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Roolz commented on Tile links - ZC-AQ (16pcs) by Roolz
8 days ago
Tile links - ZC-AQ (16pcs)
Roolz @joshuar702 You can link comfortably up to 12 tiles (3x4), which is enough for all (or almost all) the existing missions, if I'm correct. But I can model a larger set if need be, just let me know their number and arrangement via PM.
Roolz commented on Click Tracker - Netrunner by Roolz
10 days ago
Click Tracker - Netrunner
Roolz @seve2b Thanks, glad you like it !
Roolz commented on CitOW tokens (6 pcs) - comet by Roolz
10 days ago
CitOW tokens (6 pcs) - comet
Roolz @NDSIEBACH Yes, I guess so. But they won't "stand" anymore. Can you please send me a message and give more details?
Food cans tokens for Dungeon Petz, in Strong & Flexible - Food Cans tokens (10pcs)
Food Cans tokens for Dungeon Petz, in Full Colour - Food Can tokens - Full colour (10 pcs)
Strong & Flexible version of mini-bic case-bottle-opener. Check this out! - Bic case - Bottle opener - "beluga"
20% off all Strong & Flexible materials on Shapeways, next week, with code SFONSALE20 at checkout. Starting Monday June 13 through Sunday June 22. Almost all my models are concerned.
The whole Artifacts Inc. Marker set, in Full Colour. Check it out ! - Artifacts Inc. All Markers - Full colour (20 pcs)
A sleek mini Bic case / bottle opener. Check this out ! - Bic case - Bottle opener - "shark"
The Bloody Inn tokens, Full Colour version - Call Bell tokens - Full colour (4 pcs)
New set of tile links for 3mm thick tiles (Heroes of Normandie) : Tile links - HoN (12pcs)
Blue (and slightly cheaper) version of the iStick TC 40W vape charging dock. Vape Charging Dock (for iStick TC 40W)
Weekend sale, 15% off Frosted Ultra or Frosted Extreme Detail materials on Shapeways, with code FLASH15FDSALE at checkout. This sale starts on Friday May 20 and ends Sunday May 22.
For my stuff, this means the Mice and Mystics minis, the Full Metal Planete minis, the Rallyman/Formula D minis, and the Cthulhu Wars Ritual marker (plus maybe some other models that I've forgotten).
Charging dock for vape iStick TC 40W. Works like a charm. - Vape Charging Dock (for iStick TC 40W)
Here's a real pic of the meeple cufflinks in rhodium-plated. Shiny ! Meeple Cufflinks
Roolz commented on Bière Bottle Opener Keychain by DavidAmbrose
May 8, 2016
Bière Bottle Opener Keychain
Roolz French for Beer is "bière", with one R. Bierre with two Rs is a french town. You might want to correct the model.
Roolz commented on Meeple Earrings (studs) by Roolz
May 5, 2016
Meeple Earrings (studs)
Roolz @ibizadelaney The post/wire is 10mm long (0.4").
And the Zombicide tile links set - Tile links - 2mm (16pcs) - ZC
Tiles links for Gears of War. Will post pics of the real parts in the model's gallery anytime soon. A similar set for Zombicide etc is coming too. Tile links - 2mm (20pcs) - GoW
Hi folks. Last days for the shapeways "1st order promo" :
$10 off a first order, if you "follow" me on shapeways and use the promo code "hj74t" on checkout (valid until 04/15).
Hi folks. I'm considering offering painting services for my shapeways models. The cost of a painted model would be roughly 4x the cost of an unpainted one (could be less or more, depends on the model). If you're not deterred by the order of magnitude (or know someone who isn't), just PM me for a detailed quote!
$10 off a first order on shapeways, if you "follow" me on shapeways and use the promo code "hj74t" on checkout (valid until 04/15).
Roolz commented on Order Tokens (32 pcs) by Roolz
March 12, 2016
Order Tokens (32 pcs)
Roolz @dlnmsnacc1 I use mostly miniature paints (acrylics) and sprays because I have them handy, but any product compatible with plastic should do the job fine on these.


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