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Echoco commented on 1/700 F7F w/Gear x8 (FUD) by Echoco
18 days ago
1/700 F7F w/Gear x8 (FUD)
Echoco @garyperry sorry, I don't want to get into a whole new scale right now.
Echoco commented on 1/350 Rafale B w/gear x4 by Echoco
22 days ago
1/350 Rafale B w/gear x4
Echoco @KOOLHOVENI'll put these on the next list, 1/400?
Echoco I'll put these on the next list, 1/400?
Echoco commented on Hurricane x8 (FUD) by Echoco
26 days ago
Hurricane x8 (FUD)
Echoco @donmuerto1/600 A6M and D3A will be up on the store tomorrow. I don't have a model for the SBD so I'm adding that to the to do list.
Echoco @donmuerto Hi, I've added it as an option.
Echoco favorited 1/144th - CAC Boomerang CA-12 by hwerke
October 19, 2016
Echoco commented on 1/285 T-28B/D x2 (FUD) by Echoco
October 19, 2016
1/285 T-28B/D x2 (FUD)
Echoco @fb248e8 I meant it qouadrouples the volume not dimensions. A lot of spelling mistakes.
Echoco @fb248e8 Basically it quadruples the dimensions. Optimised fot 1/144 it might go down to around $20 but that's a whole new model. Your best be might be to contact H-Werke he does 1/144 at amazing detail.
Echoco @fb248e8 Doubling the dimensions a single plane cost $30 for the material.
Echoco @fb248e8 it's going to me really expensive in FUD
Echoco commented on 1/350 KC-130 by Echoco
October 18, 2016
1/350 KC-130
Echoco @goodasdone That looks good, I had the check because it didn't look like WSF. The carrier back drop surprised me.
Echoco commented on PzKpfw II ausf L - LUCHS (4 pack) by Steven3D
October 13, 2016
PzKpfw II ausf L - LUCHS  (4 pack)
Echoco Also turrets for Panzer IIH would be interesting.
Echoco Are you planning on making any Panzer IIC or F?
Echoco favorited PzKpfw II ausf L - LUCHS (4 pack) by Steven3D
October 13, 2016
Echoco commented on 1/700 KB-50J w/Gear (FUD) by Echoco
October 7, 2016
1/700 KB-50J w/Gear (FUD)
Echoco @Risiko1962_Ger 1/700 B-50D is up.
Echoco commented on 1/700 BV 155C w/gear x4 (FUD) by Echoco
September 30, 2016
1/700 BV 155C w/gear x4 (FUD)
Echoco @nihonkaigun This scheme looks pretty cool.
Echoco commented on 1/700 Ho XVIIIa x2 (FUD) by Echoco
September 24, 2016
1/700 Ho XVIIIa x2 (FUD)
Echoco @nihonkaigun Really sharp paint job. Also love the cammo net.
The to do list is back on the left side of the store page.
I'll be working down the list pretty strictly at a rate of 4-5 models a week.
This week and next week I'll be working on 1/700 WWII ordnance sets (Edited)
The shortlist this week
Pionerpanzer engineering vehicle on tracks
Agusta Westland AW139
Agusta Bell 412
Iveco MMTV (or MPV) "Orso" (AKA "Grizzly")
US WWII Aircraft ordinance (might run into next week)
drop tanks
bombs (250lb, 500lb and 1000lb)
mk 13 torpedos
Mk 24 mines (FIDO)
Bat Bombs
aerial depth charges
Echoco favorited 1/700 SAILORS - JAPANESE NAVY, IIWW by blacman
September 6, 2016
Fixed 1/900 Ju188 x6 size
Echoco commented on T060101 STINGRAY by tomyam
September 2, 2016
Echoco This is pretty cool
This week
S-3 w/gear
ES-3A w/gear
C-2 w/gear
C-121 w/gear
KC-97 w/gear
Echoco commented on 1/350 Tomcat Multipurpose Pylons x40 (FUD) by Echoco
August 23, 2016
1/350 Tomcat Multipurpose Pylons x40 (FUD)
Echoco @goodasdone Cool, thanks for the pictures.
Echoco @goodasdone Good to hear you're happy with them. Looking forward to the pictures.
This week, the beginning of 1/700
HO 229
A-4F w/gear
Ba.88 x5
F-111 swept
This week's shortlist
1/900 WSF
Ju-87 (Formation)
Ba 349 maybe

Also fixed wrong material for 1/900 He 111 x6 (FUD)
This week should be the last of the 1/350
Next week will be 1/900
I just found out that a lot of my models are not showing up in searches.
Somehow they had been set to hidden.
I'll update once I hear from Shapeways.
In the works this week:
Alpha Jet
Updated 1/400 and 1/600 C-1, E-1 & S-2 sets with more accurate engine nacelles.


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