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Urbano Rodriguez


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Artist
Urbano Rodriguez - Designer - 3D Print Modeler - Art Director -

Check out the STAND to the Death Star Ring Box! - STAND - To the "Death Star Ring Box"
Check out this cool Death Star Ring Box! - Death Star Ring Box - Star Wars Proposal and Engag
TriToy Building Polygons for Adults (12 TRIANGLES)
UrbanoRodriguez Hey @javierpaz2 I'm glad to hear that! :) Thank you for the picture and enjoy your TriToy!
UrbanoRodriguez Thank you! Obrigado! :) @Richy
Moon Engagement Ring Box
UrbanoRodriguez Hi @rleiter Many materials are available to 3D print this item, you can see all of them just at the right side of the image, here in the page of this item. Best! :)
Golden Snitch Harry Potter Ring Box
UrbanoRodriguez Hi @carabeaner To be honest, I can't assure you, but I don't think so, because this little camera in my hands, was 3D printed in Polished Brass almost two year ago, and as you can see, it still looks great!
UrbanoRodriguez Hi @Sid123 , The Polished Gold Steel looks very similar to the movie, but the Polished Brass and Gold Plated have better resolution and finish. Take a look at this image:
UrbanoRodriguez Hi @brandon_rinaudo , I'm sorry that you don't realized before about the insert foam! :( The images in the shop are 3D renders only as illustration, not photos. I know that some of my customers, made the insert easily, cutting two pieces of foam, in the shape of the internal part of the bottom half, and covered it with felt or other similar fabric. The bottom half of the ring box, has an internal flange, so if you cut the foam with appropriate height, the pressure of the foam is enough to firm them, but if needed, you can use a bit of hot glue, as well. Hope it helps! Thank you! Best, Urbano Rodriguez
UrbanoRodriguez @rgg176 Thank you! :)
UrbanoRodriguez @Drummergirl I think so! I will need to make some tests, when I have the prototype in my hands first, but I will let you know. ;)
UrbanoRodriguez Hi @Drummergirl , I'm working on it right now, and soon I will have it here in my shop. Best!
UrbanoRodriguez Hi @bennygorilla, the internal hole diameter is 2.9 mm. Best, Urbano
STAND - To the "Snitch Harry Potter Ring/Jewel Box
UrbanoRodriguez Hi @skhmund unfortunately, at this moment, it's not possible, sorry! :( Best, Urbano
Full Silver Moon (Pendant 20mm)
UrbanoRodriguez @alonbru Thank you! :)
UrbanoRodriguez Hi @alonbru Thank you for your message! Yes, it is hollow, and the wall is thick as required in the material guideline, so the cost is already optimized as possible, and the draining holes are exactly where the string pass through. All the best!
UrbanoRodriguez @yiyang Thank you! :)
UrbanoRodriguez Hi @ BryanCK I'm really glad that you are happy with your moon pendant!!! And yes, the more you wear, the more the natural patina will let the silver and the detail more visible. Thank you for the picture, and all the best! Urbano
UrbanoRodriguez Hi @stlspacefrontier Yes, this model was made based on NASA images, from the topography of the Earth's moon. Tks.
UrbanoRodriguez favorited Hillary Clinton by tomislav_veg
September 25, 2016
BendU - Universal Mobile Stand
UrbanoRodriguez Hi @sierramoore Please, to bulk orders, contact me at my email Tks!
Hey guys, this is TriToy, my new 3D printed product... check it out! - TriToy Building Polygons (SET OF 12 TRIANGLES)-
Hey guys, this is TriToy, my new 3D printed product... check it out! - TriToy Building Polygons (SET OF 08 SQUARES)
Check out this new cool product! - Bomb MUG - Coffee Set
UrbanoRodriguez favorited Calla - Tea Light by pcb3d
April 29, 2016
UrbanoRodriguez @DavidcSW Yes...indeed!!! lol
UrbanoRodriguez @3by3D Thank you! :)
MAGDOG - The Bodyguard of your MagSafe! (85w)
UrbanoRodriguez Hey @Rebf this is awesome, thank you so much!!! I will love hear your impressions about your Pink MAGDOG... and see some pics too, of course!!! ;)
UrbanoRodriguez Thank you @sethfeingersh ! This is in the schedule! :)
UrbanoRodriguez New models for MagSafe 60w and 45w, coming soon.
UrbanoRodriguez commented on Bomb Lamp by UrbanoRodriguez
March 14, 2016
Bomb Lamp
UrbanoRodriguez New pics coming soon!!!
UrbanoRodriguez Thank you for the comments and suggestion @wardripmeester !!! In fact, this is in my (long) to do list... Maybe I rush this idea... :) Liked the "Nuclear Coffee"... lol Best!
UrbanoRodriguez @Maiko80 lol... Thank you!!!
UrbanoRodriguez @pete I'm glad you liked, Pete... Thank you!!!
UrbanoRodriguez @Rebf It's a really good idea...! lol Thank you!!!
UrbanoRodriguez @RalphVdB Thank you man!!! :)
UrbanoRodriguez @Adela Thank you so much Adela... I really appreciate your comment!! :)
Easy Rider Skull Pendant "Silver"
UrbanoRodriguez @gordonlardi Thank you so much!!! :)
UrbanoRodriguez @eydryan I'm sorry, but's not possible. And thank you for the kindly comment.
UrbanoRodriguez @rubyscooby Thank you...! :)
UrbanoRodriguez Thank you so much @silvertongue , I really appreciate!!! Best!
Wave Cable Holder - The smart cable organizer!
UrbanoRodriguez Hi @RonTocknell , I'm considering your relevant thoughts... Thank you very much!
UrbanoRodriguez Hi @RonTocknell , I want to thank your kind words and comments, I really appreciate! But I don't know if you noticed, that this price is for two pieces. Maybe it's my fault, because I had put a very tiny advice, but it has been corrected, and each photo now has a big warning to avoid this misunderstanding. Nevertheless, I would like to say that, unfortunately, the 3D printing production costs are not still low enough to compete with conventional production of injected plastic, and for this reason, small products made in 3D print, still seems has a comparatively high price. It's not my intention at this time, stop to producing my models in 3D, but again, I appreciate your suggestion. All the best..., regards! Urbano
GPXtand II - Universal Mobile and GPS Car Holder
UrbanoRodriguez Hi @macreiter ... That's great! I'm glad to see that's working well for you. You are right, I made many tests to achieve the right angle, so it keeps in the right position towards the eyes of the driver. Very nice that you noticed this. :) Thank you for buying and thank you so much for the feedback! Best! Urbano


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