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James Kincaid


3D modeler, Animator, Designer, Product designer, Artist, Maker, Artisan

Inventor, scientist, artist. These three words best describe me. =)

Male DNA Ring From The Male Female Matching Set
UniverseBecoming @quazixi Thanks for flagging. The links in this listing should be fixed now. I need to fix some of the other links on some of my other listings too.
Reptiles & Dodecahedra mini sculpture Fine Art.
UniverseBecoming Looks Amazing! Seeing the real life images is so much better! :D
The Ring Of Life DNA Molecule Ring
UniverseBecoming @katkinkead Hey there Kat! :D Yup! Shapeways is where it's at! I fixed up a US size 4.5 for you. It's here: I didn't see the Shapeways shortened shop listing URL so I used Google's shortener. You want to know more about my story??? Mmmmkayerss lets share stories. :) I'm always around Shapeways town!
UniverseBecoming @pete That'll be wonderful you guys can get that to work! WOO! HOO! :D
UniverseBecoming @Rebf Yes! Let's do it! I'm currently working on my ouroboros ring right now, but after that the sky is the limit. :D
UniverseBecoming @katkinkead Hi Kat! I'm glad you and others like it! I really love selling this ring because I meet some the smartest people in the world! I just sent one out yesterday to a senior microbiologist/parasitologist for Glaxosmithkline! Those types are so smart and so easy to deal with when talking to them about orders. Also, another group that buy these are people that love things about the fundamental aspects of life and they too are very interesting. I fall into this group myself. I'm always wondering about the foundation stones of life. I've seen this design in every material, but I think I like 14k rose gold the best. Yeah sure Kat, I can make the design into knuckle rings. If you can think it I can make it! :D Just tell me what your measurements are and I'll whip it up. Also, I can weld a few together too side by side or make something like a corkscrew if that's what you had in mind. Saying that made me think of something! I could have two strands of RNA that meet in the center as helical DNA. Hmmmm... I think I'll make that! :D
UniverseBecoming @Visualsynthesis Yeah, that happens from time to time. I think you got my private message about it.
UniverseBecoming @Visualsynthesis Yeah, not ultra exciting, I agree. Aquamarines look nice though I think. I turned on Shapeways' steel material for the US size 6.5. Thanks for your order!!
UniverseBecoming @Visualsynthesis How about cubic zirconium. Or maybe her birth stone? What is her birth stone? Is it one of the expensive ones?
UniverseBecoming commented on Heart DNA Ring by UniverseBecoming
March 17, 2016
Heart DNA Ring
UniverseBecoming @pete Thanks Pete!
UniverseBecoming @TGAW aww thanks. :)
UniverseBecoming commented on Espresso cup holder by energywave
March 8, 2016
Espresso cup holder
UniverseBecoming @energywave Yeah, not many people know of that word. I learned the word way back when I was teenager and I decided one day to read a whole dictionary. I started at the Zs and got a little ways and then dropped the idea, but from that I remembered the word ZARF! HAHA! :D
UniverseBecoming In case you were wondering, this is called a zarf. :D
Ornament of the Angelic Spirit [customizable]
UniverseBecoming @phnghue Thanks! I'm glad you like it! I like yours too!
Library of Congress Christmas Ornament
UniverseBecoming Congratz on the win! Very clever design! :D


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