Adam Schwaninger


3D modeler

Frogan Blood Pack 15mm
admiralducksauce @predhead Four - the pictures show the rendered model itself.
admiralducksauce commented on LRV-7 Insurgent 50mm by admiralducksauce
January 22, 2016
LRV-7 Insurgent 50mm
admiralducksauce Thanks for the kind words and the picture! Looks great!
admiralducksauce commented on Do Unto Others by admiralducksauce
September 24, 2015
Do Unto Others
admiralducksauce Why thank you!
admiralducksauce commented on Ford Falcon, 1/64 Scale by admiralducksauce
September 6, 2015
Ford Falcon, 1/64 Scale
admiralducksauce This particular model won't scale down any lower, but I've had a few N-scale requests for this one and the Gigahorse. I'll have to retool the model to meet minimum tolerances, but I'll see what I can do.
admiralducksauce commented on Nanohorse, 1/64 Scale by admiralducksauce
August 19, 2015
Nanohorse, 1/64 Scale
admiralducksauce N-scale is what, 1:148 or 1:160 or so? That's so small that the model's well out of shapeways' minimum wall thickness for any material, even the Ultra Detail ones.
admiralducksauce @Anpu I'll make it if you buy it. :) It's a larger scale, so it's not difficult to scale up.
Microhorse, 1/48 Scale
admiralducksauce @Anpu your wish is my command. :)
Spurian Headswap Sampler
admiralducksauce The heads are meant for miniature conversions. I've found that you can find reasonable bodies from other suppliers and just swap the heads out. Tau Fire Warriors have the right kind of legs, while there are a bunch of Infinity miniatures that work as well.


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