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3D modeler, Animator, Designer, Product designer, Artist, Maker

Veteran 3d prototyper, concept artist and freelance lackey for the video games industry.

Steve3d commented on El Diablo 6mm scale pack of three by Steve3d
January 12, 2016
El Diablo 6mm scale pack of three
Steve3d @stukamilov it was designed for larger scales, i've intended to make 15mm and 28mm fig scale versions for example, i haven't had time to do everything with it that i'd like. Sales of this 6mm version have gone nowhere sadly.
 Command Trailer and Tractor 1/160 N Scale
Steve3d @stukamilov yeah i've been here since 2008 at least, and don't sell many models at all. I think its mainly the economics of it, costs haven't yet come down enough for most purchasers, esp for the detailed materials, miniatures are some way off the sweet spot... I think you make a good point about shapeways visibility, I think they simply rely on their sellers presence on social media which can be difficult to manage for introverted types like 3D modellers. speaking of which any likes appreciated and will return if possible.:)
Steve3d @stukamilov appreciate the link! You guys got them before I set a markup , and I haven't sold any since in about a year, so err, didn't do too well here lol, maybe i'd do better painting and selling them on ebay?
Steve3d @stukamilov hey thanks for sharing those pics, looks real badass in the pale tones, nice work!
Steve3d It will require further optimization for those materials unfortunately, For me Frosted Ultra is the material I personally would choose, because I want the sharpest lines and clearest detail, and the mini itself is very detailed! You can see some great prints with this material in some of my other models, I haven't heard any other complaints about it!.:)
Command Trailer and Tractor 1/87 HO Scale
Steve3d @stukamilov Thanks for sharing, love the pale tones, looks super badass!
Steve3d @cherokeeblade will be uploading an n-scale 1/160 today.:)
Steve3d @stukamilov OK this will happen, check back in a couple of days, same bat channel...:) Thankyou for supporting coolhand customs!
Steve3d @cherokeeblade Thanks for the inquiry, I think it will be possible, perhaps in the next couple of days, stay tuned!
Steve3d commented on Strigon Class Assault Carrier by Steve3d
October 19, 2015
Strigon Class Assault Carrier
Steve3d @night_tea0 just wanted to say thanks for sharing the pics, sorry it took months to reply!
Steve3d @nostromo98 Hi Mark, it turned out great! I like the mods and the paintjob, great work!
A1200 CPU Expansion Port Cover - 40mm Fan Rev2
Steve3d @Boost Thank you brother, really pleased to see it installed and that it fits so well. Seriously massive props to Boost for testing this panel and helping me to improve it for blizzard 1260's Great picture too, i'll add its distinctiveness to my own collective...
Amiga 1200 CPU RAM Expansion Port Replacement
Steve3d @Boost thank you so much for the feedback! pic looks great, i'll add it to my pics as well!
Steve3d commented on Ay-wing 1/270 by Steve3d
September 28, 2015
Ay-wing 1/270
Steve3d @jakerr6 its built to be as scale as possible in 1/270
Steve3d commented on Scarab APC by Steve3d
July 16, 2015
Scarab APC
Steve3d @dukoth check the sculptor name....;) another producer also makes a 15mm version in resin. microworld are great, buy everything they have, they produce a lot of other stuff i sculpted too.
Steve3d commented on Titan Class - Assault Frigate by Steve3d
February 16, 2015
Titan Class - Assault Frigate
Steve3d @night_tea0 cool! thanks for posting those pics!
Steve3d commented on A1200 Case Badge Amiga by Steve3d
January 29, 2015
A1200 Case Badge Amiga
Steve3d @cherokeeblade you had a toaster? cool. I still have my 1200, upgraded to an 030 and with 128mb of ram. I make pixel art on it, (I'm developing graphics for a NEW amiga game) and if i ever find the time, its quite good for games;).
Command Trailer and Cab - 1/300 scale (6mm)
Steve3d @stukamilov FUD will be around 3x the cost again, it should look great in WSF at that size. should be able to find it in my store, but let me know if this link works for you, I've enabled 4 types of material to choose from. Thanks! (please consider sharing a photo of your print btw!)
Steve3d @stukamilov hello, I can but it will be a more expensive print - over 100 euro in WSF. - it will be about 20cm in length at this scale.


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