Jeremy Burnich


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Artist

passion (art + technology) / 1 pinch quirkiness = Joy Complex

"Play me online? Well, you know that I'll beat you.
If I ever meet you I'll Control-Alt-Delete you"  Ctrl+Alt+Del Statement Ring
Check out this cool product! - Oil Drum Espresso Cup! Oil Barrel Espresso Cup
Hillary Clinton "H" Belt Buckle. I'm with her! (Edited)
The South Bowl, well a small version, is back up for sale!
In time for Father's Day a sound wave tie bar for larger ties! - English I Love You TIE BAR Large
Mobius Strip Heart Pendant - Heart Mobius Strip
JoyComplex commented on Mini Festivus Pole by Sabaku_Ika
March 22, 2016
Mini Festivus Pole
JoyComplex you have to make this available in aluminum!!
JoyComplex favorited Bomb Lamp by UrbanoRodriguez
February 29, 2016
JoyComplex commented on Neolithic Salt by JoyComplex
January 27, 2016
Neolithic Salt
JoyComplex @joie the hole uses a Rubber Plug #03 (1/2"). I will send all customers the plug.
JoyComplex added products to a list
January 27, 2016
JoyComplex added a product to a list
January 27, 2016
JoyComplex commented on Wink the Owl figurine | Stina Jones by JoyComplex
December 8, 2015
Wink the Owl figurine | Stina Jones
JoyComplex @aimeemoyer neat! I'll let Stina know!
JoyComplex added products to a list
December 1, 2015
JoyComplex commented on Cactus Pendant | Shut Up Cláudia! by JoyComplex
September 25, 2015
Cactus Pendant | Shut Up Cláudia!
JoyComplex @aimeemoyer also be sure to check out the Palm tree pendant -
JoyComplex Thanks @aimeemoyer! There's a matching ring coming soon!
JoyComplex commented on 3 Dolphins Dancing Ring | 17.5 mm by JoyComplex
August 26, 2015
3 Dolphins Dancing Ring | 17.5 mm
JoyComplex @sauropodlets Cool! Just click on the size 10 link above and then click on the polished gold steel icon in the upper right and then add it to your cart! Let me know how it works out.
JoyComplex @sauropodlets with all the caveats previously stated, yep, we can try to see how the ring will work in polished gold steel. It'll be interesting to see how it comes out in steel!
JoyComplex @sauropodlets In either of those materials it would be $25. However, you may get a skin reaction from the nickel steel. Also, the steel rings tend to rust with lots of wear. Best protection is to put some clear nail polish on the inside to discourage any reaction. Let me know what size you'd like and I can enable the material for you.
JoyComplex @sauropodlets It might work in steel - the noses and tails are the problem parts for that material. Also, the proper size is hard to predict in steel - it's usually best to order a half size larger in steel. If you want to order a steel version, let me know your size and I can enable the material. But, if shapeways determines that it won't survive the printing process they'll cancel your order and refund your money.
JoyComplex @sauropodlets Thank you! I appreciate your kind words!
"I Love You" Sound Wave Necklace
JoyComplex @arsenal_hes111 Hi! I will be getting my first home 3D printer soon! It will be the New Matter Mod-t. I can't wait!


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