Blue (and slightly cheaper) version of the iStick TC 40W vape charging dock. Vape Charging Dock (for iStick TC 40W)
Weekend sale, 15% off Frosted Ultra or Frosted Extreme Detail materials on Shapeways, with code FLASH15FDSALE at checkout. This sale starts on Friday May 20 and ends Sunday May 22.
For my stuff, this means the Mice and Mystics minis, the Full Metal Planete minis, the Rallyman/Formula D minis, and the Cthulhu Wars Ritual marker (plus maybe some other models that I've forgotten).
Charging dock for vape iStick TC 40W. Works like a charm. - Vape Charging Dock (for iStick TC 40W)
Here's a real pic of the meeple cufflinks in rhodium-plated. Shiny ! Meeple Cufflinks
Roolz commented on Bière Bottle Opener Keychain by DavidAmbrose
19 days ago
Bière Bottle Opener Keychain
Roolz French for Beer is "bière", with one R. Bierre with two Rs is a french town. You might want to correct the model.
Roolz commented on Meeple Earrings (studs) by Roolz
22 days ago
Meeple Earrings (studs)
Roolz @ibizadelaney The post/wire is 10mm long (0.4").
And the Zombicide tile links set - Tile links - 2mm (16pcs) - ZC
Tiles links for Gears of War. Will post pics of the real parts in the model's gallery anytime soon. A similar set for Zombicide etc is coming too. Tile links - 2mm (20pcs) - GoW
Hi folks. Last days for the shapeways "1st order promo" :
$10 off a first order, if you "follow" me on shapeways and use the promo code "hj74t" on checkout (valid until 04/15).
Hi folks. I'm considering offering painting services for my shapeways models. The cost of a painted model would be roughly 4x the cost of an unpainted one (could be less or more, depends on the model). If you're not deterred by the order of magnitude (or know someone who isn't), just PM me for a detailed quote!
$10 off a first order on shapeways, if you "follow" me on shapeways and use the promo code "hj74t" on checkout (valid until 04/15).
Roolz commented on Order Tokens (32 pcs) by Roolz
March 12, 2016
Order Tokens (32 pcs)
Roolz @dlnmsnacc1 I use mostly miniature paints (acrylics) and sprays because I have them handy, but any product compatible with plastic should do the job fine on these.
Roolz @glenbruton Sorry, the coloured versions were not originally planned :). If your shapeways order for the white ones is not already in "production" status, I believe you can cancel it & shapeways will fully refund.
Roolz @dlnmsnacc1 In case it might be of use, I just created 4 separate tokens sets in 4 colours (in the forbidden stars section of my shop).
Roolz @dlnmsnacc1 Yes. Or white primer + black paint. Depends on where you want the black to be. If you have comparatively small black areas, it's much easier to cover white with black than the opposite. For the underside, I think I painted generously white, then painted carefully the grey around (IIRC).
Roolz @dlnmsnacc1 I used 4 coloured spray primers, acrylic paints (brush-on) for the details, and finally spray matte varnish.
Roolz @dlnmsnacc1 No, I didn't model the buildings tokens. But I could if there is some demand.
Roolz commented on Military & Sailing ships (4 pcs) by Roolz
February 2, 2016
Military & Sailing ships (4 pcs)
Roolz @gtstudiopictures Thanks! Unfortunately FCS is much more brittle, so not well suited for gaming pieces frequently handled. Plus, I'd need to redesign completely all the parts (as they are, the wall thickness is far under the minimum required for FCS), and create all textures/colours. Maybe I'll try in the future, though. Note: they're quite easy & fast to paint if you use coloured spray primers (and a few brush-on paints for the details).
Roolz commented on Claustro Tokens (12 pcs) by Roolz
January 24, 2016
Claustro Tokens (12 pcs)
Roolz @Spyx Merci. J'ai sous-couché en blanc (vu que j'ai utilisé principalement des couleurs claires ensuite).
Roolz commented on Mayan Pottery & Knife tokens (8 pcs) by Roolz
December 27, 2015
Mayan Pottery & Knife tokens (8 pcs)
Roolz @z03z03 I took a pic of the real parts, with some pots stacked.
Roolz @z03z03 Not yet, but I'll take one. To give you an idea, the top pot goes over the one under and covers its "face" area.
Roolz commented on Mini Dice Tower, foldable by Roolz
December 14, 2015
Mini Dice Tower, foldable
Roolz @aimeemoyer Thanks Aimee !
Roolz commented on Mayan Pyramids and Calendar center (6 pcs) by Roolz
December 10, 2015
Mayan Pyramids and Calendar center (6 pcs)
Roolz @z03z03 No problem, I just have to upload the single part. No idea about the cost though, it will be auto-calculated. Just check the tzolkin section of my shop in a dozen minutes.
Roolz @geverabert Just to let you know that I slightly modified the Palenque pyramid top part. The change is almost invisible, so I'm not sure it will have a noticeable impact, but it won't hurt anyway. I'll update the model shortly. Thanks again for your feedback.
Roolz @geverabert OK. Normally they should solve your pb. Let me know how it turns out.
Roolz @geverabert Thanks for the info. You might want to contact shapeways customer support and ask for a refund/reprint. The parts should definitely not be bended (this model has been manufactured many times without any problem). Note: you can also try to "unbend" it by putting it a few seconds in very hot water (but not boiling).
Roolz commented on Spool tokens (3 pcs) by Roolz
November 23, 2015
Spool tokens (3 pcs)
Roolz @n_sanichar Thanks. I think I could easily create an assembly with more small spools, but the cost might raise significantly (depends on how many tokens has Rococo, I don't know this game. I can take a look if you wish, just send me a message with the info).
Roolz commented on Summoned Stone tokens (3 pcs) by Roolz
November 2, 2015
Summoned Stone tokens (3 pcs)
Roolz @AlessandroNardi I use regular miniature stuff (primer, paints, varnish). But any product compatible with plastic will work. Regarding colours, on these ones I used sky blue, medium blue, white, yellowish brown, and medium brown. Plus white spray primer and matte varnish. (If I remember correctly. It's been a while).
Roolz commented on Pandemic Disease Tokens - Type 01 (24 pcs) by Roolz
October 7, 2015
Pandemic Disease Tokens - Type 01 (24 pcs)
Roolz @MisterMystery I guess it depends on how you're used to play. The driving factor on these tokens was to model things that look like stylized 3D virusses, bacteria etc., definitely not the stacking function. You might want to look at laser-cut acrylic tokens instead (should be easily stackable).
Roolz @MisterMystery No, they're just not designed to be stacked. That might be doable if you're extremely careful, but it would be a different game :).
Roolz commented on Click Tracker - Netrunner by Roolz
August 31, 2015
Click Tracker - Netrunner
Roolz @roger_genesis_owen Hi & thanks. Yes I can create a variant, but it depends on the length of your quote. The custom text feature only allows me to put text in one single place, and the available surface on this model is limited. If you don't mind, send me a private message with what you wish to write, so I'll make sure it's feasible.
Roolz commented on Rampage Teeth (16 pcs) by Roolz
August 27, 2015
Rampage Teeth (16 pcs)
Roolz @bivaterl Thanks, glad you like them !
Roolz commented on Wiz-War Chest tokens (8 pcs) by Roolz
August 18, 2015
Wiz-War Chest tokens (8 pcs)
Roolz @Ripcord I've created a 10-pcs sprue too, check the WIz-War section of my shop


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