokeeblade Looks better then one I was working on. Now mine must be the Cadillac version because I think they had what I call a tail on the back side. Plus love your turret over mine. Mine a hack job of LAV turret. since I can't find good pictures. I loaded the lav turret in some program my wife use to make 3d mock up her ceramic designs be fore she make the real item called sculpty or sculptor something like that and then I tape a piece tracing paper of something I want sculpted that I outlined and just push and pull or what ever tool it brings up and then get as close to the trace outline. Hit save it as Fbx file then take it to my computer merge into 3dmax the part I made or fix. lots of steps. But been easiest way for me now. Instead trying to play connect the dots in max. LOL. Insert colorful metaphors here. LOL when it self destructs. LOL. But I wishlisted your for print. I'll go ahead delete my version now. It was old dead project anyways.
cherokeeblade commented on V100v4 by cherokeeblade
May 21, 2015
cherokeeblade @ptlmyoung here the commando or v100 I been working on or porting over off the Amiga computer. Well all my files are off there. since I know how to run the software on the toaster better then the IBM I have. But I took as far as I can and give up on it. So if you want it to work on let me know?
Chenowth Desert patrol buggy v2
cherokeeblade @ptlmyoung Hi Thanks I done two test runs on this buggy. the problem it don't hold up in shipping. The roll cage self destruct. I need to make the tubes bigger and also make them a solid tube. Now the stainless steal version was ok but warped. The other thing like all my models is my tires keep degrading. All them are good in H0 scale. But when I reduce then to n-scale things start coming apart when I upload them.. Even though it passes nettfab tests on my end. But I just have the free basic and don't think it checks or the auto correct works right. But most these files are off my Amga 4000 video Toaster. I save them as stl ascii and reload them in MAX3d and like puzzle assemble back together there and hit export as STL binary when done. Till I can figure out how to use 3dmax. Actual I think I need solidworks to really do models in. It what I been told. If I want work in this small of scale. But you can see what happen to it when it get ships. One few models that pass all the auto checks. But not holding up in shipping. So going have to make the tubes thicker.
cherokeeblade commented on 1/160 M931a2 Tractor by ptlmyoung
May 11, 2015
1/160 M931a2 Tractor
cherokeeblade Wow awesome Job Will put on my wish list for payday. I wish my Miniature military budget was bigger. But the commander and chief (AKA THE WIFE) is in charge of it temporary for now. Till after our daughter wedding. Then I can go back to normal spending. LOL.
cherokeeblade commented on IVECO-Lince-1-144 by evolde
May 9, 2015
cherokeeblade Is just me EVol or is there a over hang on the front wheelwalls. Something look different like the front wheels are rubbing on something???? Only reason I ask. These can easily be converted to roll. I like the undercarriage on these models. A few snips and small drill holes. I can insert a wire pin reattach the tires and a way it rolls.
cherokeeblade commented on 1973 Ford Falcon by admiralducksauce
May 8, 2015
1973 Ford Falcon
cherokeeblade It also make for cool slot cars too. The Strong and soft plastic Black came out better then the first go around with the frosted ultra. When I wreck it the first time shatter it to pieces. LOL. So far it they been holding up under the strong plastic versions.
cherokeeblade LOL to funny. I think everyone working on the same thing. With the new upcoming movie coming out. Don't worry most my prints are in N-scale. Since that the most request I get in is for 10mm and 1/160 scale for the n-scale train modelers. Look good. Now just got shrink down to my scale. That way save me some time. Looks good.
cherokeeblade commented on URO VAMTAC-CARDOM-N by evolde
May 5, 2015
cherokeeblade No problem friend. I'll post more pictures as soon as I'm finished detailing it out. I'm way behind on painting projects. Had flip over to my Mad Max projects for a few weeks. Need catch up on those vehicles. Before the movie release.
cherokeeblade This was a fun buggy in the real world. My old unit in Afghanistan had few these. But with out the Mortar gun. We borrow them from a Spanish unit for special operations. Since none of Humvees was up to our units standard yet. In the early years. I wonder if you could crop out the mortar gun and just make a plain bed. If not I can get another and try to cut it out myself. No big deal. If to hard to do. But here a picture of your model on a flatcar in Afghanistan paint scheme. Not finish detailing it yet. But very good design. Love the fact one can make these models you design roll. Very good job. Thank you. .
cherokeeblade commented on 1/160 M1014 MAN KAT1 by ptlmyoung
May 3, 2015
1/160 M1014 MAN KAT1
cherokeeblade Very good design my friend. I going have to get few more these to complete Glcm battery. Thank you. Here what look like on my n-scale military train load out. It not finished yet still got few details to do. But pretty cool so far.
URO-VAMTAC Trasmisiones escala N
cherokeeblade Very nice detail. Similar to the American Humvee. But I know this is made by Spain. But they will work as good as U.S. Humvee If any one looking for Humvees to use. I love this design. Thank you. Here the one I got from you on my N scale train load out. Look better then the resin model Humvee. It not completed yet. still got some detailing to do to it.
cherokeeblade commented on M-578-N by evolde
May 3, 2015
cherokeeblade Looks good my friend. I added it on my wish list. for next month. Some how I miss it last night. I have some N-scale m110 howitzers but never could find the M578 or the new M992 FAASV to go along with my howitzer artillery battery. Thanks.
cherokeeblade commented on 1/144 M969 Fuel-Tank Trailer by kymatti
April 28, 2015
1/144 M969 Fuel-Tank Trailer
cherokeeblade These are decals I used I made up for the tanker. Just print them out on clear decal paper and use.
cherokeeblade Nice print. Even though it say 1/144 scale it will work better as 1/160 scale Lot smaller in length then the Concord tankers. Also had only one problem with this model. The landing legs seam to be missing or broke off during shipment. That area need to be strengthen some how. Also a marking or nib to line up a pin for a tractor. Other then that very good design. Will be getting more. Recommended.
cherokeeblade commented on 1/160 M923 5t Cargo Truck by ptlmyoung
April 26, 2015
1/160 M923 5t Cargo Truck
cherokeeblade Another good model. Finely got around to all most completing it. I still got add some unit markings on it still. But all in all very good print. Yes I do have to order lot more of these. They don't have to be as detail since there going be loads for flatcars. I'll have try one in plain white plastic. If you not tested one out yet. Thanks again. Got some more of your vehicles to paint still. Later.
cherokeeblade commented on 1/160 Oshkosh R-11 Fuel Truck by ptlmyoung
April 25, 2015
1/160 Oshkosh R-11 Fuel Truck
cherokeeblade Oh here the decals I used. Figure you could use them also. I work on them last night for bunch my fuel trucks. Just print them out on clear decal paper and they should be fine. I think. No telling. Depends on the printer. If you looking for any thing let me know. I may have a cad or two that just need to be clean upped and reduce to size. E-Mail me or catch me on facebook. or leave a note here. I really could not find much on this vehicles for markings. I just using it as the Air Cav. version in the army. As far Air force not many pictures to use.
cherokeeblade Here another shot of it out on the tar mat drying. Take me about a week to get all the detailing done. I'm way behind on painting. Looks good at a distance. I got some other prints from you too. I need finish them up too and post you some pictures of them also. Again nice work hope to see more soon.
cherokeeblade Hi I got this in Friday. Awesome print. Thank you I'll be posting some pictures as it progress in painting and detailing. This just day one. here couple of pictures for you also If you like the decals. I posted the one I put together. Notice I still got the orange labels yet,few other little details and lot of touch up painting. LOL. Wow really shows up in close up shots. LOL. But all in all nice work.
cherokeeblade commented on Jeep - Meng Shi 1/72 by Keymaker
April 21, 2015
Jeep - Meng Shi 1/72
cherokeeblade I'll take some these in N-scale also or 1:160 scale.
cherokeeblade commented on RG32M LTAV 1/72 by Keymaker
April 21, 2015
RG32M LTAV 1/72
cherokeeblade If you make this in N-scale or 1:160 scale let me know. I been looking for one these for my Military n-scale train flat car loads. Thanks Mike.
cherokeeblade commented on 1:144 Bravia Chamite V200 by SpectreVisuals
April 21, 2015
1:144 Bravia Chamite V200
cherokeeblade If you ever do this model in N-scale or 1:160 scale let me know I'll by some. This make nice load on my n-scale military train. I do mainly N-scale or 10mm war Gaming myself. It was easier to find model buildings etc. I have big N-scale model railroad on my War gaming table. Kind cool. But anything you can scale down to N-scale I'm all way buying off shapeways to use with my war game table and model railroad. Thanks Mike.
1/144 USAF M706 Commando (Finished)
cherokeeblade When you get some free time. Love to get this one in 1:160 scale. To go along with the other stuff I've gotten from you. Mike.
cherokeeblade commented on 1/148 Supacat Jackal 2 (N Scale) by eagle
March 26, 2015
1/148 Supacat Jackal 2 (N Scale)
cherokeeblade Very good model. Yes it is missing some detail. But not that notable. All and all very good design. Great for war gaming. Waiting on a more smaller version For a flat car load. Before I order again. one more closer to 1:160 scale. Again this was a popular gaming piece. For Zombie crash. But for flat car loads little to big still. Did not blend in to well with his Masstiff and ridgeback in 1:160 scale that the designer offer also.. But all in all very good 3d print. Looking foreword to the 1:160 scale models and many more he is working on. Now if I can just find some M1083 MTV and some m1088 a1 tractors This is unfinished paint job. Again going repaint this model to more of Mad max type theme.
cherokeeblade commented on 1/148 Supacat Coyote (N Scale) by eagle
March 26, 2015
1/148 Supacat Coyote (N Scale)
cherokeeblade I have to say good model. Look like he improve on it. Here is picture of the first one he did. Not a finish paint job on it. But all on very good work. Also he got another smaller more in scale to 1:160 scale now. This one was slightly out scale with my other n-scale. My friends like this model when came to war gaming . Well we play Zombie crash. LOL and this one of the new gaming pieces we use in the game. Seam to be popular and get pick first. So going to get a all new paint job then the one shown. Nice design.
 Command Trailer and Tractor 1/160 N Scale
cherokeeblade Well I figure I better post some pictures of this Beast. Not finish painting it yet. LOL. Lots of detail in this model. I decided to turn it into Polar Research vehicle do to it size for one of the snow areas on my n-scale layout.. Plus look good next to the Canadian Ice Oil supply truck too. Which is big truck also that carries winter supplies to places that normally can't be reach during the cold seasons. The smaller 1/285 scale Yah yah it going be a battle truck in post holocaust game. Thank Steve Very nice concept. I'll post more pictures as I get it finished. Which at the rate I'm going another month. LOL.
1/220 z-scale Humvee HMMWV Hummer 4 types
cherokeeblade Bummer wrong scale. I could use couple of set of these for my N-scale train. This be a nice group of vehicles in 1:160 scale. They would make for a great military flatcar loads.
1/87 Scale M-274A5 Brunswick Corp Edition
cherokeeblade Can this one be made in 1/160 scale or be cool as load for my n-scale model train.
cherokeeblade commented on 1/144 Hemtt M985 Cargo With Crane by kymatti
February 20, 2015
1/144 Hemtt M985 Cargo With Crane
cherokeeblade Finally finish painting this print up. I say it came out pretty good. A little out scale to fit a n-scale or 1/160 scale flatcar properly. But still works. Plus there is a design flaw on the tire rims. If you notice it. Which can be fill and fixed to make it into a circle rim. Other then that very good design. I like to see all this designer models resized down to a smaller scale to fit N-scale or 1/160 scale. I be willing to buy more of his other designs also. A lot of people are looking for newer N-scale military loads now that Minifigs U.S.A. went out business. Only source now is the designers here on shapeway. Which I thank you all.
cherokeeblade commented on 1/160 Ridgeback 4x4 PPV by eagle
February 9, 2015
1/160 Ridgeback 4x4 PPV
cherokeeblade Close up of painted model. Sorry not a very good painter.


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