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Hi! i'm an animation props/background/chars designer specialised in cg series.

Erstaz MKII action figure Angel Body
Mr_props @TowlesCK. Hello! Please make sure there's no printing powder trapped in the joints. this happens more often with the coloured material as it kind of glues the remaining printing powder. It should be easy to remove though. Now all the printing specifications of this mesh push the printing process to its limits, and depending on the orientation of the model during printing, the result will be different. Please don't hesitate if you have too much trouble with this model, so i can find a suitable solution.
Mr_props @cesarframesps. I never tried, but on this model, i guess it is possible. Don't use the polished material though, it would be useless i think. i'll try next month if i can order one of these. Paint should be ok, except if you'd like to have a very shiny result, as there would be a lot of sanding to do, and putty would be more than an option.
Mr_props @Mdphotos. Hi! The angel is the same model as the female model minus the breasts, while the male version has a wider torso. The difference is subtle...
Mr_props @CletusKasadyIII. Me too ! Unfortunately, the price will be so high i can't even pay for a single prototype... Each part has to be cast one by one, which raises the cost horribly. Sprues are not possible due to there sizes and wire printing limitations... I hope one day there will be a solution, because 300$ for this eems a little high... The other aspect is that if made with metal, the design needs a drastic change since the parts would not snap. It means screws are required, and joints adjustments aswell.
Mr_props @airshiphope. Sorry for the late answer. I'm still trying to have a bare feet model, but as i explained to another customer, i will need to switch to frosted ultra detail and have it stringed as the parts would be too small for white strong and flexible, and the joints would be either loose or too tight, and i would not be able to gain a control on that as each print is sligtly different. Thank you for your comment! Best,
Mr_props @Silvermender. Hi! Unfortunately for now i didn't design yet a character both with this kind of design, and a high level of articulations at a bigger scale. For now the alter ego FUD is the best i could manage but i'll probably try to make the same kind of design in the next mounths.
Mr_props @Oubli3tt3. Thank you for this valuable information. I couldn't find this myself, and given the fact these seemed quite hard to find, i gave up thinking that nobody would be able to put a hand on these. I'll order some of these soon to start iterating a new face design. Thanks again :)
Mr_props @Oubli3tt3. Hi! I would be quite interested to get samples of these eyes you are talking about as i made a research one year ago and the smallest ic ould find was 5mm, which is still to big. If i succeed to get some of these, i'll make an update. Thank you for your comments :)
Mr_props @airshiphope. Hi! I'm currently working on another version, quite different from this one. The specifications for Polyamide are quite tough to deal with and the surface's aspect is not my favorite. I'm working on a stringed version, with slightly different proportions, meant to be stringed and printed in FUD. It is closer to the alpha ego doll design. It will be more expensive than tis one, probably around 25$, and will require some stringing. However it is possible to make the parts a lot more thin in UV resin. The resin would break if trying to make parts that snap together, this is why it needs to be stringed if using a better material. On the other hand, it is possible to make parts so thin that theres' a good chance of success for bare feet. I just need to figure out if the shoes are still needed as an option or not. The reasons why this one has shoes are the minimum wall thickness allowed, the fact that ball joints do not work too well if the ball itself is smaller than 4mm in diameter, (due to printing precision and the fact this material is not isotropic), and to finish with, i simply wanted to have big feet so the character would stand on his own. Thank you for your helpfull comments!
Mr_props commented on Go Ego by Mr_props
25 days ago
Go Ego
Mr_props @Cykstro. Unfortunately not. Sorry i missed your post, i was very busy in the last months. The thing is, unpolished polyamide allows more daring strucutres to be printed, and this one reaches every bound!
Mr_props @benjamin_collins_1995. It should work, after all this is a modified ego model, and it was the purpose. Now i'm not talking about custom pieces, as i didn't check.
Mr_props commented on ALTER EGO 1/12 scale doll kit by Mr_props
25 days ago
ALTER EGO 1/12 scale doll kit
Mr_props Hi! Please note i will try to update this desing by 2016/06/10. I've been working hard on the MkXX version, and i hpe i'll be able to complete it by the deadline. Thank you for all of those who supported me until now. If the MkXX is successfull, I have two options. Either this design will be unavailable as the new version will available, or the 3d files will be available for free. Please tell me what you prefer. Eitehr you prefer to own one of the units i sold so it becomes somekind af a unique thing, or you prefer this to be available to all as a reward for supporting my work. I prefer the second option as a simple 'creative commons' licence can be applied. Best :)
Mr_props @LyShawn. Sorry i missed your post. Thank you very much for the picture and the feedback :)
Mr_props @Rebf, Thanks, i'm thinking about it. I have to prepare a new parts layout and design, but i'm still worried there could be some support material trapped in the hollow pieces. I took a look at the materials' guidelines and oredered a sample prouct, i guess this will help me iterate with the design :)
Mr_props @grizzblood. these instructions were made for another kind of puppet, but i guess you can follow these without major trouble:
Mr_props @trinlay. That's a cool picture. In fact i had started working on a pterodactyl a while back, but the size made it so expensive that i gave up. Great work anyway!
Mr_props @trinlay. Congratulations! I know it requires some patiences, i hope you'll be happy with the result :)
Mr_props @brecilande. Hi! I'll be quite interested to see the walkthrough. Please don't hesitate if you need advice or support :)
Mr_props @fbed9dd. Hi! Well, i'm sorry to say that for someone with no skill at all it could become quite a painfull or desapointing experience, and i don't hink i can honestly recommend this to anyone who does not have at least basic manual skills. In my opinion it is not more complicated thancutting pieces from a sprue and stringing them like necklace's beads, but that's the amount of parts and the order in which you have to place them that could be tedious. Although it is not as sophisticated as the model shown in these instructions, you should have a look at this so you can figure out if you can do this by yourself or not: Thank you for your interest, have a nice day!
Mr_props @Oubli3tt3. Hi! If it was printed in FUD, a bath inside white spirit can be quite usefull. Otherwise, i would advise some sanding, because painting it is not taht hard at all. In fact it is easier to sand if primed on a ws&f as the primer stiffens the material, thus making it easier for the sand paper to grit the surface. I'm usually doing this with water to prevent thin particles to get everywhere, it is more safe aswell.
Mr_props @e_donat. Hello! In fact the purpose for these holes was to fit screws through the toes, because stop motion requires the model to hold firmly to the ground. The hole under the heel fits the same purpose as a bolt or a piece of iron could be inserted inside, so the character would stand firmly dynamic poses using a magnet hidden under the floor's surface. I don't think these are much needed if you are not interested in doing stop motion so you could fill them using putty if you don't have any use for these. I let them because it is way easier to fill these than drilling them. Please do not hesitate if you have more questions :).
Ersatz MkII action figure Female Body
Mr_props @TotallyNotTheDevil. Hello! I'm sorry, but creating sprues is a real hell, and there were too many troubles adpting the model to 'polished' guidelines. The objects would be polished unevenly creating issues with the joints, and the sprue may break. However, you may get a smooth surface finish by using thick car body primer, but i have to admit it still requires some work, mostly sanding. Changing the size might be hard, as polyamide is quite sturdy, and you would have to cut neack limb in the middle to add a piece of plactic, glue with cyanoacrylate or epoxy, then sand/prime/sand. Feasable, but a tough work. Good luck :)
Mr_props @kingjulio. Hi! This one is quite small: 74mm tall, although each print might be slightly different (expect -/+ 1mm). I suggest you try the link in the product's description so you get a better idea of what this is. Have a nice day!
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February 23, 2016
Ersatz MkII action figure Male Body
Mr_props @ebongear. Hi! I'm afraid the size you are talking about would be extremely expensive. I used to sell a 1/6 scale bjd before, and the price increases drasticaly with the volume since it is an exponent of 3 that we are talking about. As a result the price would pop up to about 250$ for a mesh without optimisation. Maybe 150$ after optimization. I'm not sure anyone would be interested for such a price...
Mr_props @angermuffin. Thank you for your comment. You are probably right about the knees, it is hard to make them both functional and looking good... Maybe i'll iterate something someday... I'd love to see what you did with those!
Mr_props @guillen_alejandro. Hi! I'm running a few prototypes right now to try decreasing the size. Due to the extremely small size of the model (well it is quite small), i had to switch to a stringed doll structure and it needs to be printed in frosted ultra detail. I hope i'll be able to make the model available for sale soon (if the prototypes turns out to be ok). It is not possible to simply scale it down due to material specifications. Thank you for asking, Have a nice day!
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January 19, 2016
Mr_props @Brandon_T. Hi! I'll order a prototype first to make sure it is ok. Thank you for notifying me :)
Mr_props Hi CF4000. Unfortunately not. This is because the size of the sprues need to be ridiculously big. It would be quite hard to separate the pieces, and it could easily result in heavy damage.
Mr_props @jokerjester_campos. Hi! A lego head would work, but i don't like the idea because it would be put on a ball jpoint instead of a stud. The ball joint is the same size as a stud so it should work, but there's a risk the assembly will be loose.
Mr_props neo ego de alexandre grynagier est mis à disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.Fondé(e) sur une œuvre à
Mr_props @mechking4511. Thanks! In fact it is possible to fit a lego head instead of the character's head as the diameter of the ball joint is the same as the diameter of a simple stud.
Mr_props @JomasterII. Hi! It is possible, however, due to the ball and socket articulation, it is not possible to fit the head on a lego minifig torso. Thank :)
1/20 scale ALPHA EGO BJD kit, Female V02
Mr_props @echoplexic. I'm afraid most of us are as small child when it comes to thios material. It is tedious to master the post processing part, and althought there were many discussions in the forum about painting it, there's no perfect solution yet, axcept some fairly tedious ones. The best advice i can give is to really leave it for long inside the white spirit, like 24 hours, simply yo make sure there's no wax left on the parts. Now if i really wanted to paint it, i would mix pigments with epoxy glue that can cure very slowly (and would work in a cold environement to make sure it cures more slowly. That's the tedious solituion, as epoxy is toxic, but way more efficient i guess than oil painting. Maybe using epoxy glue as a varnish would work aswell on oil/enamel/acrylic paint, but you'd have to be carefull not to pour some into the joints. I'm sorry i don't have any solution i like yet, and these are not my favorite since they require products that are potentialy dangerous for health.
Mr_props @ea_surebay. Thank you for your reply :).
Mr_props @echoplexic. I'm not sure she painted it at all. If left more than 24 hours inside white spirit, the material becomes plain white. Maybe you could try humbrol (enamel) colours, i think they should be reliable for such a work. Otherwise, Mr Hobby (acrylics) has a very nice line of products.
Mr_props @ea_surebay. Thank you for your comment and for the picture aswell :)
1/20 scale ALPHA EGO BJD kit, Female V03
Mr_props @echoplexic. I understand. I fact when i made this, the only thing i had in mind was to make it as poseable as possible. I couldn't figure out a way to articulate 3d printed hair, nor how to rig such smallish parts, so ididn't even think seriously about it thinking that some kind od wig would give an interesting look to the puppet. I don't when i can try to create "hard" hair models but i'll think about it, thank you for the advice!
Mr_props @echoplexic. Hi! Unfortunately not. My goal was to get something 1/24th scale as there's a lot of products fitting this one. Unluckily, i can't scale it down any further due to the printing process. The only way to achieve that would be to reduce the limbs length, and it would result in a bulkier looking puppet. I tried googling 1/20th scale and didn't find much except scifi looking stuff and a few baroque pieces of furnitures available on Aliexpress...
Mr_props @echoplexic. Hi! Well i completely understand your question since i had trouble myself with finding the right paint. Shapeways recommend to use acrylic based paints but i prefer oil based paint or enamels. The paint itself will probably wear around the articulations due to friction. That's why i'm simply whitening the material using white spirit. If the coat is thick enough and the paint strong enough it shouldn't be a big problem, but then it means you have to be carefull not to apply to thick a layer on the shoulder joints as they won't move as easily after.
Mr_props @Annesdoll. Thank you for teliing me, i made a mistake and instead of defining the Xtreme detail pricing, i overwrote the FUD price. It shoul be ok now, thank you for telling me.
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October 28, 2015
EGO miniature figure
Mr_props @Brandon_T. Hi! I used Maya. It is precise enough although it is not an engineering software. Blender would have been a good tool too.
Mr_props @mmzxwolfblade. hi! most of the accessories will work including a vest, but i simply can't try all of them as there's way too many. the body is a thick as brick so there should be no trouble (may look awkward however?)
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September 30, 2015
1/20 scale ALPHA EGO BJD, Male extra heads
Mr_props @thecuteness5. Hi! In fact they won't. This is due to the fact that the alpha model line is supposed to be assembled by snaping the parts together. Resin is not resilient enough and would break. These heads are for the stringed type line of dolls. Thank you for your interest. best,
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June 11, 2015
Mr_props @txoso. Hi! There's a stringed version (alpha ego series) i prototyped but it is not finished yet. It will be 1/20 scale, that's a strange scale i know but that's the smallest i manage without endangering the printing process. I hope i can start selling it by september. Thanks :)
Mr_props @syphon79. Hi! Oil or acrylics would be the best. It will look muchy better if you snad the surface as the materials' surface is rather porous.
Mr_props commented on Ersatz MkII Haircuts by Mr_props
March 23, 2015
Ersatz MkII Haircuts
Mr_props @jokerjester_campos. Hi! I tried to have some of the haircuts ambiguous enough so some of these could easily be used for female characters. I didn't try long hair as the head can't move as freely.
Mr_props commented on 1:12 FUD ALTER EGO Female Bjd Doll Kit by Mr_props
February 27, 2015
1:12 FUD ALTER EGO Female Bjd Doll Kit
Mr_props @Allurose. Hi! Great job and nice pictures, thank you!


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