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Johan Andersson


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Artist
Harvesting the infinite fields of virtual surreality in the parallel cosmos of 3D fractals.

Menger Matrix Cuff Bracelet arrived from Shapeways the day before yesterday :) Menger Matrix Cuff Bracelet
 GOD's DICE - Pendant / Earring / Dice - 14mm
MANDELWERK My Gods Dice made it to Shapeways Holiday Gift Guide! This means you will get FREE SHIPPING if you order it before November 20. Use Promo Coded: SHIP4FREE at checkout.
MANDELWERK @rianifitria Thanks for sharing the picture Rian. It makes me very happy to hear you are so pleased with it. It is hard to show the quality of it with my images, it is when you see it for real it really amazes you with it's details! :)
3D printed Matrix Crucifix Pendant from my artwork 2Ferocious apparition of the lustful Maid of Hilleröd at the Utvälinge thunderstorm - surveying her tranquil ascension enveloped by the translucency of the Menger Matrix Crucifix whilst wearing the 3D printed Menger Matrix Crucifix as a pendant. (it's a loop)" Matrix Crucifix Pendant
By Fractal Mathematics - By Johan Andersson proudly presents The Menger Matrix rings: Menger Matrix Turbine Ring
New Menger Jewel by Fractal Mathematics! Menger Mondrian Matrix Ring
May 22, 2016
MANDELWERK @Zach_Dillon Thank you Zach! I hope your fiance will like it as much as you and I :)
The Hyperbolic Manifold Mind of Nefertiti - Stage II - 3D printed Amulet

Homeomorphic Fusion of the most powerful bust ever made and my cosmological Planetarium fractal - expanding the geometry of Nefertiti's lineament beyond the borders of our known universe - with all the superstrings of cosmos wowen into to her delicious Neurons.
The Hyperbolic Manifold Mind of Nefertiti - Stage I - 3D printed Amulets

Homeomorphic Fusion of the most powerful bust ever made and my cosmological Planetarium fractal - expanding the geometry of Nefertiti's lineament beyond the borders of our known universe - with all the superstrings of cosmos wowen into to her delicious Neurons. Amulet of Nefertiti's Hyperbolic Manifold Mind I
Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces -  Bishop II
MANDELWERK @uninina Hello uninina, I have answered your PM with a complete list, the list is a bit too long to post here. Thank you for your interest! /Johan
MANDELWERK @aimeemoyerCool, thank you Aimee! I have tried to make a button to order the complete set with the "Product Sets Mod" on but it will not work... Glad you like it!
M3NG3R -Bracelet & Ring in Sterling Silver! - M3NG3R BRACELET
GLOBAL HAZARD - Super detailed fractal sculpture -
All profit will be invested in green energy
Global Hazard -The idea - short version.
1. Market art and products using #GLOBALHAZARD
2. Invest the profit you get from it in GREEN ENERGY
3. Show proof of your investment using #GLOBALHAZARD
4. The world is saved.
The 3D Print - Global Hazard  - Medium Size
Fractal Thorax - Fruit Bowl & Jewel-Case
MANDELWERK @Adela Thank you! I can assure you there is nothing like it!
Mandelbulb Ring - Sinus Variation - 18mm
MANDELWERK @katkinkead Thank you Katkin. At the edge of printability... ;) Shapeways did a great job.
MANDELWERK @sirie_sirmehtile Thank you Sirie! :) If you need I can make it in another size, you can get your ring size measured at any jewelry shop...
Mandelbulb Espresso Cup - Hardcore version
MANDELWERK @aleksandar You are welcome Aleksandar: Small european sized cup, holds approx. 45 milliliters
MANDELWERK @bib993 Late reply Jerémie, glad you like your black espressobulb ;) I just got a green porcelain Coffebulb, and will try the espresso with the color glace, details seems to be more prserved with those glaces... Cheers :)
MANDELWERK commented on Planetarium Ring - 19.5mm by MANDELWERK
November 20, 2015
Planetarium Ring - 19.5mm
MANDELWERK @lokiofmute Thank you Loki. The balls are also the Planets... But of course also added to protect the wearer. Fractals are infinitely sharp.
MANDELWERK @eeglemarc I guess you are speechless ;)
MANDELWERK commented on Planetarium Ring - 22mm by MANDELWERK
October 1, 2015
Planetarium Ring - 22mm
MANDELWERK @gwendolyngeraldin :) Thank you again Gwendo, soo happy to hear that you like your ring so much and that you USE it!!!
MANDELWERK @gwendolyngeraldin Thank you Inger, happy to hear you are so pleased with this very special ring. :)
July 22, 2015
MANDELWERK @MindEversion Thank you! Sorry for late reply, I do not get any notifications from SW anymore...
MANDELWERK @notaretardedperson Hehe, glad some of us know what it is about! Glad you like my work man!
 Fractal Earrings - El corazón del matemático
MANDELWERK Image I recieved today from a happy customer!
MANDELWERK commented on dragondoorhandle no. 6 by Kai_Bracher
February 26, 2015
dragondoorhandle no. 6
MANDELWERK Very cool work!
MANDELWERK commented on BristorBrot Julia Ring 21mm by MANDELWERK
February 10, 2015
BristorBrot Julia Ring 21mm
MANDELWERK @ArtefactStudio BEWARE! I have realeased it in several metals now, including Steel, I doubt it will be printable in steel, but according to the automated tests it should be doable. I think I will order one in metal to myself... BTW, do you think the sze is right, I think it is about 21-22mm in diameter...


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