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Eyebeam Computational Fashion Master Class – NYC

Image: 3D printed garment by Sabina Sagadiyeva printed with Shapeways.

Photo Credit: Amber De Vos for Patrick McMullan

Shapeways and Eyebeam are pleased to announce the first ever Computational Fashion Master Class to be held at NYU Polytechnic in NYC. In this ten-day intensive workshop, selected participants will learn, experiment, and collaboratively create work that interrogates the emerging modes of digital textiles modeled directly on the body.

The masterclass will run from July 18-27th, 2014. 

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How I Made video: #icant Personalized Necklace

#icant personalized 3D printed pendant

Follow along with our merchandizer Aimee in this 2 minute tutorial. Aimee shows you her process for designing a custom pendant using nothing more than a pen, a piece of paper, a camera phone and our 2D to 3D creator app.

Try for yourself with the 2D to 3D creator app here and a tutorial: How to use the 2D to 3D converter app. We’ll be seeking more entries to the series How I Made so if you’ve got an idea for a short video add it in the comments or contact education [at] shapeways [dot] com. Happy making!


More 3DP Resolutions: Make your first 3D model with TinkerCAD

Hard to believe we’re about halfway through January! So, how are those are #3DP2014 Resolutions coming along? If you still haven’t tried to design anything, it’s okay, we forgive you. But now’s a great time to step up your 3D print game. And with TinkerCAD, it couldn’t be easier.

Why TinkerCAD?

    •    It runs right through your browser—no need to download anything.
    •    It’s video game-esque…you embark on a series of quests to design cool stuff.
    •    You’ll learn about the software as you use it.
    •    It’s FREE! (Unless you upgrade to the paid option.)
    •    You get confetti when you complete a design.

To start designing, just select a Lesson.

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Learn Awesome: Man Saves his Bird with Design

Sebastian Schild had a problem: His bird Jim was stressing out and everything Sebastian tried to do to help him just didn’t do the trick. Then an .stl and some ingenuity came to the rescue. Here is Sebastian describing his process:

“The names of our birds are Jim and Knopf, after characters in a German TV show for children. Our male bird, Jim, needs the collar because he started to pick out all of his feathers. It started about 2-3 years ago and in the meantime he had picked out nearly all feathers from his front, his legs and under his wings. That must be a psychological problem (perhaps with his “wife”) because the veterinarian did not find any other cause.

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Shapeways Partners with the Museum of Arts & Design for a 3D Printing Experience

Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) is the first in-depth museum survey dedicated to exploring the impact of computer-assisted methods of production on contemporary art, architecture, and design. Shapeways is partnering with MAD for the exhibition and will host ‘OUT OF HAND/HANDS ON,’ an educational and interactive space on the Museum’s second floor where visitors will be able to experience 3D design and printing firsthand.

Opening in conjunction with the exhibition curated by Ron Labaco on October 16th and running through April 2014, the ‘OUT OF HAND/HANDS ON’ space will include a series of interactive 3D apps for visitors to create their own 3D models, on site 3D scanning, and 3D printing in a range of materials. Shapeways’ ‘Designers in Residence’ working in the gallery will also be available to demonstrate 3D modeling techniques and tools used to create objects like those in the exhibition.  

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Shapeways Internship attn: NYC locals

Live in the NYC area? Love all things 3D printing? Want to work hands-on with designers and education groups to explain all the interesting facets of what Shapeways can do? Then we want to talk to you! 

Shapeways is looking for two candidates for a paid internship in the NYC metropolitan area. You will be working with our Design Evangelists Duann and Lauren on education and outreach around a special exhibition to be announced soon.

picture shapeways crew

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Capture the World in 3D: Structure Sensor on Kickstarter

These are exciting times for pixels and atoms alike. Yesterday was the launch of the Structure Sensor campaign on Kickstarter. In just over 24 hours the Structure developers, Occipital in San Francisco, have quadrupled their funding goal and raised nearly $400,000 with 43 days left to go. And for good reason. With a tap of the screen the sensor lets you measure a room, make a 3D model from real life objects and send the files directly to your iOS device.

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NYC College of Technology Continuing Ed 3D Design and Fabrication Course

Our friends across the East river at NYCCT are offering a weekly, 2 month-long introduction to 3D design and printing. If you’re NYC-local and looking to jump start your 3D skills then this course is a great place to start. And if access to instructors and a very reasonable price tag aren’t enough to pique your interest then scope out the machines you’ll get to use here!


Fabrication and 3D Printing begins Tuesday, October 1 and meets every Tuesday until November 26 from 6-9pm.

Register and find more information at ?City Tech Continuing Education


Educational Discount Goes International & Introducing Campus Crew

To celebrate the Northern Hemisphere going back to school while the Southern Hemisphere is focusing on the mid-year projects we are now opening up the Shapeways Educational 3D Printing Discount to all nations.

When we first launched the Educational 3D Printing Discount back in April for students and educators to get a 10% discount on all of their orders we were not able to verify institutions that did not have a .edu email address.  Now we have developed a solution to allow international institutions thanks to those who registered their school in our submission form.  

Register for the 10% discount on all 3D printing by visiting the Shapeways Education page and activating your email.  The 10% discount will automatically be applied at checkout unless you have another discount code you wish to enter.  You can still use Shapeways credit and your student discount at the same time.

If your school is not yet registered, please fill out the submission form and we will work to register your school’s domain as soon as possible. 

Want to get more involved in spreading the 3D printed love?  Now you can also join the Shapeways Campus Crew! You’ll get exclusive access to Shapeways staff, designers, and samples, plus the inside scoop on new materials and discounts. Getting started is as easy as running a meetup on campus.

Fill out this form to tell us a little about yourself, and we’ll be in touch with the next steps.  


Shapeways + MoMA Education

Hey there. I’m Lauren and I recently joined the Shapeways team to evangelize on education. We have a bunch of exciting stuff coming down the line for designers, educators, professionals and amateurs. Here on the blog we will occasionally be highlighting 3D printing education projects we think are cool.

MoMA Teens + Shapeways

This summer Shapeways hosted a tour of our Long Island City factory for the MoMA Teens In The Making summer program CLICK@MoMA: 3D Printers and Artistic Hacking, a collaboration with MoMA and Eyebeam Art+Technology Center. The 19 students got to see and make some really cool stuff and Shapeways helped make their designs a reality. The students were challenge to “hack” their favorite piece in the museum’s collection. Their work is on view in the MoMA Education Center until Thursday, September 19th.

MoMA Teens + Shapeways


3D Printing Masterclass with Mode Lab Brooklyn, NYC

Ronnie Parsons, co-founder of NYC based Mode Lab is running a 2 day, 3D Printing masterclass in their studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, September 12th and 16th 2013.

Learn about the fundamentals of 3D printing, the free tools available to get started, and the materials and processes used to bring your ideas out of the computer and into the world.  This hands-on class will introduce participants to the world of 3D printing, the available software for model preparation, and the various types of machines and cloud-based services available today. The last hour of the course will be reserved for a hands-on demo using our Makerbot Replicator2 and Formlabs Form1 3D printers. 

This class is ideal for designers of all backgrounds who are interested in learning more about 3D printing and how this disruptive technology is changing the future of design and manufacturing.

Take a look at the full details on their Skillshare class


Shapeways Research Survey

Pieter is our Vendor Relationship Manager here at Shapeways, and along with ensuring you get your prints on time, he is finishing his MBA.

As part of his research, he is looking at future possibilities for 3D printing in retail.  He has created a short survey of four quick questions and he’d love your opinion on where you think we’re heading.

You can also read more about his research on the forumThank you!



Learn the Foundations of 3D Printing, and Introduction to 3D Modeling

Learn the Foundations of 3D Printing, and Introduction to 3D Modeling with Aaron Trocola.

Learn the core skill for creation in the 21st century with one of the most experienced designer/modelers in the business. This double-session class is geared toward beginners, giving a complete primer on 3D printing processes, materials and software, then showing you how to apply that knowledge to make your own designs. You will also learn about selling from your Shapeways shop,  custom object co-creation, finishing and more. In three hours, you will be up and running with basic skills and receive expert consultation on what tools and techniques to focus on for your area of interest, whether in jewelry, character, scale models, or product design.

Get the full details of the class as part of Shapeways Skillshare School


Learn Foundations of 3D Printing and Introduction to 3D Modeling

Learn the foundations of 3D Printing with an introduction to 3D Modeling with design for 3D printing expert Aaron Trocola.

This class has evolved greatly over the past year and a half. This is an extended version that is essentially two classes: Foundations of 3D Printing, and Introduction to 3D Modeling. The goal of the class is to give a complete primer on printing processes and software, then show how you can apply that knowledge to create your own designs and manufacture them at home or from a service bureau like Shapeways. You will also learn about selling items from your Shapeways shop, custom object co-creation, and the logistics of re-selling printed items through other venues like Etsy and Ebay.