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Day One of 3D Printed SuperFanArt at Comicon 2014 in San Diego

Our 3D Printing partnership with Hasbro has officially hit the floor at Comicon in San Diego as thousands of fans swarmed the booth to get a glimpse at the 3D printed ponies designed by the Shapeways community.  The SuperFanArt section is a relatively small part of the massive Hasbro booth at Comicon, but one that is garnering a lot of excitement among fans, artists and the toy industry.

Superfanart 3D Print at Comicon

If you are at Comicon 2014 in San Diego be sure to drop by the Hasbro Kiosk 3213 (its the huge one) and say hello to the SuperFanArt team.  If you are an artist or designer interested in participating in the SuperFanArt project, please be sure to register your interest to start selling your Hasbro approved 3D prints to fans around the world.

For those who cannot make it, check out some of the craziness that is Comicon.

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Yep, and that’s just the people lined up who pre-paid to be first at the Hasbro stand…


Hasbro & Shapeways Enable 3D Printing Fan Art with SuperFanArt

For the first time, a global brand will open up its intellectual property to fan designed products using Shapeways 3D printing. We are partnering with Hasbro to launch SuperFanArt, enabling fans to 3D print and sell their own creations based on Hasbro owned content. SuperFanArt, which will debut at Comic-Con San Diego 2014, grants the passionate and talented Hasbro fan base from the Shapeways community a license to create exciting new art and product offerings. The first license is granted to a select number of 3D artists including Brandon Lee Johnson, Paul Philbin, Christophe Vidal, Melinda Rose, and Brian Harris to create artwork based on My Little Pony.

Shapeways & Hasbro 3D Print

We are thrilled to work with Hasbro to be the very first entertainment brand to open up their intellectual property to their dedicated fans to legally create tangible, 3D printed products. This partnership is perfectly aligned with our mission to enable the Shapeways creative community to make exactly what they want, for themselves, to share and sell to others.

superfanart launch Shapeways & Hasbro

For the initial launch at Comic-Con 2014, we will start with the incredibly popular My Little Pony series, to allow fans around the world to create and sell unique, 3D printed My Little Pony figurines. This will dramatically expand the range of products available from the few currently being mass produced by Hasbro, to potentially include the over 900 ponies identified and named by the fans. Many of these designs have been created by a passionate group of fans from the Brony community (for the uninitiated, a Brony is a Bro who likes Ponies so Bro + Pony – P = Brony (welcome to the herd)).  Once we have filled our 3D printers with community designed ponies, we will continue to work with Hasbro and the Shapeways community to enable more Hasbro branded content to be created, 3D printed and sold.

This is a major step forward in realizing the creative potential of 3D printing, to make products on demand that might otherwise never make it into people’s hands. Hasbro has been incredibly forward thinking and open minded, to realize that the existing unmet demand within their fan base can be satisfied with the help of those very same fans. We expect to see many more partnerships like this, to enable user generated content to be 3D printed based on existing intellectual property, with fair attribution and compensation for all parties involved. We’ve seen this model work successfully in the digital realm, and we’re thrilled to be leading the charge in the physical.

Take a look at the SuperFanArt site to learn more, and meet some of the Shapeways community members who are promoting their designs in partnership with Hasbro and Shapeways. Also check out the New York Times article for insight into why the Hasbro team approached Shapeways to be a partner to help them enter the world of 3D printing, thanks mainly to the Bronies in the Shapeways community.

A solid brohoof to all the bronies who helped make this happen.




3D Printed Collector Toys

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At some point in our lives we’ve all had the tendency to collect things whether it was stamps, cards, or shoes. Collecting and acquiring things is both a hobby and a past-time. The items and products that we choose to collect says a lot about our personality, interest, and desires. On Shapeways there are so many niches and creative interests that really speaks volumes on how diverse our community is. With the holiday season coming up many parents are searching for that unique toy to get for their kids that you won’t find at a traditional retail store. Here are a few amazing 3D Printed collector toys that would make great gifts. 

Monstermatic monsters by clay2n

Monstermatic are a collection of interesting monsters based on a 3D Printing game. 

Modibots by KidMechano 

Modibots are a ever growing collection of fantastical creatures and characters. You won’t be satisfied with just one.

Kerbal Space Program by KerbalSpaceProgram

NASA might be underfunded but the Kerbal Space Program is rocking and rolling with an entire fleet of Kerbals. Collect all of these green creatures. 

EGO by Mr_props

These are fully articulated mini figure that can twist torso and bend knees.

Keep calm and collect on.

“We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.”-Bryan White 


Dinovember Feature: An Interview with 3D Printing Dinosaur Design Master David Krentz

Are you a fan of Dinosaurs? Or a recent #Dinovember bandwagoner? If you just answered yes, and should you like your Dinos in cinematic form, you’ve likely seen the work of David Krentz. Given his feature in our recent Bronze launch, the timely nature of viral heartwarming dinosaur stories, and in an effort to showcase some of the Shop Owners we’re so grateful for, I give you…

Interview with David Krentz: “I still pinch myself that someone pays me to make dinosaurs.”

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inkimals: Color, Scan & 3D Print Your Own Custom Designer Toys

Just launched on Kickstarter is inkimals, a simple tool to help you color, scan and 3D print your own customized designer toys based on four playful templates by AMINIMAL Studio.

As well as the color and scan templates, AMINIMAL are seeking funding on Kickstarter to develop an interactive app so that you can tweak your character in 3D to perfect the awesomeness.

Your backing will help the to develop the software to make this app real and backers of $30 or more will get their inkimal in their hands, 3D printed by Shapeways in full color.

Monsters 3D Print Shapeways

AMINIMAL Studio is a Brooklyn-based company focused on researching complex systems and emerging technologies as an approach to designing 21st century products. 

Svetlana Blum Briscella and John Briscella are the creative minds behind AMINIMAL. 

As designers and innovators, Svetlana and John have demonstrated 3D printing as a method for manufacturing high quality products for companies such as MakerBot, the MoMA Store and Shapeways. Their compilations of designs include the field test jewelry collection, the Makerbot Mixtape, the Makerbot Watch, overall design of the Makerbot store and the Shapeways sake set creator.


Upgrade Your Toys With Lasers

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Although attaching lasers to your toys may be fun, it is not something we recommend, but you can upgrade your toys by (safely) using the lasers in our 3D printers to melt Nylon powder in to all kinds of awesome.  Check out some of the upgrades already on show at Shapeways by searching the term upgrade or the TAG upgrade.

Queen set 2 for Prime Airachnid 3D Print Shapeways

Take a look at the Queen set 2 for Prime Airachnid

BH Archer “Warhead” Upgrade Missile

 FR Upgrade Kit for Legion Cliffjumper

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ModiBot Mo has made his way to Kickstarter

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Meet Mo, a member of the ModiBot universe. Designer Wayne Losey has been making and selling Mo here on Shapeways for awhile, and now Mo has made his way Kickstarter! The new Mo will be available in five different colors that can be mixed and matched through his interchangeable parts. Although we’re sad to see Mo move away from Shapeways, we’re excited that his accessories will still be available for purchase on Shapeways!

As of now, there are already more than 450 accessories available on Wayne’s Shapeways store, allowing everyone to customize their perfect Mo! 

You can back Wayne’s Kickstarter starting at $1, and for only $15 you can get a starter Mo kit!

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A Mutant Minifigure Walks Out of Shapeways 3D Printer

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Were you the type of child who melted your plastic army men together to make mutant soldiers?  Were you like Sid from Toy Story who made mutant mash-ups from all of your toys? Then perhaps 3D printing will help you take your mutations to the next level? Like Trinifigure – Three Legged Minifigure.

A Lego-compatible, three legged, two headed mini-figure. Legs are fully
moveable. Only the torso and the hips/legs are included, you must
provide your own heads and arms.

MUTANT LEGO from 3D Printer