Vincent Greco


3D modeler, Designer

I design for 3D-printing, in particular math-related or geometrical objects like dice, but also jewelry.

Magic commented on D13 Sphere Dice by Magic
19 days ago
D13 Sphere Dice
Magic @CelestialCanoe Thanks for the kind words. I have no plan for making this die with dots. The number are off-center because they are exactly in front of the opposite landing face (that cannot be exactly in front of another face since the number of faces is odd). But I agree that the numbers bleeding from one face to another is something disturbing. This die is planned to be mass-produced by Impact! Miniatures this year. But if you want one before, here is the enhanced model I made for them: I hope you will like the numbers better.
My Nested Rings arrived: more info in this post:
Magic commented on Average D6 Hollow Dice by Magic
February 29, 2016
Average D6 Hollow Dice
Magic @katie_lopez Yes, I did it myself with some fabric dye. Honestly I wanted to reach a darker color, but as long as the number are easily readable, I am satisfied.
Magic commented on Black Direction Cube by Magic
February 3, 2016
Black Direction Cube
Magic @libuszowski Unfortunately the text will be too small to be readable. If you go to the material page, you'll see that for strong and flexible plastic, the minimum size for engraving is 0.5mm, so for a 1cm cube it is as if you had to write on a grid of 20x20 pixels. Perhaps with a bigger die and in another material like Bronze or better Frosted Detail Plastic we can have a better chance to have something readable.
Magic commented on D1 Sphere Dice - one-sided dice by Magic
January 2, 2016
D1 Sphere Dice - one-sided dice
Magic @Gregory3 Thanks for the interesting link. Yes, you are right, this is not a sphere, sorry if the name is confusing. I call "Sphere Dice" all the dice that are actually truncated spheres: Here it is a sphere with only one sphere cap removed thus a D1 (as long a the die does not stop on a rounded part: that's why this die is loaded). Regarding the fact that the sphere is not a perfect sphere, as you said, no perfect sphere does exist, so as long a you manufacture something, you will have to cope with imperfections :-)
Magic commented on Mini D4 Shell Dice Pendant by Magic
March 11, 2015
Mini D4 Shell Dice Pendant
Magic @gogauze: Wow, that would be fantastic! It is very difficult for me to make a picture of a very reflective material such as polished metal.
Magic @gogauze Thank you for your order. Really happy that your girlfriend and you liked it. I have no picture of this pendant in Premium Silver: would she mind if you post a picture of her wearing it?
Magic commented on D4 Concave Dice by Magic
February 16, 2015
D4 Concave Dice
Magic @galiliosharma According to my calculations, a little bit more than 11g.
Magic commented on D32 Sphere Dice by Magic
February 12, 2015
D32 Sphere Dice
Magic @xl600 Wow! Impressive! Thanks for sharing...
Magic @xl600 Excellent news! Thanks for your trust. Feel free to post pictures of the finished dice if you can share.
Magic @xl600 You will perhaps need to use some glue to have the stickers adhere correctly (Strong and Flexible is porous). Here is the 2" model: It is rather expensive though (the volume is more than 4 times this one)...
Magic @xl600 I can change the size to 2 inches, but the model will be more expensive. I can also make a blank version if this what you need. Regarding the smooth finish, the main issue is that Black Strong and Flexible is not polished. You could hand finish it (with sandpaper and varnish) or try Black Detail Plastic (never tried it so I don't know if it is better). I suggest you try that before on a smaller and cheaper die.


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