Updated 1/400 and 1/600 C-1, E-1 & S-2 sets with more accurate engine nacelles.
This week's shortlist
F3D/F-10 w/gear
F2H-3 w/gear
F9F-5 w/gear
C-1, E-1, S-1 w/gear
SU-27/J-15 w/gear
Echoco commented on 1/600 F/A-18D x4 (FUD) by Echoco
5 days ago
1/600 F/A-18D x4 (FUD)
Echoco @mason926 When you buy it shapeways print and ship it to you.
Working on this week
AD-5W/EA-1E w/gear
This week I'll be doing
Request is closed.
For this first week I'll be working on
1/350 Rescale of
Sea Vixen
Lightning F-6
Etendard IV
Super Etendard
Mirage 2000

I'll try do this kind of update each week.
Need feedback and suggestions for this - planning for a final version by July 4th. 1/350 Mk80 Bomb Kit (FUD) (Edited)
Echoco commented on 1/700 E.555 with Gear x2 (FUD) by Echoco
April 28, 2016
Echoco commented on 1/700 G5N "Liz" x2 (FUD) by Echoco
April 28, 2016
1/700 G5N "Liz" x2 (FUD)
Echoco @nihonkaigun That's really cool thanks for the picture, like the props and radio aerial?
Echoco commented on 1/700 Ju 86 Jumo x3 (FUD) by Echoco
April 24, 2016
1/700 Ju 86 Jumo x3 (FUD)
Echoco @nihonkaigun Cool, you've added guns and boom. Propeller disc looks like it has texture?
Echoco commented on 1/1250 Misc Aircraft (FUD) by Echoco
April 19, 2016
1/1250 Misc Aircraft (FUD)
Echoco @linjoshua I'll see about putting together an ultra modern misc set
Echoco commented on 1/2400 Auk x6 (FUD) by Echoco
April 19, 2016
1/2400 Auk x6 (FUD)
Echoco @podette These are Auk class minesweepers
Echoco commented on 1/2400 3" DE x6 (FUD) by Echoco
April 19, 2016
1/2400 3" DE x6 (FUD)
Echoco @podette these are 2 each of Evarts (GMT) Buckley (TE) Cannon (DET)/Edsall (FMR)
1/350 Tomcat Multipurpose Pylons x40 (FUD)
Echoco @goodasdone Do you mean the left side front roll but without the AIM-54 or the ventral pallets?
Echoco commented on 1/600 TBD x4 (FUD) by Echoco
March 16, 2016
1/600 TBD x4 (FUD)
Echoco @DaudRay Sorry to say I have no plans to make anything bigger than 1:400. There are other designers who work in 1:1440 and from what I've seen details such as ribs on WWI aircraft will show up but the ones on the TBD might not for WSF and it'll get too expensive if printed in FUD. Double check with a designer whose more familiar with the scale.
Echoco commented on 1/600 IL-76TD (FD) by Echoco
March 4, 2016
1/600 IL-76TD (FD)
Echoco @goodasdoneI've added them to the list
Echoco @goodasdone Not anytime soon, I'll put the rescale on the to do list, can you PM me with the models you want rescaled.
Echoco commented on My Wedding Token by matt_atknsn
March 1, 2016
My Wedding Token
Echoco Congratulations
Echoco favorited 7 Provinciën waterline model 1/350 by Wits
February 25, 2016
Echoco commented on 1/300 US missiles (FUD) by Echoco
February 9, 2016
1/300 US missiles (FUD)
Echoco @goodasdone I've combined the sets so they're called US missiles now.
Echoco @goodasdone I'll see about scaling it next week
Echoco commented on 1/700 A330 MRTT with Gear (FUD) by Echoco
February 7, 2016
1/700 A330 MRTT with Gear (FUD)
Echoco @Class377fcc12 I'll rescale it next week.
Echoco commented on 1/700 C-97 w/gear (FUD) by Echoco
February 2, 2016
1/700 C-97 w/gear (FUD)
Echoco @Risiko1962_Ger I'll add it to the list.
Echoco commented on 1/700 EC-121 w/gear (FUD) by Echoco
February 2, 2016
1/700 EC-121 w/gear (FUD)
Echoco @Risiko1962_Ger Hi, the model is already available here
Echoco commented on 1/700 P-8A w/gear x2 (FUD) by Echoco
January 22, 2016
1/700 P-8A w/gear x2 (FUD)
Echoco @cph9fa Just an idea, how about sealing the hole with something, candle wax, putty, Cyanoacrylate/super glue? So the support wax wouldn't ooze out.
Echoco @cph9fa Thanks for the feedback. The hollowing is to keep price down. Do you use Acetone for cleaning? If you think this is a major issue, do you want to work together on an alternate method?
Echoco commented on 1/700 Do 228 w/gear x4 (FUD) by Echoco
January 7, 2016
1/700 Do 228 w/gear x4 (FUD)
Echoco @reconrego I'll put that on the list


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