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Seeker Classics Upgrade Full
WindbladeZero @chrisprime0479 only a couple of pics of the crown, shoulderpads and nullrays(from a friend of mine), i still haven been able to test the upgrade parts themselves because it has been a pain to get hold of the mold myself
WindbladeZero @TXR4521 i am updating the info and already have the instructions ready, just wait a bit
WindbladeZero @TXR4521 sorry, i totally forgot to upload the main image explaning how to install it
Megatron Prime Rid Voyager Bicep/Elbow
WindbladeZero @m_d_woodworth@m_d_woodworth i know, but this time isnt my mistake, the support(framework) that connects all the pieces together is the problem so i have to change it, even though it wasnt changed since the first version, that was succesfuly printed
WindbladeZero @m_d_woodworth they were fixed as soon as the person who bought them told me, so yeah, they are fixed
WindbladeZero @ubertenorman gonna fix the loose joints ASAP, thanks for the pics man
Triple Changing Sword Alt Clear
WindbladeZero @CF4000 this is only an alternate clear version(though you would need to buy the "solid" parts(only the hilt and rotating pieces as well but in my page there is already the "all solid" one printed, you can take a look,
Check out this cool product! - new clear parts Triple Changing Sword Alt Clear
Check out this cool product! - new version Triple Changing Sword Alt Solid
WindbladeZero added products to a list
May 1, 2016
2007 Movie/Prime First Edition Arcee Wrists
WindbladeZero @Hanzako you take the pin on her wrists and put the balljoint in between, then just the hand and use the same pin on the new piece
WindbladeZero commented on Eng Prowl Gun by WindbladeZero
April 10, 2016
Eng Prowl Gun
WindbladeZero @IsaacmusPrime i think i can make a modified version of the rodimus(as this is a modified prowl rifle), but ii dont have dowshift anymore, and never got hotshot
WindbladeZero @IsaacmusPrime which ones specificaly?
AOE TF4 Strafe/Snarl Wrist
WindbladeZero @Legoelite117 2 things, 1, i only remember one single person buying the set, second, haven posted the photos he provided me, because he got them "mistransformed" and looking pretty weird, this negating one of the reasons i made this set, those two reasons are enough to have it not available for now, i mean, really nobody care,s specially since there is a complete replacement hand set for strafe(and another) for snarl, so people just lost interest in my solution
Triple Changing Sword For Gen Springer
WindbladeZero @triponthisman dude, browse the photos under the main one, there are two in robot mode and two in vehicle mode
WindbladeZero @ParaChompyou could have sanded the bigger parts and addes tiny drops of glue to the smaller, that simple
WindbladeZero @ParaChomp could you take photos of the parts that are causing troubleS? but, believe me, this happens to every single designer here
WindbladeZero @ParaChomp how so? the prototipes worked as intended(except for the very first one, which was fixed) i know shapeways quality may vary(greatly if you believe what some people say) but i'll see what i can do
WindbladeZero @teron cycle through all the images, there are some showing how it is supposed to be connected
WindbladeZero @CraftMakerInfinity they will be uploaded soon dont worry
WindbladeZero commented on Dotm Sideswipe Guns 3mm by WindbladeZero
December 6, 2015
Dotm Sideswipe Guns 3mm
WindbladeZero @96megatron this is the variant for the rotf version, the version compatible with dotm is this one
WindbladeZero commented on Dotm Sideswipe Guns by WindbladeZero
January 24, 2015
Dotm Sideswipe Guns
WindbladeZero @hwynjongotti sadly no, and i dont plan to make them, the closest to those are some of the rifles and cannons made by fakebuster83
WindbladeZero commented on Glasses by whitetiger
January 8, 2015
WindbladeZero are these in 1/12 scale?


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