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Trent Troop


G1 Sunbow Bonecrusher for Titans REturn! - Bonecrusher Face (Titans Return)
G1 Sunbow Bonecrusher for Titans REturn! - Bonecrusher Face (Titans Return)
Sideways Crosswise Face (Titans Return)
TrentTroop @CF4000 Well, some combiner-wars characters being able to use Titan masters this way was discovered by customizers a ways back, so this was just putting it to use on the part of Ni (the guy who did the custom). The face, of course, still works as a Standard Titan Master head.
TrentTroop @CF4000 the ball joint on Groove's neck is the same size as the balljoint the Titan Master Mini-Robot's head has, so you unscrew, remove the mini robot head, and re-screw the head back together around the neck.
Soggies May Rule Titans Return! - Sogmaster Face (Titans Return)
Chill out with Cryotek as he keeps the arms and the drinks flowing in the great Titans Return conflict, a replacement Titan Master face - Cyrotek Face (Titans Return)
Rabble Rouse with the best of them using this RiD Steeljaw face for Transformers Titans Return figures! - Steeljaw, RID Face (Titans Return)
Make a G1 Slipstream, or any other female Seeker, for your Titans Return collection! - Slipstream, G1 Face (Titans Return)
The "G1 Vehicon" from the Transformers episode "Make Tracks" as a swap-ready faceplate for Titans Return. - Vehicon, G1 Face (Titans Return)
Decepticon Heavy/Brute from War For Cybertron, now for Titans Return Titan Masters - WFC Decepticon Heavy/Brute Face (Titans Return)
It's Pkemon Fusion Chanfing! - Pokefusion - Chanfing
IDW's Ten joins Titans Return! - Ten Face (Titans Return)
Pokemon Fusion Magnewak is here! - Pokefusion - Magnewak
TrentTroop commented on FishTank "B" Parts by TrentTroop
14 days ago
FishTank "B" Parts
TrentTroop @mathewignash I updated the B parts because it meant adjusting one kit instead of several. I tend to recommend that if a part isn't fitting to sand the outside of the peg rather than the inside of the hole.
TrentTroop @mathewignash I've updated the waist peg accordingly.
It's a G.I.Joe/Transformers crossover with Titan Master Snake-Eyes! - Snake Eyes Face (Titans Return)
Switchblade from the Transformers Universe game makes the leap to Titans Return with this faceplate! - Switchblade Face (Titans Return)
Cobra Commander joins Titans Return as a Titan Master faceplate! - Cobra Commander Face (Titans Return)
Minerva Faceplate (Titans Return)
TrentTroop @Heckfire I designed the head mounts to work with all of my faceplates, and they should work with most of the ones from the retail Titan Masters too (Scourge and Blurr's heads are built differently due to their moving crests).
TrentTroop commented on Teeny Tiny Slog (1 In) by TrentTroop
16 days ago
Teeny Tiny Slog (1 In)
TrentTroop @Heckfire Well spotted, and now fixed.
Stalker/MW Soundwave Upgrade Kit (Titans Return)
TrentTroop @bronsonrayneill I do not yet have a sample inhand to show on Hardhead. I will post pics as soon as I am able.
Titanmaster Sari Sumdac with removable "ears"! - Sari Titanmaster Face (Titans Return)
WFC Arcee faceplate for Titans Return TitanMasters- Arcee, WFC Face (Titans Return)
Slipstream from War For Cybertron brings more Female Decepticons to Titans Return - Slipstream, WFC Face (Titans Return)
Wheeljack Titans Return Face, with flight-jets for the Titan Master! - Wheeljack, Sunbow (Titans Return)


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