Felix Manokoune


3D modeler, Artist

Primacron homage Space Monkey 3.75inch Mini Figure
TecromDesigns @clickpic101 Thanks. And wow, I finally get to see him next to MP Grimlock. Scales really well.
Skuxxoid 3inch Transformers Figure
TecromDesigns @clickpic101 Totally appreciate the compliment man. And I have to admit, he looks great with Hotrod and the Quintesson.
Slizardo homage Komodo 2.25inch Transformers Mini
TecromDesigns @clickpic101A Glad you like him. He looks right at home with Devcon!
NANCY homage She-bop For TFP RID RC R
TecromDesigns @Papatron Awesome. Looking forward to seeing how she turns out.
TecromDesigns @Papatron Cool. Are you doing a full figure Nancy paint up for the TFP Beast Hunters Arcee? That'd be amazing!
TecromDesigns @mknell6 Thanks for your support. It's very much appreciated. Unfortunately, I don't paint. All my painted transformers models were done by customizers who purchased my work and were kind enough to allow me to use them on this site. A good place to get painting tips though, is on www.tfw2005.com, a Transformers website. Just message people from the "RADICONS" section and let them know what kind of prints you have. I really hope this helps! Thanks again, Felix/Tecrom Designs
TecromDesigns @mknell6 Hi, Thank you. Yes, the model above was printed in Frosted Ultra Detail. And I do believe that Shapeways ships to Australia. And please don't forget to check out my other designs. Thanks again!
ARIEL homage Cyrene Head for RID Arcee
TecromDesigns @Papatron Thanks, looking forward to it!
TecromDesigns @Papatron You may indeed be right, but I can't confirm my designs will work on toys other than the figures pictured above. With that said, if you are able to confirm that they do work on "other" toys, please feel free to snap a picture and post it on the respective comment section of each model. It'd be much appreciated by myself and other TF fans who may have an interest in the design. Thanks! :-)
TecromDesigns @HarleyQuinade Actually the head and joint was created specifically for the TF Prime Arcee, shown above. I'm not sure if it'll fit on any other figure. If you'd like to try, you should definitely check out the dimensions of the design above. It should give you a good idea whether or not a print can be "modded" to work with the figure you want to put it on. Thank, Felix/Tecrom
Spike homage Space Man 6.8inch Full Color Statue
TecromDesigns @dwatford6 The vast majority of Shapeways' print cost is determined by size ( volume) and the type of material used. The statue pictured was printed in 'Full Color Sandstone' which runs a little higher when compared to something that is printed in say a monochromatic flexible plastic. Below is an image of a few of my models displayed alongside a Masterpiece scale Optimus Prime and a few other Transformers.
HOUND homage Pit Stop Head for HASandstorm
TecromDesigns @gerry215 Thanks man. Each model is created specifically for the figure shown.
Alpha Trion homage Lord Valen for TF Voyager Vecto
TecromDesigns @Moonus88 I'm glad you like the model! The head was designed so that it could be used with the figure shown above. Unfortunately I don't own a Transformers Combiner Wars Silverbolt and can't tell you if it would fit properly on Silverbolt without modifications. You may want to check out the dimensions of my design to see if it can be done. Thanks.
Slipstream homage Talon For TFP BH Starcrm R
TecromDesigns @fuusaito The connection is specific to the figure shown.


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