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aegidian commented on Tyrrel P34 HO scale by aegidian
June 16, 2016
Tyrrel P34 HO scale
aegidian @dreddric Like these perhaps?
aegidian @rec1 I'm not really that brilliant at modelling humans even when I have the time/energy/spoons to do it. so I'm sorry, but that's not very likely.
aegidian @rec1 Well, the March chassis was used by a couple of different teams so that can get at least two paint jobs, but yeah I see your point. I'll look at the rest of the '76 field.
aegidian @montoya1Yeah. I've got a long wheelbase MG 1.7 (PN:70638) I bought for research. I'll look up that link, it'd be a fun project to try.
aegidian @montoya1 No, not for any particular board game. I did have AFX slot cars in mind when I started making HO scale models, so adapting a similar, 4-wheeled model might not be impossible.
A Towpath Ranger Star!
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aegidian favorited 3skull cufflinks by aegidian
April 21, 2016
I'd just like to note, that this month's and last month's profits will be going directly to help fund this:
aegidian commented on F1 2009-2013 20mm scale by aegidian
March 1, 2016
F1 2009-2013 20mm scale
aegidian @hawke0 Yeah. Shapeways doesn't think it's printable in White Strong & Flexible Polished. Don't ask me why, their processes for determining what is and isn't printable are somewhat not transparent, unpolished and very inflexible. :)
aegidian @hawke0 These are slightly larger and are therefore less fragile, easier to handle and fit better on most racing board-game cards.
aegidian commented on Formula 1 Miniatures - 1976 by aegidian
February 15, 2016
Formula 1 Miniatures - 1976
aegidian @rec1, sure you'll find them as HO scale models here:
aegidian I've successfully painted the metal cars. Use a good acrylic undercoat and a fine brush - fine ink pens are probably the best way of adding small details like numbers.
aegidian commented on Ossuary d20 by aegidian
August 26, 2015
Ossuary d20
aegidian @tomvass1994 Hi Tom, thanks for taking an interest in this die and my dice-making. I try as much as possible to make my dice fair in their design, in the case of the ossuary dice this meant two main design considerations: firstly the dice had to be symmetrical and the points of contact with a flat surface even, I achieved this by using hemi-spherical skull tops as the points of contact and rotating the skull design to spread their slightly off-centre weight distribution evenly; secondly the dice have to be evenly weighted and this is a trickier problem that I try to mitigate by varying the depth of the indices on the faces of the die. Obviously this is rarely a perfect process, and I can't guarantee fairness for a die with such a dramatic design. But I can honestly say that I've done everything I consider possible to try to make them fair. As to testing - aside from a dozen or so rolls after receiving a test-print, that would only show up a gross problem in fairness - I don't _test_ my dice for fairness. If a die is grossly unfair, please let me know as much about the problem as possible (the circumstances, how reproducible the unfairness is etc.), and if a fix is possible I'll do my best to correct the design. I'm not in the business of producing casino dice (which are rigorously tested for fairness) I produce unusual dice that are supposed to be enjoyable to use in a social environment and I believe my dice are fair enough for use in casual gaming with little (if any) chance of them being described as 'biased'. I hope that helps. Again, thanks for taking an interest! -- Giles.
aegidian commented on Ossuary d12 by aegidian
April 15, 2015
Ossuary d12
aegidian @rickisb Thank you!
aegidian commented on Formula 1 Miniatures - 2011 by aegidian
February 19, 2015
Formula 1 Miniatures - 2011
aegidian @leandrolopardi Yes, you should receive 40 cars.
aegidian @leandrolopardi, there are ten (10) cars in this model.


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