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Wear Your Citi Bike Key as 3D Printed Jewelry

Victoria's Secret Snow Angel Spreads Her 3D Printed Wings (VIDEO)

Introducing 3D Printed Men’s Accessories from Nick Graham, Founder of Joe Boxer

Nervous System Releases 'Kinematics' Jewelry Customization Apps (VIDEO)

Fashion in 3D: Bow & Drape 3D Printed Accessories

3D Printed Tie Clips for the Discerning Geek

Watch Dita Von Teese in the 3D Printed Gown (VIDEO)

New Zealand Based Designer's XYZ Shoe Mixes 3D Printing & Traditional Materials

Eyebeam Computational Fashion Fellowship

Shapeways 3D Printing Enabling Everything Forever

3D Printed Product of the Day: Lovebirds Pendant

Supermodel vs 3D Model: Coco Rocha Visits Shapeways 3D Printing Factory

Kimberly Ovitz for Shapeways: 3D Printed Jewelry Featured in Elle Magazine

Introducing Premium Silver 3D Printing to Shapeways

Revealing Dita Von Teese in a Fully Articulated 3D Printed Gown

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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