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Taking on the Alpe d’Huez, One of Cycling’s Toughest Climbs, to Help Cure Cancer

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Alpe d’Huez. It’s a mountain well known to cyclists that’s made Tour de France riders, and broken them. Rising more than 6,000 feet over 8.6 miles of road with a gradient ranging from 8-13%, not to mention 21 hairpin turns, it’s defined as a Hors Categorie climb–“beyond categorization”–because it’s so hard the difficulty exceeds the normal 1-4 rating scale.

On June 2nd, Marjolein and her Shapeways sponsored team are going to ride and run it not once, not twice, but 20 times between the six of them over the course of one day as part of the Alpe D’HuZes, a fundraiser for the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF). The team’s goal: to raise 15.000 Euros. This is a very personal ride for Marjolein and her boyfriend Lucien as both of their mothers had cancer.

Alpe d'HuZes ride: Marjolean and her mom
Marjolein and her mom

“Christmas 2012, my mom got cancer,” Marjolein writes. “It was as if our world collapsed. Fear, anger, disbelief, uncertainty, and even sometimes laughter and happiness after some ‘good’ news, were the main emotions of the rollercoaster we as family were on. Now that she’s kicked cancer, the only thing left is the life lesson learned that you can take nothing for granted.

“Lucien’s mom was also confronted with cancer. The most positive and powerful woman I have ever met, she did not survive and passed away last summer. This made Lucien decide that there are many things we can’t do against cancer, simply because we’re not doctors and do not have the knowledge to cure it, but there are also many things we can do. One of them is raising money for research programs so doctors can gain more and new insights to fight this terrible disease.

“Lucien told his mom he was going to do the Alpe d’HuZes for her; I decided to join for her and my own mom. Then my mom and dad and our good friends Thijs and Imma joined our team. Now we train a lot and do loads of activities to collect money to support our goal. Shapeways is one of our major sponsors to reach the top for which we are very grateful.”

We are proud to support their efforts, and of course that support includes 3D printing. They’ll all have 3D printed water bottle holders for their bikes and rose gold plated ribbon pins to wear in honor of Marjolein’s and Lucien’s moms. Marjolein will also wear a GoPro to document her three rides up the mountain thanks to a 3D printed GoPro attachment. And yes, of course we’ll share the footage and the story of their inspiring fundraising ride come June.

Join us in supporting their efforts:

Children Pushing The Limits of 3D Printed Porcelain: The 10 Winners of the Chil-Dish Project

Design the perfect dish for your favorite dish. That was the challenge posed by Kristos Mavrostomos and Anna van der Leij of the Chil-Dish project to children visiting Helsinki Design Week in Finland last September. (You may remember us writing about it here.)


As you can imagine, children loved this and by the end of the week there were over 300 drawings to choose from! Anna and Kristos had no easy task picking the ten winners as the ideas were all fun and imaginative but the winning designs not only needed to be creative, they had to translate into a 3D model that was suitable for us to print for them in porcelain.


We can’t share the magic of our printing in porcelain as it’s still a secret, but we can share the winning designs—complete with the child’s favorite dish. Because, after all, that was the challenge and what’s a porcelain dish without food?

That’s where Restaurant OLO comes in. Located in Helsinki, they received 26th place in the White Guide (the Nordic equivalent of the Michelin Guide) last year, making them the best restaurant in Finland for 2015. So good food was guaranteed!

The chefs from Restaurant OLO took the Chil-Dish winners to different shops and markets to buy the ingredients for their dish and helped them prepare it.  As you can see from the photos and video, this was a one-of-a-kind experience that took children through the process of bringing their ideas to life.


Our 3D Printed Porcelain is food safe, so this was an amazing opportunity to blend creativity, children and high quality food! Again a big shout out to Kristos Mavrostomos and Anna van der Leij for starting this project, and to all the chefs from Restaurant OLO for working together with these amazing children! Looking forward to the next edition.

Why we are wild about Drone Racing League and the future of 3D printing for drones

Ever wonder what it would be like to fly?

Until recently, flying with something was only for dreamers or those who had the means and training to operate an expensive (and dangerous) vehicle. All this is changing with drones, and leading the charge is the Drone Racing League.

Utilizing FPV drones built from their own custom technology, the Drone Racing League is turning FPV drone flying into a Formula 1 level race. They just released the first set of qualifying races from their latest race in Miami, and the races are super fun to watch.

For those unfamiliar with drone racing (also known as First Person View or FPV), think of every cool sci-fi film racing scene, from the Light cycles in Tron to Podracers from Star Wars Episode 1. Now imagine this happening for real using drone quadcopters. In FPV racing each drone has a small camera in the front that transmits a video feed back to the pilot who controls the aircraft remotely. Pilots wear special goggles similar to the Oculus Rift, giving them a sense of immersion and allowing for unparalleled levels of speed and control over the drone.

So how does 3D printing come into this emerging sport?   Drone customization!  Whether you’re just getting started started with FPV drones or ready to go pro, the Shapeways marketplace has some awesome products for customizing the fastest and lightest drones around. I started a list of FPV related parts here to get started. Is there something you think should be on my list? Let me know by commenting on a product and tagging me with @andrewsimonthomas

UNICEF Innovation Summit and The aNYThing Conference: 3D Printing and the Future of Education

This past week I had the privilege of being invited to speak at the first UNICEF Innovation Summit. Start Up to Scale Up: Global Innovations for Children and Youth Summit was held in Helsinki, Finland. Comprised of tech and impact innovators from around the world we were hosted in the gorgeous Finlandia Hall for two days of panels, presentations and discussions about the future of tech in the lives of children around the world.

© UNICEF eLearning


On the Future of Skill panel I was joined by moderator Kathryn Myronuk Faculty & Coach: Synthesis & Convergence, Singularity University, Roshan Paul CEO Amani Institute, Virginia Tam co-founder of Lean In China and Kristina Kaihari, Counsellor of Education at the Finnish Ministry of Education, Finland to discuss how to prepare today’s youth for the jobs they will do in the future. We all agreed that it is important to incorporate 21st century skills like self-learning, collaboration and perseverance in the face of failures into the modern classroom. The complex world issues that today’s youth will inherit call for creative problem solving and resiliency in order for new ideas to succeed. 3D printing is a powerful tool to tackle some of these very problems, turning software tools into physical tools and allowing new ideas to be tested rapidly and improved upon. Later on during the conference I held a workshop and discussion panel on the advantages and ares for opportunity in incorporating 3D design and manufacturing into the education space.

© UNICEF start up to scale up

On Thursday November 5th I had the pleasure of talk about Shapeways EDU at the aNY(Additive New York) Thing Conference at SUNY New Paltz. In this first annual conference speakers from presented new concepts and ideas from a range of applications of additive manufacturing across art, design, engineering, education, agriculture, manufacturing and medicine.

Bijenkorf X Shapeways – Evolution of a 3D Print

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For nine days in October, Dutch Design Week brings Eindhoven to life, filling the city with creative, inspirational events and exhibits that highlight the amazing power of design.

This year, DIT collective has worked with department stores throughout the city to showcase awe-inspiring design concepts in their window displays, and Shapeways is honored to participate. Together with De Bijenkorf Eindhoven, one of the biggest and most central stores in Eindhoven, we’ve created a display that tells the story of the Evolution of a 3D Print.

Bijenkorf Filiaal Eindhoven
De Bijenkorf Eindhoven, photo by Diederik van der Laan

The Journey, Brought to Life
In a beautiful display in the De Bijenkorf window, the 3D printing process is viewed through the journey of one of the most complex and revolutionary objects we’ve ever printed: the Kinematics Dress by Nervous System.


Step by step, we show you how products like this come to life, going from a fine white powder to a finished product in our industrial SLS 3D printers. The Kinematics Dress is made up of thousands of panels connected by hinges, enabling it to be folded during the printing process so it comes out of the printer in one piece, fully articulated, and ready to wear. This dress pushes the limits of the 3D printing technology beyond what’s possible. It’s an incredible example of the capabilities of the technology, and where your imagination can bring you!

2015-10-11 16.28.07

Join in the Journey
If you’re in Eindhoven, stop by De Bijenkorf to check out the window display and get involved! Throughout Dutch Design Week, we’re giving away €50 in Shapeways credit to one lucky winner per day. All you have to do is strike a pose in front of the window display and share your picture on Instagram using #BijenkorfXShapeways. Each day, we’ll randomly select a winner – so you have 9 chances to win! At the end of Dutch Design Week, we’ll also select one Grand Prize winner to receive €100 in Shapeways credit and a €100 gift card to shop at De Bijenkorf. So stop by De Bijenkorf (located at De Bijenkorf Eindhoven, Piazza 1, 5611 AE Eindhoven), take a selfie with the Shapeways display, and enter today!

Click the button below to download the contest rules for more details.

Download Contest Rules Here

Dutch Design Week 2015

Dutch Design Week, hosted in our hometown of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, is a nine-day celebration of design innovation. From October 17 – 25, the city is abuzz with exhibitions, workshops, and parties, all to highlight the importance of design in our lives.

Shapeways Entrance

At Shapeways, we love to celebrate amazing products and the creative designers behind them.  So this year for Dutch Design Week, we’re joining in the fun by opening the doors to our Shapeways factory for tours and workshops and hosting a special party for our Community. Running throughout the week, our tours will show you how we bring products to life with our state of the art 3D printing process. Our workshops will help you get started with 3D printing, and are specially designed for beginners and kids.

See the schedule below to sign up  and stay tuned for more news coming from Dutch Design Week!


Factory Tour dates:

Saturday, October 17 (13:30 – 15:30)
Sunday, October 18 (13:30 – 15:30)
Monday, October 19 (14:30 – 16:30)
Wednesday, October 21 (14:30 – 16:30)
Friday, October 23 (14:30 – 16:30)
Saturday, October 24 (13:30 – 15:30)
Sunday, October 25 (13:30 – 15:30)

Weekend Workshops:
Note: be sure to bring a laptop in order to participate. The Kids workshop is for children of 10 years and older.
ABC of 3D Printing – Saturday, October 17 (10:30 – 12:30)
ABC of 3D Printing – Sunday, October 18 (10:30 – 12:30)
Kids & 3D Printing – Saturday, October 24 (10:30 – 12:30)
Kids & 3D Printing – Sunday, October 25 (10:30 – 12:30)

Shapeways Community Party:
Friday, October 23 - TBD

Formlabs & Shapeways Happy Hour Recap


Last night Formlabs and Shapeways hosted a Meetup at the Formlabs headquarters and invited the attendees at the Fab11 Boston. Fab11 brings together Fablab owners from the world over for a weeklong Conference and Symposium.

I had a great time talking to Shapies, Formlab’s community and the folks running Fablabs over pizza and drinks. I got a chance to show off our new CustomMaker feature and answer some questions about how Shapeways shoppers can personalize their products.

One of the interesting points that was raised repeatedly in conversations was that these labs were looking for an opportunity to scale their operations. They have the knowledge and skills to develop a product but may not have the facilities required to take a prototype into manufacturing at the scale they need. In addition, as local community resources there are lots of folks who come to them for help in design projects, but their staff only has so much time to spend on education.

Both of these needs can be supported by Shapeways, and I was happily told that we’ve been a great help so far. For labs with a solid expertise and who have invested in a few desktop machines, Shapeways is the perfect solution to outsource large batches of prints without over extending the capacity of lab printers. Shapeways also has the necessary tutorials, education resources and design community or those who need help getting started or want to hire a designer.


Earn $5 : Phone Case Custommaker Challenge!

Join the Phone Case CustomMaker Challenge by Sunday August 16th at 12 PM EST


3D printing enables anyone to create amazing products – from jewelry and figurines to drone accessories and smartphone cases. Now, with the release of CustomMaker, every product can be instantly personalized to every shopper.

Over the next few months, we’ll be putting out design challenges to our community to challenge you to use CustomMaker to make the best products for shoppers! We’re kicking it off this week with our Phone Case CustomMaker Challenge. Design a phone case, upload it to, enable CustomMaker to let your customers personalize it and share it with the community to get $5 in Shapeways Money. No purchase is necessary to participate and receive the credit – all you need to do is upload a case you designed and enable CustomMaker.

Shapeways will also choose our favorite models to be printed, professionally photographed and included in promotional material. By participating in the challenge you grant us permission to do so.  Models be picked on the basis of creativity, manufacturing feasibility and presentation.

All Submission are due by Sunday August 16th at 12 PM EST. Shapeways Money will be processed the following week.


Share Submission


Rotary Phone Case for iPhone 5 / 5s by Joaquin Baldwin

Rotary Phone Case for iPhone 5 / 5s by Joaquin Baldwin

How to Join the Challenge



Design a phone case

  • Using your favorite 3D modeling software, design a case for a phone of your choice. Cases do not need to be new, you can use cases you’ve already designed.


Upload Your Design to Shapeways

  • Open up a Shapeways shop (if you don’t already have one). Upload your model* using the upload button. Put your model in the ‘cases category and tag it as is relevant. Set your model to ‘public’ and ‘for sale’ in your Model Details page. Set the prices with your markup for the materials you want to offer in (we’d recommend the Strong and Flexible family) Models must be *.stl or *.obj


Activate CustomMaker to Personalize Your Design

  • In your model’s ‘Customization’ field, enable CustomMaker so shoppers can personalize your phone case with text and/or an image. Make sure that the text or image fits on the case correctly and that the shopper has instructions to understand the maximum number of characters they can use.


Share Your Entry!

  • Share a link to your product in the Phone Case CustomMaker Challenge thread along with a photograph or render. Remember you can share as many products as you want, but only one credit will be given per shop.


  • Credits are limited to one per person.

  • By participating in the CustomMaker Challenge you are granting Shapeways a perpetual, nonexclusive, sublicensable, royalty-free, and worldwide license to use your model, description, and photographs, as well as print and distribute prints of your model, for promotional purposes.

  • All submissions must be awesome

  • All submissions must be submitted by Sunday August 16th at 12 PM EST.

  • All submission must comply with the Shapeways Terms & Conditions and Content Policy.

August Event Frenzy

While working hard on big projects such as the launch of our CustomMaker, opening up our Porcelain Pilot for the public and announcing our collaboration with V-MODA, we have been working hard on the background with planning our upcoming events for the fall of this year.


August is about to begin, we hope to meet you in person during one of the following events:

August 6 - Formlabs & Shapeways Beer&Pizza Happy Hour as part of FAB11 - Boston, MA, USA
August 11 – 13 - SIGGRAPH (booth #1129) – Los Angeles, CA, USA
August 19 – 22 - IDSA - Seattle, WA, USA
August 29 – 30 - Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire - Eindhoven, The Netherlands

We will be hosting Meetups during these events as well, be sure to keep an eye on our Meetup page where all the details will be announced soon! Also don’t forget to tune in to Shapeways Live, every Tuesday at 5pm CET to catch all the ins and outs of what’s next!

See you in August!


Ashley Zelinskie’s world where things made of code are made of things are made with code….

C0DE DENS1TY is a collaborative, multi-media show presented by Lightbox, a gallery Space in New York City from July 23- 26. The show highlights work by Shapeways community member Ashley Zelinskie. Zelinskie creates sculpture which are made of numbers drawn from the code of the design file itself. Her work explores the process by which the objects are transformed from numerical data into physical objects through digital fabrication. The code that defines and creates the object becomes part of its physical manifestation…

…its a pretty mind-blowing concept.

The show itself is an immersive experience bringing viewers into the brackish waters of technology and art. Sparse, geometric objects ranging from monumental to palm sized are displayed throughout the space while nearly every inch of wall is used for a projected video that loops geometric imagery as it builds to a frantic pace and glitches out into nothingness. On the second story loft area a small 3d printer farm reproduces out miniatures of the work.

Faces made of 3D printed plastic are part of the show’s vocabulary as well. An interactive piece has several white masks displayed with light projected onto them. Visitors are encouraged to touch the masks, doing so causes the projection to animate boxes emitting out as if from underneath them.

On of the most interesting pieces is also the most personal. A 3D printed portrait of Zelinskie created with 3D scanning, the surface is constructed from a portion of her own DNA.

Zelinskie’s futurist universe invites the viewer to both question how the objects are made and what the implicates are of a world where data and matter can become interchangeable. Far from a dry series of formulas simplified beyond human comprehension, the vision of the Singularity posited by C0de Dens1ty is like stepping into a thunderstorm of information.


Photos: by Ashley Zelinskie.

3D Printing + Veterans = A Better Life

3D printed rotary mount

Today the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is launching a challenge initiative to help improve prosthetics and assistive technologies.  As part of the Innovation Creation Series Challenge, the VA is pushing for rapid innovation around the development of personalized technologies to improve care and quality of life for Veterans.  Of course, when you hear personalization and innovation you know 3D printing can’t be far behind.

The goal of the initiative is to use 3D printing and distributed creation to contribute to an open ecosystem of prosthetics and other assistive technologies.  Think of an entire universe of e-nable type devices and prosthetics for people with disabilities and  you can begin to imagine why this is a big deal.

3D printed device

The VA has rolled out a list of specific challenges to kickstart the initiative:

  • Develop novel upper and lower extremity devices at the end of the prothesis for daily use.
  • Create a medication pill box that allows the flexibility to hold medications that need to be taken up to 8 times a day with a reminder system for each time medication needs to be taken.
  • Create a device that can dampen tremor when a Veteran is performing fine motor tasks.
  • Design a device to remotely change the speed and grip strength of a prosthetic device for our Veterans with upper extremity injuries.
  • Create a way to reassign motions and buttons on the Nintendo Wii controller to allow for alternative methods of access to games for Veterans with physical disabilities.

The entire challenge is running on an accelerated timeline designed to turn ideas into reality as quickly as possible.  After launching today, collaborators and participants will work together to create, refine, and improve designs through May, June, and July.  The challenge ends with a two-day makeathon on July 28th and 29th at the Hunter Holmes VA Medical Center in Richmond, VA.

These types of challenges help showcase the best of 3D printing’s potential to make the world a better place.  If you want to get involved, make sure to head over to the challenge website.  And if you do get involved, tweet at me to let me know how it goes!

Why Shapeways is Participating in 3D/DC

On April 29th, we’re heading down to Washington, DC for 3D/DC.  3D/DC is an event organized by the nonprofit organization Public Knowledge designed to introduce policymakers and the 3D printing world to each other.  Instead of waiting for a crisis, the goal of 3D/DC is to make sure that policymakers are familiar with 3D printing – and that the 3D printing community is familiar with policymakers – in an environment that facilitates education and understanding. (Full disclosure: I have helped to organize 3D/DC since the beginning and, even after leaving Public Knowledge last month, continue to be closely involved in its operation.)

This year the event (which is free and open to the public) will feature a full day of panels on various aspects of 3D printing, along with a demonstration reception so everyone can see and talk to people using 3D printers themselves.

So, why is Shapeways participating?  As the leading online service and marketplace for 3D designers and 3D printing, we sit at the intersection of a huge number of 3D printing-related policy issues.  With such a great view, we want to make sure that policymakers in Washington understand the amazing things that are happening in our community.

We are operating at the bleeding edge of 3D printing.  That means  the challenges facing our community today will be felt throughout the larger 3D printing community tomorrow.  That also means  the ways  we work to address current challenges will serve as a model for addressing challenges in the future.

We know  being in such a position gives us a special responsibility to explain to both our community and policymakers what we are seeing.  Good policy starts with good information, and Shapeways has some of the best information around on what people are doing with 3D printing.

We are looking forward to connecting with policymakers in DC, and with any of you in the DC area that want to come out to join us!

Shapeways Meetups in Southern California March 25 and 27

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Continuing our March on the road, Shapeways is hosting two meetups next week in Pasadena and Ventura, California to give our community members a chance to connect with each other and learn more about how they are using 3D printing to realize their creative and business goals. We hope you can join us!


Wednesday, March 25 in Pasadena
6:30 to 8:15 pm
Cross Campus Pasadena
Join us for talks by Les Karpas of Metamason and Igor Knezevic of Alienology about building their businesses with 3D printing as well as networking over light refreshments.
RSVP and details

Friday, March 27 in Ventura
5:30 to 7:30 pm
Barrelhouse 101, Ventura, CA
Join us for a high tech meets handmade happy hour to talk about how craft and technologies like 3D printing are coming together to create a bright future for makers.
RSVP and details

I will also be speaking about funding and creating goals for your creative business, and how services like Shapeways can help, at the Craftcation conference in Ventura from March 26th to 28th. If you are attending the conference please say hello!

Hope to see you next week in sunny California!

Shapeways Community on the road in March!

The Shapeways Community team knows that our community is global and an important part of building community is meeting, talking and sharing ideas face-to-face. This March we are covering a lot of ground across the United States and Europe and you can find us in five countries and thirteen different cities giving talks, hosting meetups, judging hackathons and leading workshops. Whether you are in Berlin or Los Angeles (or many places in between) we hope that you will connect with us this month – take a look at our events page and our meetup page for updated dates and locations.

Community Events 2015

To kick off our marathon month, Savannah Peterson, Director of Community at Shapeways gave a talk at the Gasparilla Interactive Festival, Tampa Bay’s showcase for cutting-edge technologies, digital innovation, and entrepreneurial inspiration, and served on a panel about women and millennials as entrepreneurs and innovators.

On March 8th we sponsored a Printathon at Brandeis University where our master of social media, Eric Ho, and customer service agent Andrew Thomas served as judges for the students projects. The event featured two Teams from Brandeis, one from UConn, one from Columbia and one from Waltham High School. The theme of the competition was social justice and students were encouraged to print products that can help humanity. The day was followed by a meet up with Voxel8, an electronics 3D printer.

3D printing hackathon

Brandeis University Printathon participants and judges

In the next two days three members of the Shapeways Community Team will be on stage talking about different aspects of 3D printing in three different time zones: On Thursday, March 12 Natalia Krasnodebska, Community Manager, will discuss 3D printing and intellectual property at the Copia Institute Inaugural Summit; On March 13 Lauren Slowik, Design Evangelist for Education, will lead a workshop on 3D printing in education at the 3D Printshow Summit in Madrid, Spain; finally, also on March 13 Savannah Peterson will speak about “Decoding Gender Diversity in Tech” at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas.

Setting up for the 3D Print Show in Madrid

Setting up for the 3D Print Show in Madrid

Lauren will also be making stops in Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Berlin for the 3D Print Show – please check out her blog entry on her European road trip for updates on meetups and events throughout the month.

Me and author Michelle Ward at Craftcation in 2014

Me and author Michelle Ward at Craftcation in 2014

Finally, at the end of March I will be heading out to Southern California to speak at Craftcation, a conference for creative makers in Ventura, California held March 26 through 29. I will be talking about funding your creative business and creative business models, plans and goals and will be talking a lot about business lessons from our Shapeways shop owners. I’ll also be hosting a meetup in the LA area on Wednesday, March 25 and a High Tech Meets Handmade Happy Hour in Ventura on Friday, March 27.

We hope to see you while we’re out on the road this month!

Shapeways + littleBits Hackathon Roundup

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Saturday morning was a glorious day in NYC, and we gathered at the lovely littleBits HQ for a full day of fun at the  3D + IoT Smarter Gadgets Hackathon, hosted by Shapeways & littleBits. Over 30 people of all ages and backgrounds from teachers to tinkerers arrived with an everyday object and their imagination at the ready. Here’s what went down…


After some bagels and coffee, our awesome judges each presented their work and their thoughts on how to approach design. Each one had a key tip for the day, and for design in general.


Ron Rosenmann of Frog Design told us about coffee time at Frog and how it helps them to make time to brainstorm together. Heidi Farrell of Smart Design quoted Jonathan Ive’s maxim that “So much of our manufactured environment testifies to carelessness” and urged us to constrain assumptions at the beginning of a project to help focus our creativity.

Oscar Salguero of Kid O Toys advised us to invite your friends to a workshop to make lots of ideas for you. He warned that you’d better “make something that works or they’ll be annoyed!”. As a toy designer, he reminded us that kids have no fear! So be a kid! Lastly, Emily Tuteur from Littlebits showed examples of how Littlebits come together and got us all excited by the CloudBit and IFTTT. Then it was playtime! We split up into five teams and two family projects.


Diego (8 years old) made a three phase adapter to trigger a catapult and his sister Sophia (6) made a windmill with pompoms to simulate a candy cane machine. Alexandra (8) made an awesome catapult too, using a completely different technique, to dislodge a block to trigger the spring.


At the end of the day, Everyone uploaded their projects to littleBits and  we had some fun demonstrations. Here’s what each group made:

Sheet Saver is a smart toilet paper dispenser.  Bianca, Chris, Daniel, Jude, Nick & Stephanie put their heads together to fix the simple problem of toilet paper efficiency…by controlling how much you can use. Enough is enough! Saving trees one sheet at a time.


Brush-R brush with music! Mason, Maren & Bastiaan hacked a music box to make a song timer to help you brush your teeth for the optimum time of two minutes.

Take A Chill Bit is a responsive office that calms you when you’re angry. Ilya, Mitul & Noel came up with two projects using the Jawbone UP App. The three makers created a circuit that tracks their attitudes throughout the day. “The device detects the problem, reports it on Jawbone UP App and reduces the level of stress by stimulating sensory channels” using a fan and an MP3 player. If you get stressed, it activates to calm you down with soothing light, sound and a fan. Their other project was a way to easily send caloric information to your phone to track your intake. Using a pressure sensor and the cloud, this group turned a box of oatmeal into a smart device!


Tooth Doodle: a seismograph machine integrated into the toothbrush! Marj & Boian made a seismograph machine integrated into a toothbrush to make brushing fun, you can make art while you brush or if you’re data-driven, match your strokes to an ideal brushing curve!


Conflict News is Eric’s news delivery service that delivers news through an interactive diorama, instead of cluttering your phone, you get a visual of what’s happening.


Soundmail plays your favorite song when you come home. Shannon, Cortlan, Soo, Tharit & Reed gave a professional presentation, featuring beautiful slides of the UI of their new creation that works with the Spotify API and is a new service designed to connect people’s emotions through voices and song.


Remorse Code.: mitigates communication disconnect with your partner. Alecia, Caroline & Adele thought there were too many communication apps so they devised a way to visually share their feelings using the cloudBit and a bargraph.  “Set secret messages with your partner and dial in when you need to say something important. Just think of your bar graph as a BAE graph and let your secret communication fly”.



We had Andrew and Ed from Shapeways on hand to give each team advice how to best incorporate 3D printing into the next phase of their project, from creating custom cases to house the electronics to integral design components like fun characters that animate.

Now it’s your turn! Seeing what the teams came up with – what will you make? You have until the end of March to  submit your ideas to the Contest!

What ordinary household object will you give a new life with some electronics and 3D printing magic?