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Daniela Bertol at MAD: Shapeways Designer in Residence

3D Print a Venus de Milo of Your Very Own

MYMO: The Beautiful Pendant Generator Built on the Shapeways API

Thank You, from All of Us Here at Shapeways

Dinovember Feature: An Interview with 3D Printing Dinosaur Design Master David Krentz

Shapeways + MAD internship for 'Out of Hand/HANDS ON'

Shapeways Internship attn: NYC locals

Artificial Intelligence Used to 3D Print Venus of Google (VIDEO)

Barbie's 3D Printed Makeover

The Emerging Topologies of 3D Printing Showing in Sydney, Australia

Collective Conscious: Lasers saving the rainforest

The Incredible Nautilus Project

Designer Spotlight: Seedling Design

3D Printed Memories of a Mountain

From Your Child's Drawing to 3D Print with Crayon Creatures

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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