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3D modeler
WWII naval history buff. Axis & Allies fan. Computer programmer, 3D modeler, amateur painter and artist.

Resized my Axis & Allies battleships and cruisers so that they exactly match the sizes of the original game pieces. Long overdue! Also cleaned up my store, removing the old low quality pieces.
Soviet Kotlin destroyers available in 1/1800 FUD. WWII USN Flying Deck Cruiser available in 1/4800 and Axis & Allies scales.
EBard commented on OS2U Kingfisher x9 1/600 by EBard
November 4, 2016
OS2U Kingfisher x9 1/600
EBard @donmuerto Sure, that's easy enough to do!
EBard commented on OS2U Kingfisher x9 1/650 by EBard
November 3, 2016
OS2U Kingfisher x9 1/650
EBard @donmuerto Here you go:
Akagi, Kaga, Soryu, Hiryu, Shokaku, Kongo, and Tone now available in 1/2400 scale (WSF + FUD).
EBard commented on USN Guppy III sub 1/2400 x3 by EBard
October 1, 2016
USN Guppy III sub 1/2400 x3
EBard @SeaNSky Here you go, Guppy III 1/700 scale FUD:
EBard @KOOLHOVEN Here is a set of Guppy IIIs in 1/3000:
USN cruisers now available in Axis & Allies scale. USN North Carolina class redone. IJN Tone class updated. USN destroyers (Mahan, Gridley, Benham) now available in 1/4800, 1/2400, 1/1800.
Pensacola, Northampton, Portland, and New Orleans class US cruisers now available in 1/4800, 1/2400, and 1/1800 scales!
EBard commented on USN Atlanta class cruiser CLAA 1/4800 by EBard
October 29, 2015
USN Atlanta class cruiser CLAA 1/4800
EBard @rst302 here you go!
EBard commented on Soviet Foxtrot sub 1/2400 x3 by EBard
September 5, 2015
Soviet Foxtrot sub 1/2400 x3
EBard @Jnightfall Here you go:
EBard commented on F-22 Raptor x9 1/700 by EBard
March 15, 2015
F-22 Raptor x9 1/700
EBard @mason926 Actually Shapeways has a pretty nice system, they tell me what it will cost them to produce the model and then I add my profit on top of their cost, so I can make the models as expensive or cheap as I want. Since this is just a hobby for me, I keep my profits low so that more people can enjoy my models. As for this particular model, it looks like the price jumped up back in October when Shapeways instituted the new pricing structure for WSF. I've shrunk the cage surrounding the planes and that reduced the price by about a third, but that's about all I can do without completely redoing the cage from scratch.
EBard @mason926 I agree with you, that price doesn't seem right. Only $1 of it is my profit, rest is Shapeway's "machine volume fee". I'll look into this and see what's going on. Maybe there is a stray shell way off to the side of the model or something.


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