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2013 Shapeways 3D Printing Year in Review

What Does the 3D Printer and the Synthesizer Have in Common

China Builds Giant Laser 3D Printer While Foxconn Boss Calls 3D Printing a Gimmick

Gravity Defying 3D Printing Robot (Almost) Makes Objects Appear in Thin Air

The Lyman Filament Extruder May Drop the Cost of Desktop 3D Printing Forever

Need to Repair Your 3D Printer? Use Shapeways to 3D Print Replacement Parts

3D Printed Zombie Santa Claus

Take a Look at Some of the Machines Behind the Scenes

Forget Hours of Tiresome Assembly, Simply 3D Print a Ship in a Bottle

3DEA, it's Alive

DIY Hot Glue Gun 3D Printer (VIDEO)

Kiosk 2.0! Get Your fresh 3D Printed Models!

With 3 Days to go on Kickstarter, Formlabs has Raised $2.3 Million

Popular Science Knows that Shapeways 3D Printing is the Future of Everything (VIDEO)

Mayor Bloomberg Cuts the Ribbon to The Factory of The Future at Shapeways with 3D Printed Scissors, Of Course (VIDEO)

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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