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I like create something that people like to wear every day or for a special moment. I love to see this people smiling wearing a my object.
$29.99 by byShapeways
in Sample materials
$12.51 by MichielCornelissen
in Black Strong & Flexible
$20.05 by Vapour
in Black Strong & Flexible
$27.50 by MichielCornelissen
in White Strong & Flexible
$38.58 by chromoly
in Stainless Steel
$45.63 by tomorrowlab
in Glazed Ceramics
$37.15 by MichaelMueller
in Glazed Ceramics
$18.89 by electrobloom
in Black Strong & Flexible
$22.81 by rustylab
in Coral Red Strong & Flexible Polished
$37.50 by virtox
in Glazed Ceramics
$17.47 by RemivanOers
in White Strong & Flexible Polished
$17.51 by Eragatory
in Frosted Detail