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Jeremy Stevenson


3D modeler
Full Time Cartographer, Part Time Designer. Australian, Male, 35, no, wait, make that 27 years old. Queenslander and proud of it!

Hi All, we seem to have resolved printing issues, so if you have any re-size requests for Christmas, there is still time to get them in this week.

Simple re-sizes are now available again - 1/500 Le Triomphant Class SSBN (Waterline)
1/700 F-9F Panther (x12)
KokodaTrailModels Not sure. Photos were supplied by the customer 'joseywales'. Try contact that Shapeways user for the details. My guess would be cut and fold.
1/700 SSBN-X (Ohio Class Submarine Replacement Pro
KokodaTrailModels Unfortunately I no longer work with Shapeways. All my designs are rejected by the print team unless I buy a copy of it first, which I'm not going to do.
1/600 Buccaneer (x12)
KokodaTrailModels Thanks. Be sure to give them a quick warm water & soap bath, and only use Acrylic Paint. Enamel paint reacts with the oil-based plastic. It is the same oil used to keep enamel wet in the tin, so if used it will never dry.
1/700 AN-12 (Cub) Transport Aircraft (x2)
KokodaTrailModels Hmm, well N scale is 1/160 and these are 1/700, but in terms of size, they are 5.43cm long and 4.674cm wide. Not sure what the dimensions of a rail car in N scale is. Maybe 9.79cm long by 2.0cm wide?
1/285 Boeing Bird of Prey (x2)
KokodaTrailModels Not with my humble skills. One if the other designers should be able to help you out.
KokodaTrailModels Unfortunately not, as they are solid objects.
1/700 F-15E Strike Eagle (Strike Loadout) (x12)
KokodaTrailModels I think these were my favourite aircraft to design in 1/700.
1/700 Type 212 Class Submarine (Waterline)
KokodaTrailModels Thanks. I find the White Strong & Flexible plastic absorbs alot of paint. The price is low with that plastic but the detail can be a little grainy.
1/700 Type 092 (Xia Class) SSBN
KokodaTrailModels Nice work. That plastic has a very velvet like texture compared with the others. It's a shame the others are so much more expensive.
1/700 LCU1610 - Landing Craft Utility (x2)
KokodaTrailModels Done. Check the 1/350 section of my shop. They are a bit expensive though. They must be big at 1/350.
1/700 M1A1 (AIM) Abrams Main Battle Tank Company
KokodaTrailModels Individual tanks are 13.82mm long, by 5.30mm wide, by 3.99mm high.
1.25 Inch AH-64D Apache Longbow (x12)
KokodaTrailModels No, It's outside of normal scaling. Probably closer to 1/285, maybe?
1/700 C-17 Globemaster III (2x)
KokodaTrailModels Yes, this kit has two C-17s. As for the quinjet, unfortunately I'm not doing any new designs. It would make a cool model though.
1/700 M60A3 Main Battle Tank Company
KokodaTrailModels There also appears to be an issue with the original file. I can't seem to update it. I've withdraw the model from sale.
1/285 Civilian Buses and Trucks
KokodaTrailModels Unfortunately I am no longer altering existing designs or creating new designs due to time constraints.
1/700 Boeing Bird of Prey (x6)
KokodaTrailModels Done. But I don't know if it will actually print.
1/700 Patgb 203B APC Company
KokodaTrailModels Unfortunately I'm not doing any new designs due to the number of designs to manage already in my shop (1200+).
1/600 F-9F Panther (x12)
KokodaTrailModels 1/350 Scale version is now available.


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