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iPad Mini Case Design Guidelines Now Available : Let's 3D Print!!!!

Prepare for New York's Next Top Makers: Launching in Mid November

Factory of the Future: Our Plan to 3D Print 3 to 5 Million Unique Products Per Year in NYC

Design an iPhone 5 Accessory to win $500 Worth of 3D Printing at Shapeways

Video: Shapeways Designer Spotlight in Action with Michiel Cornelissen

Your Portable iPhone Charging Dock Now Available for US iPhones.

How to Customize an iPhone Case in TinkerCad to 3D Print (Video)

First 3D Printed iPhone 5 on Shapeways

Teenage Engineering Make CAD Files Available to 3D Print Replacement Parts

3D Printing Food in the Future, Pffft, 3D Printed Cutlery is Now

Design for iPhone 5 Contest Update : Download Files for 3D Printing (UPDATED)

3D Print Contest for iPhone 5 Accessories

SolidWorks Tutorial: Validating your Design with SimulationXpress (VIDEO)

SolidWorks Tutorial: Creating a 3D Model Using Sketch Pictures (VIDEO)

3D Printing Faster Than Ever? Porsche 911 (993) Sun Visor clip with GoPro mount

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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