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Design for 3D Printing 101: Intro to Design for 3D Printing

How to Make Your Own 3D Printed Success, Kid (VIDEO)

Prepare for New York's Next Top Makers: Launching in Mid November

Smooth vs Standard Nylon 3D Printing

Designer Spotlight: Wesley Gunter

How to Customize an iPhone Case in TinkerCad to 3D Print (Video)

First 3D Printed iPhone 5 on Shapeways

Urban Planning with 3D Printing in Louisville, Kentucky

Renders vs Photographs, Concepts vs Reality, Ikea vs Kickstarter

How to Turn 8-Bit Character Sprites into 3D Printable Models

Design for iPhone 5 Contest Update : Download Files for 3D Printing (UPDATED)

3D Print Contest for iPhone 5 Accessories

SolidWorks Tutorial: Validating your Design with SimulationXpress (VIDEO)

SolidWorks Tutorial: Creating a 3D Model Using Sketch Pictures (VIDEO)

Free Autodesk Software licenses for Students, Faculty and Displaced Workers

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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