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9 days ago
Check out this cool product! - Updated info Explorer One 1/1000 Scale
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23 days ago
Mechanoid commented on (Armada) 3x ATR-6 by Mel_Miniatures
April 10, 2016
 (Armada) 3x ATR-6
Mechanoid @Mel_Miniatures, This comment is seriously late in being posted. For that I am truly sorry. I got this set back in January. I put these up against some ships of mine in 1/1000 scale and found that these are perfect for that. There is a piece on each side that is tall enough to be seen as a hatch. For that reason I am sticking these in my collection in 1/1000 scale. 'Me Likey', Keep up the great work.
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April 10, 2016
Mechanoid commented on Explorer One 1/1000 Scale by Mechanoid
April 4, 2016
Explorer One 1/1000 Scale
Mechanoid @josh_m_richman, This does not meet the guidelines for metal materials. To make this to pass for metal or steel would require a nearly major redesign. Something I am not able to do at this time. Due to health issues of late.
Mechanoid @alfpedro3d, I could, but I do not believe that would be a good or smart move. The primary reason, cost. That size would be just over 1 foot in length, making it super expensive. But if you have your heart set on it, contact me and I will see what I can do.
Mechanoid @CraigSachs, Thank you. Though this model is not as detailed as it could be. But because it's been up and printing for so long, I left it up. If you really want to see detail. try this one. It's the complete revamp of this model. Only with a lot more details. And BTW, I'm glad you like this model. The fact that your happy, makes it worth all the headaches. Thank You.
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March 29, 2016
Mechanoid commented on Generic Astronauts Set / 1:144 by Max_Grueter
March 29, 2016
Generic Astronauts Set / 1:144
Mechanoid @Max_Grueter, How about a set of these in 1/87 scale? I would be happy to get a set.
Rift Mk1 Agro Transport - 1:20000 scale
Mechanoid Could you open this for FUD material, please?
Mechanoid Now I remember you. This was up long ago, then it vanished. This I am getting with my next order. This is a nice little ship. Very very nicely done.
Arapaho Class Light Scout - 1:7000 scale
Mechanoid Nice! I'll have to get me a set. Nice variant of the Palomino. Just a touch larger than the scale I do. But it's still way cool.
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March 18, 2016
Spacer1999 Set 1/3200 Scale
Mechanoid @Talizvar, Thank You. It has taken a long time and a lot of work to get these to work at this scale. I just wanted to share what I have created with the world, at a fair price.
Mechanoid @Scouls502, Sadly those are more of a pain to get to print. They are just so tiny. But I'm working on it. Just might take me some time to get them to work. Patience my young padawan, patience. LOL At the very least these will give you something to start with. And believe me, these things are major tiny. Your going to need a high powered electron microscope to paint these. LOL
Mechanoid commented on 2001 Mini Monolith by Mechanoid
February 18, 2016
2001 Mini Monolith
Mechanoid @norvig, That would be pretty costly I am willing to do that. However in the past I have had people come to me wanting scale changes, but then never bought it. Most designers on ShapeWays charge for a scale or design change. I don't. But know this, if I do the scale change and the only cost change from this to the bigger one would be from ShapeWays for material costs. And you don't buy it, I wouldn't be very pleased.
Mechanoid commented on RG32M LTAV 1/72 by Keymaker
February 10, 2016
RG32M LTAV 1/72
Mechanoid @Keymaker, My friend, this is yet another masterpiece of your skills. This looks wicked.
Mechanoid commented on Spacer1999 Eagle Lab Pod 5in Corrected by Mechanoid
February 10, 2016
Spacer1999 Eagle Lab Pod 5in Corrected
Mechanoid @Callamon, honestly, I have no clue. I am not even sure what a KONAMI Eagle Pod is. I'm guessing it's a brand of a model kit. This has an Eagle for it. If you have the Eagle and can measure the area that the pod would fit into, I might be able to help you with what you need. Just be sure to measure the area correctly and give me that in milimeters, it will help me get the right scale quicker. Thanks.
Mechanoid commented on Senior Chief's Carry-On Gear by Mechanoid
February 4, 2016
Senior Chief's Carry-On Gear
Mechanoid @pietergg1980, No this is not 28mm scale. This is 1/87 scale. As stated above in the tags. The cost of this in 28mm scale was far too high to give any real thought into having it in that scale. I know, I tried it once, all I got for my efforts was complaints on the price. So I removed it from that scale. Sorry.
Mechanoid commented on Vezdekhod tracked vehicle (4 pieces) by Freakazoitt
December 22, 2015
Vezdekhod tracked vehicle (4 pieces)
Mechanoid @Freakazoitt, No worries. It was a thought. Wish I could see some of the details better, then I would try to make one in scale for me. But since this is your design, I wouldn't do that without your permission. So no worries. Have a good one. I'll watch your shop with interest. And thank you for the reply.
Mechanoid First off, Nicely done. These look amazing. Now I have a question. Any chance of getting these in 1/87 scale? I would be interested in a set of these. Seriously. Keep up the good work.
Mechanoid commented on UFO by Mechanoid
December 19, 2015
Mechanoid @larcombe, First off, thank you for the kind words. And I'm one of them old folks, so I understand what your getting at. SO to answer your question, this ship measures 1.5 inches diameter. Actually just a tad over. Now to help you in the future, Up above you see a white box that says "IN" with a blue box right next to it that says "CM", if you click the white "IN" box, it will change the measurements to standard from metric. Personally I got used to using metric because it made scaling item's for 1/1000 scale easier for me for the 3D software I use. I hope I have helped answer your question.
Mechanoid commented on Orion Space Plane by Mechanoid
December 12, 2015
Orion Space Plane
Mechanoid @SeaNSky, Thank You. Honestly I don't know what size they would need to be for 1/700 scale. These were all designed at 1/1000 scale. because a meter in real life is equal to 1 millimeter in 1/1000 scale. So if you could help by telling me how long a meter would be in 1/700 scale, I'd be happy to make you a couple scaled up sets. And 1 could only imagine a spacer eagle coming down on a waterline aircraft carrier and seeing the crews jump overboard and subs needing to rescue them before the sharks got some new play toys. LOL
Mechanoid commented on 1/87 Scale Worktron Robot by Mechanoid
December 12, 2015


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